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JBL Free True Wireless Review

Advantage: As per the JBL Free True Wireless Review it is cheaper than the competitors, it is water and sweat-resistant, it has a comfortable design, has a decent battery life, and has solid Bluetooth stability.

Drawback: Audio Quality is average and no volume controls on earbuds.

Conclusion: The JBL Free earbuds are not as good as their main competitors but they are much cheaper and have a lot of advantages. Check out the review to know more!

JBL Free Wireless Vs Jabra Elite 65t

What sets the JBL Free apart from all the rest of the competition is its battery life.  Like most of its competitors these wireless earbuds can sustain continuous playback for up to four hours, meeting the industry standard, but where the whole JBL shines is the battery back up in the charger case. 

While most other wireless earbuds offer between all the eight and ten additional hours in the charger case granting 12 – 16 hours of listening without having to plug back in the charger case for the JBL Free extends your whole continued listening by an additional twenty hours, giving you 24-hour access without tying yourself to a cable.

JBL Free Wireless Vs Jabra Elite 65t

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The battery life on the Jabra Elite 65t exceeds its competition.  A single charge on the Jabra Elite 65t wireless earbuds can also last 25% longer than almost every other major competitor on the market, but even this is not the biggest thing that sets the Jabra Elite wireless earbuds apart. If there is one thing that our whole electronics usage is gravitating towards it is overall life integration.

Alexa also has come into our homes and made our lives as simple as possible. A simple “Hey, Alexa” can do anything from reading the news to answer all the hardest questions to manage the smart devices in our homes.  Today the Jabra Elite 65t brings the power of Alexa to your deep inner ear. Integrated also with Alexa technology, the Jabra Elite 65t wireless earbuds have all the functionality you would expect from any other Alexa device.  The Jabra Elite will not help you manage your mood and your calls, but give you the tools you need to help manage your entire life.

JBL Free True Wireless Vs Airpods

Both contain the plastic cover but also with the great build quality. For the design of the buds, we have to give it to the JBL Free true wireless earbuds. They don’t stand out as much when worn compared to the famous Airpods. But when it comes to the charging case they win. It’s more pocketable and you can open it with one hand. The JBL Free case is massive in comparison and will require two hands to open.

With an iDevice, the Airpods win. One of the Airpods biggest strengths is how streamlined the connection process is with Apple devices. Initial pairing is super easy. You open the case next to your device and click connect. Then there is the easy switching between different devices by opening the case near the device you want to use the Airpods with.

Connection with the JBL Free is your standard affair. Initiate pairing then look for the device in your Bluetooth settings. You can’t switch between different devices.

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JBL Free Wireless Earbuds Details

JBL Free Wireless Earbuds Design
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What about the JBL Free Wireless Earbuds Design?

JBP Free Wireless Earbuds come with three different size ear tips and two protective sleeves for the earbuds themselves. As such, the fit is secure but not as secure as the famous Jaybird Run or Bose SoundSport Free. If you shake your head you can feel the earbuds move around a little in your ear. Still, that is with violent head motions – for jogging and mild workouts, you should be fine. But the nice thing is that the JBL Free earbuds are much lighter than the SoundSport Free and Jaybird Run so they have that going for them.

The JBL Free are IPX5 rated, meaning they are very much sweat and water resistant so you are good to go for workouts. Also, the sound isolation is pretty good with these earbuds. But of course, this might be a bad thing for some people. A lot of runners actually prefer when they can hear a little ambient noise for safety purposes.

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JBL Free Wireless Earbuds Volume Control

The JBL Free has one multi-function button on each earbud. On the right earbud, you can always use tapping gestures to take/end calls, pause/play music, access Siri and pair both earbuds. On the left, you can skip a track or go back to the previous favorite song. But no volume controls – that means you will be using your phone to change the volume, which is kind of a bummer.

The built-in microphone works pretty well. However, a heads up, when taking calls the earbuds enter mono mode, meaning audio only comes out of the right earbud. Some people may prefer this but some do not like it. On the positive side, there is no auto-pause feature. When you take the earbuds out or you fidget with the fit, these earbuds continue to play music. The AirPods, for example, pause every time you take them out, even when it is for a second, which can get pretty annoying.

JBL Free Battery Life

The JBL Free offers a decent battery life – not quite as good as Jaybird, Bose or Apple but still not bad for true wireless earbuds. Expect to get around 3.5 -4 hours of playback on a very full charge. In addition, the portable charging case also adds an extra 20 hours of juice. Plus, there is a quick charge feature. Pop the earbuds in the charging case for 15 minutes and you will get an hour worth of playback so that’s always nice to have. Overall, battery life is good.

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What about the JBL Free Earbuds Audio Quality?

The JBL Free doesn’t get all that loud, the audio is a bit shallow and a little raspy. Further, they also provide little bass and the highs are not very good. They sound like cheap headphones. That’s a bit harsh and they offer average audio quality. And it is very important to note that a lot of people will be getting these to work out in making audio quality not as important.

JBL Free Earbuds Specs
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JBL Free Earbuds Specs

  • It has a JBL Signature Sound
  • It has a Bluetooth connectivity
  • It also has a Secure Fit Silicone Sleeves
  • Smart Charging Case 
  • Cheaper than competitors
  • Audio quality is average

Have you read the whole JBL Free True Wireless review? Check it out again, click on the link and buy now!

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