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JBL Charge 4 vs Sony XB32: Which should you buy?

If you’re within the marketplace for a mid-sized speaker, you’re probably overwhelmed with options cause there are many small or no-name speaker brands out there. But today, we’re getting to be looking into 2 mid-sized speakers from perhaps the two biggest names during this space, and that’s the Sony XB32 vs JBL Charge 4. However, they’re just speakers; they are doing have some major differences between them. 

If you would like to select one of those speakers up, I’ll have them linked down, and if you would like to find out more about either of those speakers, please read their full reviews.

JBL Charge 4 vs Sony XB32: Design

Design-wise, both speakers are basically the same in size, but obviously, one of the most important things the Sony XB32 has going for it’s wise is its inbuilt light feature. It’s a great-looking light feature that flashes to the beat of your music, and with the help of Sony’s app, you can select a couple of different lighting modes. But unlike the JBL Charge 4, which features a mostly fabric-covered body, most of the XB32 is covered in soft plastic, and only the front grill is roofed with a fabric mesh.

But both of those speakers are fully waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about either of them if you drop them within the pool or if it starts raining.

JBL Charge 4 vs Sony XB32: Battery Life

The Sony XB32 offers a battery life of 24 hours, and therefore the JBL Charge 4 offers a battery life of 20 hours. But realistically, with the quantity on both of those speakers set to 80%, the JBL Charge 4 managed to last for 11 hours were because the XB32 only managed to last for 8 hours. But keep in mind if you want to show off the additional Bass mode and, therefore, the light feature on the XB32, you should be ready to stretch out the battery life on the Sony XB32

When Sony speakers get right down to 20% battery, they’ll drastically lower their volume, say please charge every moment and that they won’t allow you to raise their volume past 50% until you set them back on the charger.

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JBL Charge 4 vs Sony XB32: Battery Charging

Charge 4 vs XB32 battery life
Source – Gadgetbridge

When it involves charging these speakers, there’s an enormous difference. The JBL Charge 4 charges via a USB-C port, which I feel is great, especially if you’re an Android user and it also comes included with a decently long cable. Where the Sony XB32 continues using a micro USB port for charging, which sucks if you’re an android user cause you can’t charge your smartphone and speaker with the same micro USB cable. 

Both of those speakers have a USB A out port so you’ll charge your own devices and that they both still have an audio jack.

JBL Charge 4 vs Sony XB32: Connectivity

These speakers are still using Bluetooth 4.2 version, but they have some different performance differences to require into consideration. I found the wireless range on the XB32 at 30 feet, which is hard to stop where because the wireless range on the Charge 4 may be a little over double than the XB32’s. Now I do know the wireless range isn’t a great deal for a couple of people but be taken into consideration.

JBL Charge 4 vs Sony XB32 connectivity
Source – Soundguys

Also, whether you operate an Android or Apple device with Charge 4 there’s getting to be a substantial amount of latency, making charge 4 not suitable for watching videos on your phone. Whereas if you operate the Sony XB32 with an android device, you’re getting to get extra benefits like NFC pairing, LDAC support, and 0 latency across the board. 

JBL Charge 4 vs Sony XB32: Sound Quality

Both of those speakers are playing the same amount of loudness and therefore the Sony XB32 is twiddling with Extra Bass mode turned on. 

Sony has obviously taken steps to enhance how their speakers sound with Extra bass mode turned on. The few people have complained in the past that mids and vocals on Sony speakers always sounded very muddy. But on the XB32, the mids and vocals are far more pronounced than before which is a nice thing. But still, the mids and vocals on the Charge 4 are a bit more pronounced than on the XB32.

JBL Charge 4 vs Sony XB32 sound quality
Source – Soundguys

The thing about the XB32 is that through Sony’s app, you’ll enter and simply change the XB32’s EQ settings so you can make it sound however you would like. Where like Charge 4, JBL doesn’t allow you to change its EQ setting as easily. But generally, both of those speakers are good sounding speakers cause they both have a good amount of bass, even if the XB32 does have a touch more bass than the Charge 4, and distortion isn’t a problem at greater volumes on either of those speakers. 

When it involves max volume, Charge 4 does manage to receive slightly louder than the XB32.

JBL Charge 4 vs Sony XB32: Multipoint Pairing

One of the most important things to require into consideration when choosing between the JBL Charge 4 and Sony XB32 is their speaker pairing protocol. Both Sony and JBL allow you to pair up to 100 speakers together in order to play all of them in sync. But to be frank, Sony’s wireless party chain isn’t the foremost reliable or easiest to line up. 

JBL Charge 4 vs Sony XB32 pairing
Source –B&H

Whereas JBL‘s connect plus is easier and more reliable than Sony’s Wireless Party chain. All you gotta do is press the JBL Connect Plus button on all of your speakers, and therefore the speakers will figure the remainder out all by themselves. So from my experience, if you propose pairing multiple speakers together on a daily basis, I highly advise you to invest in JBL’s ecosystem.

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JBL Charge 4 vs Sony XB32 Specs

SpecsJBL Charge 4Sony XB32
Weight960 grams0.91 kg
IP RatingIPX7IP67
Battery Life20 hours24 hours
Bluetooth Version4.24.2 LE
Built-in MicNoYes

Buy JBL Charge 4

Buy Sony XB32


So overall, if you only want one speaker I suggest you select Sony’s speaker in comparison of XB32 vs JBL Charge 4 but rather than getting the Sony XB32 I highly advise you to save yourself some money and obtain yourself the Sony XB31. The Sony XB31 is currently going for around $120. But if you propose learning multiple speakers within the future then I feel you’re more happy with the JBL Charge 4. JBL Connect plus is in my opinion the best speaker pairing protocol out there, and confine mind the JBL Charge 4 features a much farther wireless range than the XB32.

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