JBL Charge 3 Review

8.7 Total Score
JBL Charge 3 Review

For a speaker that is large enough for a respectable sound, however little enough to be fairly compact go with the Charge 3.

Sound Quality
Build Quality
Battery Life
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Good Size to sound ratio
  • Kicking bass response
  • Can charge your device
  • Small Lacking on mids
  • Charges through a micro-USB
  • Muted highs
  • Big and heavy in size
  • Exposed woofers
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For a speaker that is large enough for a fair solid, however little enough to be to some degree versatile, go with the JBL Charge 3. On the off chance that it isn’t now, JBL is getting a standout amongst other sound organizations for the normal individual. Their items are moderately reasonable and you typically get a very decent stable out of them.

JBL Charge 3 vs UE boom 2

Starting from the design, both the JBL charge 3 and the UE boom 2 are pretty good. You can get the UE Boom 2 in a hefty 10 colors, while the JBL Charge 3 has only six colors. About battery life, the UE Boom 2 is offering time up to 15 hours of battery life, while the JBL Charge 3 steps up to 20 hours. Let’s clearly see the difference in a table.

SpecsJBL Charge 3UE Boom 2
PriceJBL Charge 3 (under $150)UE Boom 2 (under $150)
Waterproof rating IPX7IPX7
Battery Life20 hrs15 hrs
Weight800 g548g
Lowest frequency65 Hz90 Hz
Noise cancelling Mic YesNo
Charge time 4 h3.4 h

JBL Charge 3 vs Xtreme 2

The Extreme 2 is superior to a Charge 3. It has a more profound bass sound. With the FW update, it’s closer to yield when connected. 

SpecsJBL charge 3Xtreme 2
Waterproof rating IPX7IPX7
Battery life 20 hrs15 hrs 
Weight800 g2.39 kg
Lowest frequency 65 Hz55Hz
Noise cancelling Mic YesYes
Charge time4 h3.5 h

Features Review of JBL Charge 3


JBL CHARGE 3 design
Source: Tomstek

This JBL charge 3 model is IPX7 waterproof, so you can submerge this speaker in water completely. The shape of this speaker is similar to all normal speakers in the JBL line-up. It is cylindrical in shape and having a bass radiator on both ends which surely helps push out some volume. On top, you can find a set of buttons similar to all JBL speakers.

They are made up of soft plastics and raised slightly above the speaker. The power button and the JBL Connect buttons are not raised thus flush with the speaker. The fabric protects not only gives you a good grip and it comes handy when the speaker becomes wet. In the front, there will be a JBL logo. 

At the bottom, there is a small stand built into the speaker with five small indicator lights on it which let you know about how much battery level is left. On the back, you will find the USB output. It’s just hidden under a rubber flap along with a 3.5mm input and micro USB input.

Connectivity strength

JBL charge 3 connectivity
Source: Tomstek

Amazing build quality gives a great connection on this speaker. Without walls, it can able to give a strong connection up to about 50 or 60 feet. We tried it with some walls, it still delivered good connectivity upto 30 feet. You have few options for playback controls. You can pause/play songs, adjust the volume and even skip to next song on double-tapping the play button. 

How to Reset JBL charge 3

Some of the time for some explanation our gadgets will, in general, go somewhat haywire. If your JBL charge 3 was doing the same then try to do a factory reset. By doing so it will forget all the connected device and you can pair it to another device. To reset your JBL charger 3 follow the points:

  • Switch on the speaker.
  • Hold the Bluetooth pairing button and the volume up (+) button equally for a few moments until the speaker gets powered off.
  • Switch on the speaker and the LED light should be blinking blue, it means that your resetting was done.
  • Go to Bluetooth settings on your device and pair it to the speaker as general.

Battery life of JBL Charge 3

Battery life of JBL Charge 3
Source: The Master Switch

JBL Charge 3 has a battery life of 20 hours. But remember that charging your devices will likely cut down a few hours off that. You can find the charging input under the rubber flap on the back. Keep the speaker away from water during charging.

Sound Quality of JBL Charge 3

The JBL charge 3 makes the use of its size and design with a strong low end. Surely it will be a little more powerful than some audiophiles like.

The mids are not so good but they aren’t bad. Their sound was muddled which likely raised due to the waterproof fabric. Even the speaker does get good loud, highs never come harsh even when indoors.

New version of this Charge 3

Every good thing should come to its end, and so has the Charge 3’s reign as JBL’s midrange Bluetooth speaker. Not everything was changed from the Charge 3 to JBL Charge 4, but the new one uses a USB-C charging port for all you new phone-havers out there. 

Charge or flip? Which is the best one?

In the pool of good speakers, you can find two good notable speakers of Charge 3 and Flip 5. Wait, which is the best of these two speakers? The main difference between them is just the size and sound. If you prefer the portability, getting the Flip might be the right choice, but if sound quality is more valuable to you, a Charge is a good one for you.

We like to mention another one that the older Flip 4 is much cheaper and they won’t differ a lot from the Flip 5 and may be found refurbished on the JBL’s website. The model is slowly and definitely being phased out, but if you’re ready to prefer another option, you can go with this Flip 4.

IP Rating

IP rating of the waterproof speakers
Source: Widgetbin

This JBL Charge 3 comes with IPX7 certification which would make it completely waterproof. But what does this IP rating means? The IP rating having something like an IPX7 can be submerged in water for 30 minutes in up to one meter. 

Water resistance Waterproof Withstand capacity 
YesIPX1Dripping water (1 mm/min)
Limit: vertical drips only
YesIPX2Dripping water (3 mm/min)
Limit: Device max tilt of 15° from drips
Limit: Device max tilt of 60° from sprays
YesIPX4Splashes, omnidirectional
YesIPX5Water jets (12.5 L/min)
YesIPX6Strong water jets (100 L/min)
Example: Powerful water guns
Complete submersion
Limit: 1 m. for 30 min
NoIIPX8Waterproof Complete submersion
Limit: 3 m. for 30 min

Charge 3 Alternatives:

  • UE Boom 3: This is the main competitor to the JBL, and the best that the company has to offer right now is the UE Boom 3. 
  • Sony SRS-XB42: The best Sony has to bring to the table right presently comes looking like the XB41 Bluetooth speaker. It’s more costly than the Charge 3, however, it additionally sounds better. 
  • Anker Soundcore Flare 2: Imagine a scenario in which you simply need a waterproof speaker that is cool, sounds respectable, and won’t cost several dollars. At that point look at the Anker Soundcore Flare 2 which is well under $100.

Do you buy JBL charge 3?

Notwithstanding the arrival of its replacement, the Charge 3 is as yet an extraordinary incentive for cash. While it may not offer present-day highlights like USB-C charging, the Charge 3 actually conveys a similar IPX7 fabricate and practically identical sound quality to the Charge 4. Additionally, you’ll regularly discover the Charge 3 accessible at a lower cost.

accessories of charge 3
Source: Gadgeteer

In the box you will get the JBL Charge 3 along with a charging block, a micro-USB cable, and the warranty information and instruction booklet. It comes with a warranty of 1 year.

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