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JBL C100 TWS Review

JBL is an American-born company founded in 1946 by James Bullough Lansing that is well known all around the globe for being a reputed manufacturer of high-end audio equipment including loudspeakers and headphones. James Bullough Lansing was an American Audio Engineer and loudspeaker designer who also established another company called Altec Lansing. Dividend into two factions, JBL works to satisfy the needs of the customers in all matters regarding sound equipment. It caters to the need for both personal home use and use for the professionals in the studio. It is currently owned by Harman International Industries which is a subsidiary of Samsung electronics and has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

JBL is considered to be a revolutionary company in the field of the American sound and media industry for contributions like being able to make the first commercially available diaphragm driver on the market in the 1950s. It also became one of the first companies to introduce Bi Radial Studio Monitor in 1983 for the first time. The list of accolades and accomplishments of the company runs for miles due to its impeccable prestige in the field and has only helped it to gain the massive fan following and constant support from the public that it enjoys today. And quite rightly so, because if there is one company in the field of personal and professional sound management that can boast about its brilliant services and beautiful sound quality, JBL is certainly it.

By the virtue of their brilliant products and efficient service, JBL has managed to amass quite a large fan base in India who are not only loyal supporters but also look forward to their new releases in the market enthusiastically. Using this as a segue, let’s dive into the topic of this article, a detailed and analytical review of its latest product to help out a prospective customer, or maybe even a keen tech whiz. Catering to the needs of gamers, wholesome listeners, and the man of the move, JBL seeks to satisfy the needs of every section.

JBL C100 TWS Features


Wireless earphones or earbuds are all in the rage right now in the market. Perfect for use while exercising, binge-watching or just listening to your comfort music, wireless earphones or earbuds are the perfect companions. A veteran of this game, JBL is stepping in. JBL C100 TWS is the new unveiling in JBL’s exciting range of Bluetooth earbuds made especially for the utmost comfort and supreme hearing experience for the Indian audience. 

Looks of the product

Just like the case with almost all JBL products, the looks of the earbud is stylish and look straight out of the future. The touch of the LED light and the curved edges only add to its immense appeal. The JBL C100 TWS comes along with a sleek charging case which is fully black in color in an attractive matte finish. It comes with the printed logo of the company on both sides which gives it a bold and exquisite look. It also has LED lights that act as a charging indicator. Now, if we focus our views on the earbuds, it is the open lid and comes equipped with a micro USB port. The earbuds are marked with ‘L’ and ‘R’ to distinguish the left one from the right one. The LED indicators and the inbuilt microphone are an added bonus.

Although the earbuds do not come with hook-like support for the ears they are really comfortable nonetheless. They also enable seamless hearing under the helmet and provide a stylish appearance. Special mention should be made that the earbuds are not essentially both in-ear ones but rather the on-ear type. The earbuds lack the convenient feature of controlling the volume through the buttons on the earbuds but in turn compensate quite nicely by the availability of numerous convenience buttons to switch tracks, attend a call, reject a call, pause or play a song, and also using the Google Assistant while being on the move with ease. It would be fair to say that the salient on-ear characteristics of the earbud might provide certain advantages but if you are one of those who prefer sleeping with the music on for uninterrupted hearing; this is not the product for you. Sleeping with the JBL C100 TWS will certainly lead to major discomfort and might lead to other health discomforts too in the long run.

And one of the main things for which JBL has a cult following and also never compromises on is the superior audio quality. Listening to your favorite tracks on the JBL C100 TWS earbud is an enthralling experience and like JBL promises, the serene bass boosted features tailor-made for the Indian audience is most definitely an added perk. Now, if you like many others prefer taking your calls without the hassle of a wired headset, this is just the thing for you. JBL C100 TWS boasts of a rich and immersive in-call experience and rightly so because rights from the get-go, the earbuds show promise when it comes to the field of calling.

Functioning of the JBL C100 TWS Switch buttons

For a new user, the part of figuring out the workings of the switch buttons might be a tad bit hard. Here’s how that works-

  • If you want to pause or play a song just tapping once on the right earbud would do the job.
  • Answering or rejecting a call follows the same procedure too, a simple tap on the right earbud.
  • If you wish to switch to the next song on your playlist, just tap on the left earbud once.
  • Just like a single tap on the left earbud will take you to the next song, a double tap on the left one will take you back one song on the playlist.
  • To take optimal advantage of the salient wireless features, you can consider using the Google Assistant feature. Tapping twice on the right earbud will help you activate the Google Assistant easily.
  • While the earbuds itself does not support the volume changing functions but the user can easily indulge in that by utilizing the handy Google Assistant features. To perform the functions, the user needs to utter the commands like ‘Decrease the Volume’, ‘Increase the Volume’, ‘Decrease the Volume to a minimum’, ‘Increase the volume to Maximum’, ‘Mute the volume’ etc.

Also, it is essential that the user taps twice on the right earbud before telling the commands for it to register it.

How to connect your smartphone with the JBL C100 TWS?

The process of connecting the earbuds is very simple. To connect it to your smartphone, just take out the right earbud and long-press the button. On doing that, the earbuds will automatically be connected to your smartphone. The left earbud need not be bothered with as it will automatically get connected as soon as the right one connects. Needless to say, having Bluetooth on is an essential prerequisite.  

Features and Specifications of JBL C100 TWS:

  • It is a completely wireless piece of equipment
  • Sleek and modernistic appearance
  • Easy and completely hands free stereo calling
  • Dimensions: 230 x 240 x 500 mm
  • It has a battery life of 17 hours
  • It does not come with a set playback time, channels or frequency.
  • It has a 5H playback for earbuds and a 12 H for the designated charging case
  • It has a 5.0 auto connect Bluetooth connectivity

Pricing Details

Launched officially by JBL on 14th May 2019, it is available on Flipkart and JBL’s official website exclusively from 12th December onwards. It currently has no variants and is priced at an affordable range of INR 2999. It has two trendy color options for the customer to choose from, black and white. One of its key selling features is the fact that it comes with a special ‘tuned for India’ detailing made for the Indian listeners to enjoy, paired with JBL’s authentic bass boosted experience of listening.

It comes with an exceptional 5000 mAh and guarantees around 1 hour of run time after only a 15 minute period of charging. The overall battery retention capacity depends on the usage and the volume level but for an average user, it should last for as much as 17 hours after a full charge session. The charging case comes with a 400mAh battery and each earbud powers with about 60mAh.

With these elegantly styled in-ear earbuds, JBL promises the best and immersive musical experience possible. Not to mention the fact that compared to its market counterparts, the price range is not too shabby either.

Pros of the JBL C100 TWS

  • As usual, JBL manages to provide a superior sound quality for the users.
  • The earbud is really very comfortable and will snuggle inside your ear giving you the best listening experience.
  • The overall battery consumption and the battery life of the device are impeccable.
  • The device is nothing but trendy and sleek, perfect for the modern man on the run.
  • JBL also provides an awesome bass boost for the perfect bass effect.
  • The charging case is very minimal and doesn’t take up much space.
  • The switch buttons on the earbud are very rapidly responsive without any sort of delays.

Cons of the JBL C100 TWS

  • One feature that is a common component in almost every mainstream earphone or earbud out there market is the feature of it being waterproof and sweat proof but unfortunately, this is not the case for the JBL C100 TWS. This might cause a hindrance for the ones who are looking for the perfect musical companion while working.
  • Gaming as an industry and as a hobby has been flourishing rapidly in the Indian environment and understandably so because who doesn’t like to game occasionally, right?

JBL doesn’t quite manage to hit the home run in this sector too because irrespective of how passionate you are about your gaming, anyone who devotes a considerable amount of time playing games on their mobile like PUBG and Call of Duty would most definitely find themselves warming upto this device.

  • Sometimes you might want to switch only to one ear for convenience but unfortunately, this earbud can provide that facility only in the right earbud.
  • The very important play/pause and call attend feature is available only in the right ear.
  • The earbuds are pretty useless and cannot operate without the right one.
  • If the user wants to adjust the volume from the earbuds, that feature is unfortunately not present.
  • JBL is providing the user with the feature of USB charging which is just not acceptable in the current time and age of technology, not to mention the price range of the device.
  • JBL also fails to give a touch sensor.
  • Only 400mAh battery capacity in the charging case.


While JBL manages to pack a lot of punches in this new entrant in the market, there are indeed some spheres on which it should focus more. Also, taking all the pros and cons into consideration, it should be given due consideration that the JBL C100 TWS is one of the best and affordable TWS earbuds under the mark of INR 4999. The supreme music and bass boost effect don’t quite manage to compensate for the aspects which might affect the gamers and the exercise enthusiast. There are many alternatives in the market for a gamer to look into obviously but, if you are an average user who wants to be done with the hassle of wired earphones that get tangled up at every possible moment and just want to get the best on the move wireless seamless music experience, this is just the thing for you.

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