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Jaybird New X4 Review

Advantages – According to the review, Jaybird New X4 headphones have a stable and portable design and minimal leakage. The sound of the headphones is above average.

Drawbacks – The Jaybird’s New X4 are in-ear headphones which are not comfortable for everyone, and the charging cradle can get frustrating to keep bringing around everywhere.

The Bottom Line – These headphones have a good sound quality, and you can also EQ the with a compatible app. It has a portable design and can easily fir in your pocket.

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Jaybird X4 vs BeatsX

Jaybird and Beats are among the most popular headphones brand in the world. Both companies are known for making high-quality headphones that can be used for a variety of activities. Jaybird X4 headphones have a shorter and less evasive cord than the BeatsX. The Jaybird X4 is IPX7 water-proof, they can be submerged in water up to one meter for 30 minutes. On the other hand, BeatsX is not waterproof, they’re just water and sweat resistant. BeatsX can be paired with Apple phones as It comes with W1 chip.

If you’re looking for headphones to use it for a variety of activities, including working out, then we’d recommend the Jaybird X4. If you’re just looking for a new pair of headphones to wear around the office or at home, then the BeatsX might just be what you’re looking.

SpecsJaybird’s X4Beats X
ConnectivityBluetoothVW1 Chip/ Bluetooth
ChargingProprietary ClipLighting Cable
Battery life8 hours8 hours
Fast Charging10 minutes for 1 hour5 minutes for 2 hours
Water-Resistant IPX7No claim

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Jaybird X4 vs X3

The Jaybird X4 is more upgraded from the Jaybird X3. They are more comfortable and lightweight. Also, they have better sound quality, especially in the treble range but can also be due to the change of ear tips. X4 are water-resistant IPX7, while X3 is not water-resistant. On the other hand, X3 has better noise isolation and slightly performance better.

SpecsJaybird X4Jaybird X3
Weight14.7 g17.9 g
Water Resistant YesNo
Charger Time2 hours2.5 hours
Noise Reduction YesNo

Jaybird X4 wireless sport headphone Features review


Jaybird X4 is the most flexible kind of wireless headphones. They are easy to carry, as there is no chunky neckband. Jaybird X4 has a similar design like the whole X family, but there are few changes. These are in-ear hook headphones which help to keep them in place while exercising. The hooks are made up of silicon which makes them even more flexible. The lighter top part of X4 makes headphones easier to fit. The fins do apply the pressure on your inside ear, which make you feel uncomfortable if you wear it for a long hour but with Jaybird X4 you get 3 sizes of fins and 4 pair of tips from which you can make good pair. These headphones are IPX7 water resistance which means these can be submerged in water for 30 minutes.


The Jaybird X4 above average sounding pair of wireless in-ear headphones. Earlier, Jaybird used to focus on sound quality but now they focus on design and comfort. They have deep and punchy bass with an even mid-range and a well- balanced treble. The bass is slightly overemphasized. On certain A and T sound, they feel like a bit sharp. They are most noticeable on vocals and cymbals. Also, they don’t have a speaker like a soundstage. You use the Jaybird MySound app which lets you customize the sound as per you liking with the provided parametric EQ and sound profile.

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The X4 doesn’t have a noise-cancelling feature, but they have good passive isolation performance. They don’t have any ANC feature but still block a decent amount of ambient noise and minimally leak which means you can raise the volume of music to block out more noise without disturbing people around you with your music. They are great for working out.


As per the review, Jaybird X4 has an average battery life, and they are compatible with the good smartphone application which offers sound customization. They have 8 hours of battery life which is about average for wireless in-ear headphones. You can charge it for 10 minutes and listen to music for 1 hour. To charge them just pop up them on the charging cradle.

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The Jaybird X4 are Bluetooth headphones that can’t be used wired like other wireless headphones. They have a great wireless range. It has a 30-40 feet range so even in regular Bluetooth standard it is good. You can able to leave your audio source or phone on the bench without a problem if you don’t want to carry it. They can be easily paired with 2 devices.

You can also connect with the Jaybird app which connects you with the Spotify account and plays music through. You can also customize the sound as per your through this app.

 Jaybird New X4 connectivity
Source: rizknows

Jaybird X4 Specifications

Release DateSeptember 2018
Colours Combinationblack metallic/flash, alpha metallic/jade and storm metallic/glacier
Weight31.8 grams
Product Dimensions 50.09 x 1.3 x 2.62 cm
Battery life8 hours


Jaybird is one of the early leaders in-ear sports headphones. The Jaybird X4 headphones are sweat-proof with the 8 hours of battery which is quite good revealed in my review. Jaybird headphones have tips and fins that help to fit in you’re ear more comfortably. Jaybird X4 also has a new cord management system called Speed Chinch which makes it easy to adjust the cord. They have a good range of connectivity due which is good it is good for gym use. It has deep sound bass. Overall it is good in-ear headphones.

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