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Jaybird Vista Earbuds Review

Advantage: The Jaybird Vista Wireless Earbuds review says that the buds fit in a secure way. They are lightweight, comfortable, and also sound quite good. They are waterproof and come with a USB-C compact charging case. Battery life is also decent at 6 hours, with 10 additional hours from the case.

Drawback: Little pricey. No transparency mode to allow ambient sound in.

The Bottom Line: The Jaybird Vista is a nice, comfortable upgrade over the company’s earlier models. But it’s a tad too expensive in a true wireless headphone market where prices continue to drop.

Jaybird Vista Earbuds
Source: ZDnet

According to the review of jaybird vista, it got off to a great start in the world of true wireless and that is “AirPods-style headphones“and also when it released its Run headphones back in October 2017.

That model, updated to the new Run XT earlier this year, was well designed but had some small performance issues that held it back from being great. But its successor, the Jaybird Vista, includes design and also great performance improvements that make it the best product.

Jaybird vista’s true wireless earbuds review says it is a little more expensive than it should be, but it is one of the better true wireless headphones to hit the market in 2019. It will appeal also to those looking for a more discrete set of wireless sports headphones that offers full waterproofing.

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Jaybird Vista Earbuds Features Review

The headphones will fit in your ears and are comfortable to wear. Three different-sized ear tips and also sports fins are included to help you get a tight seal and secure fit. They are lightweight for their size and they fit your ears better than the Beats PowerBeats Pro, which has a little bit bigger sound and more bass.

As per the Jaybird Vista review, they seem durable. They are waterproof with IPX7 certification (they can be also submerged in shallow water for up to 30 minutes).

Battery life has also improved. It is now up to 6 hours at moderate volume levels, with an additional 10 hours from the charging case.

But, sometimes it doesn’t work in noisy environments.

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The earphones have the best physical buttons for controlling playback. There are volume controls, but you have to program them into all the button controls in the app. To raise the volume, you should press and hold on the right bud. To lower the volume, you must press and hold on the left bud.

Jaybird vista wireless headphones
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Vista Downsides

They are not quite as detailed or dynamic as many top-sounding models. Out of the box, they sounded great, but I was able to improve their sound via the Jaybird Vista app by searching for and also selecting user-created EQs and adding them to the list of preset EQs.

They were a bit uncomfortable in my ears. These should fit most people’s ears well, but like with most in-ear models, also they won’t be right for everyone.


There is no transparency mode that allows ambient sound to leak in (which would allow you to hear the outside world). Since the headphones seal out a good amount of noise passively, you will need to play your music at lower volumes to hear traffic around you when you’re running. The JBL Reflect Flow also has an Ambient Aware mode.

SpecsJaybird VistaApple Airpods ProSony WF-1000XM3Jabra Elite 75tBeats Powerbeats Pro
PriceUnder $200Under $250Under $200Under $200Under $250

As noted in the Jaybird Vista wireless review, the interference issues (wireless hiccups) with the Vista are minor, but with some of the competing models I experienced no interference issues while testing them in the streets of New York.

The Jaybird Vista is a nice upgrade over the Run, with improved performance and some design tweaks, both to the case and the buds. That makes this an appealing sports headphone that will stay in your ears during vigorous activity. But in a world where the famous AirPods seem to have dropped to $145, the Jaybird Vista is a tad pricey.

Jaybird vista true wireless
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Jaybird Vista Specs

  • Weight is 6 grams (0.2 ounces)
  • It has Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX7 waterproof, also sweat-proof and crush-proof 
  • 6 hours of audio on a very full charge, plus 10 more from charging case
  • It has USB-C charging
  • 5-minute charge gives you the best an hour of playtime
  • Take phone calls in great stereo or use each earbud independently
  • It has Redesigned 6mm drivers 
  • It has Customizable EQ using Jaybird app
  • But, No video latency
  • Available in black in August, with all additional colors coming this fall

The Jaybird Vista earbuds are comfortable but a little expensive in true wireless headphone market as per the review.


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