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Jaybird Tarah Pro Review

Advantages- Jaybird Tarah Pro review comes with Tactile rope cabling with a three-point charging connector. The app dedicated to the headphones (Jaybird app) is easy to use and understand. The headphones have 14 hours of battery life.

Disadvantages-  These require proprietary charging accessories so you cannot afford them to lose. Also, the AI could have been more precise.

The Bottom Line– The Jaybird Tarah Pro headphones are great for athletes and runners. They have a long-lasting battery that is 14 hours. They are comfortable and can have worn for a good long time.

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Jaybird Tarah Pro vs Vista

Jaybird Tarah Pro vs Vista

Jaybird Vista is better than Jay Tarah Pro because they have 0.5 higher sound pressure they will be louder and clearer. These weigh 8 grams lighter than Tarah Pro. They come with 2 microphones unless like Tarah Pro with 1. There is a control panel on the headphone from where you set the voice and other major functions. They are dustproof and water-resistant so one who swings can use them under the water. These come with USB type C charging. The headphones come under $160 which is good for a wireless headphone the price could have been lower.

Jaybird Tarah Pro vs Bose SoundSport

Jaybird Tarah Pro vs Bose Soundsport

Jaybird Tarah Pro is better than Bose SoundSport because it has 8 hours longer battery life which means you can play it for a longer period of time. This comes with a 0.8 newer version of Bluetooth which will give better compatibility and faster connection with your device. These are 2.7 gram lighter than the Bose SoundSport. The connectivity of Jaybird Tarah Pro is up to 1 m more than the Bose SoundSports. Overall both the earphones are great. The Jaybird Tarah has more features and better compatibility.

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Jaybird Tarah Pro vs X4

Jaybird Tarah Pro vs X4

Jaybird Tarah Pro is better than Jaybird X4 because they have 4 dB / mW higher sound pressure level than X4. This means the sound produced is lighter and clearer. These have 6 hours extended battery life compared to Jaybird X4. These have been featured by the voice prompts and command which means you get a voice help when your device is on and off and other major commands . Also you can operate the headset through your own voice command which lacks in X4. These have a newer 0.9 version of Bluetooth which means better connectivity and compatibility with devices. 

Jaybird Tarah Pro vs Tarah

Jaybird Tarah Pro vs Tarah

Jaybird Tarah Pro is a little extra than Jaybird Tarah. They both have similar names but Pro has taken over Tarah. Pro has better battery life than the Tarah, it is 6 hours more. The price also differs Tarah is less expensive and Jaybird Tarah Pro is a bit on an expensive side. The charging of Pro takes 5 min charge for 2 hours playing whereas Tarah takes 10 min charge for 1 hour playing time. Pro have rotating earbuds whereas Tarah lacks them. 

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Jaybird Tarah Pro wireless headphones 

Jaybird Tarah Pro has been launched successively after Jaybird Tarah and X4. The company has created a bit of a problem with the releases of the headphones as they all are similar to each other and confused the market. Realizing them together they released them one after one.

Jaybird has launched Tarah in an affordable range following with X4 was priced at medium costing and Tarah Pro is on a bit of an expensive side. Earlier Jaybird used to focus on the sound quality of the headphones now they focus on the design and comfort too.

Jaybird Tarah Pro are better headphones in the bunch of Tarah and X4 and sounds slightly better than all the headphones in the series. These headphones are some with a carrying pouch which was not there in the earlier models. These require proprietary charging accessories so if you lose one you cannot charge your headphones. The problem is with the fitting of the headphones it may cause a problem. The oval shape tip may cause some problems. 


These headphones are available in 3 different colors that are Black/Flash, Mineral Blue/Jade, and Titanium/Glacier. The cabling of the wireless headphones come with a hydrophobic coating. This comes with an IPX7 rating that can go up to 1 meter deep inside the water for 30 minutes. The woven material is used in the cabling.

These are more sports-oriented headphones these come with inline remotes that are curved. These come with the magnetic Snap Lock feature automatically pause your music when the earbuds are snapped together, securing them around your neck. These are well made wireless in-ear headphones. The cable is braided and these have magnetic earbuds that are more manageable. These headphones don’t come with active noise cancelation.

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These are comfortable on-ear headphones that weigh around 20 grams. They do fit most of the ears but for some, they may cause a bit of trouble. These come with the same ear gels as these can be a bit uncomfortable with the earbuds as the attachments come with Tarah variant them. Also does fit every ear type so this can be a problem. Overall with these headphones, if they fit you perfectly then they are very comfortable and good.

Battery life

The battery of Jaybird Tarah Pro on-ear headphones extend up to 14 hours which is a great playtime for any wireless headphones. These have a charging time of 5 minutes for two hours of playtime. The battery lasts you long and quite efficiently too.

The only problem with the headphones is the proprietary charging accessories. If you lose it by any chance you cannot charge your headphones so you need to be more careful with the charging accessories. 


The Jaybird Tarah Pro earphones are the best headphones with the performance in every aspect form sound to charging these show a great outcome. These are comfortable lightweight they have tactile material with a magnetic closure which makes them easy to manage. This comes with an IPX7 waterproof rating which is great for water divers or the swimmers.  

The audio is natural to listen with a powerful base. These have a strict balance in controlling the environment sound and making you hear some. The sound is amazingly better than the one in the series, the choice EQ setting in the app is messy to use. You can set the frequencies and set a level to get that perfect sound. The battery is amazing while turning on the earphones you will get notified about the battery last. 

If you are someone in sports these will go best with you sweat-resistant water-resistant the sound is great and overall the color palette they come with is great. Headphones are a great buy with some better features.

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Jaybird Tarah Pro app 

You can download the app and connect it with the headset so that you can have access to the EQ system where you can set the frequencies according to your taste. You can go through a personalized audio test via the app so this is an option to download and not to the users. For assistant purposes also you need an app so that you can assist the headphone and the voice prompt can be used.

Pairing Jaybird Tarah Pro 

These are easy to pair headphones. You have to hold the middle button on the earphone until it starts blinking and a voice comes ready to pair. Pair you headphones via app and even without that. Once connected the white light stops blinking and you will be notified that the device is connected. The range of the headphones are around 33 feet which is great and the maximum distance too. 

Case for Jaybird Tarah Pro 

The headphones come with a pouch to carry them and keep them safe with you. You don’t need an additional case to keep them as the pouch quality is good and durable.

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Jaybird Tarah Pro Headphones Specs 

Colour variant Available in three colours
Weight 20 gram 
Type On ear wireless bluetooth
Impedance 16 ohm
Sensitivity 103 db at 1 khz 
Frequency response 20hz to 20khhz 
Power handling 12 mW


If you are someone into sports and need good headphones for that purpose which can solve the issue of stability, a Jaybird Tarah Pro can surely be an option for you to buy. These are good on-ear wireless headphones under $160. These are comfortable on-ear and have been approved with IPX7 with a longer battery life of 14 hours.

If the ear pads fit your ear perfectly then these are the one on-ear headphones you can consider buying.

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