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Jaybird Run Review

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Jaybird Run Review

If you can deal with small interference issues, then the Jaybird Run truly wireless earbuds offer a great fit, decent sound, and good battery life.

  • Sweatproof wireless earbuds
  • Good sound quality
  • Comfortable
  • Companion App
  • Decent battery life
  • Occasional sound glitches
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Jaybird Run vs Jaybird Run XT 

The Jaybird Run XT True Wireless Headphones is an upgraded version of the Jaybird Run Truly Wireless Headphones and are slightly better as per my review, but might not be well worth the upgrade if you’ve got the primary ones.

The XT offers slightly more battery life, but that’s about it. Weirdly enough, the newer XT models have far more latency than the first model, which wasn’t great to start out with. The XT has a better wireless range and now has a politician IPX7 rating for water and sweat resistance, which the first didn’t have.

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SpecsJaybird Run Jaybird Run XT
Weight 0.3 lbs0.3 lbs
Low-Frequency Extensions10 Hz10 Hz
Battery Life3.8 hours4.5hours
Charging Time1.1 hours0.8 hours
Bluetooth Version4.14.1

Jaybird Run vs Sony WF-1000X

The Jaybird Run is a rather better wireless earbud than the Sony WF-1000X. The Run has a way more customizable sound that you simply can fully EQ, unlike the Sonys, which only have presets.

The Run even has an easier and stable fit for the gym than the Sonys. They also accompany a more portable and durable case that also supports NFC pairing.

The Sony wireless earbuds also isolate more in noisy conditions with their more typical in-ear fit and active noise cancellation, though their ANC isn’t that strong and will not be the defining feature for getting these headphones.

The Jaybird earbuds even have a way better latency performance, although they will not be the simplest headphones for watching videos since their latency is additionally fairly high.

On the upside, the WF-1000X has a far better build quality and a more premium-looking design.

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SpecsJaybird RunSony WF-1000X
Weight0.3 lbs0.3 lbs
Low-Frequency Extension10 Hz10 Hz
Battery Life3.8 hours 2.7 hours
Charging Time1.1 hours1.5 hours
Bluetooth range80 ft62 ft

Jaybird Run Unboxing

Jaybird Run Look
Source – Pinterest

In the box, you’ll get a charging case with the headphones inside, the accessory pouch with a 6” micro USB charging cable, and a few extra sets of ear tips and wings so you’ll get the right fit, the Jaybird sticker, the instruction manual, and warranty information.

Jaybird Run Features Review


The Jaybird Run review reveals earbuds feature a standard design that each one truly wireless earbuds share, but Apple’s Airpods which I still can’t get to remain in my ears. These don’t have that problem because the oval-ish design sits nicely in my ears and therefore the wingtips provide it that extra level of comfort and security. I used to be ready to get a secure, comfortable fit with the most important tips.

The ‘buds themselves are mostly made from plastic, but they are doing silver accents around the rim and on the brand which is formed of chrome steel. The brand on either ‘bud also acts because the only two buttons on the headset offer you a particular amount of control over playback.

Though you’ll find the buttons were quite stiff and not very easy to click. You’ll find yourself stuffing the earbud deeper into my ear whenever you would like to pause the music. And a double click is twice as annoying.

You can use one bud for creating calls and runners who want to be ready to hear the surface world for safety reasons can also want to stay one ear open and use one bud for music listening. I assumed they performed decently as a headset for creating calls

Now as far as sweat-proofing goes, these don’t officially have an IPX rating, but they have a double hydrophobic coating to stop sweat from erosion at them. Jaybird has done a pleasant job, ensuring that the majority of people won’t only be ready to get an honest seal but have these buds that will stay in their ears during gym exercise. 

Jaybird Run design
Source – Wired

How to Pair Jaybird Run

As soon as you open the Jaybird Run case for the first time, the earbuds enter pairing mode, and each time then all you’ve to do to connect is open the case and that is amazing. To re-pair with another device all you’ve got to try to do is hold down the button on the proper earbud for six seconds, but if you’re only getting to be using these with one device then just opening up the case and automatically being connected is pretty damn awesome.

As far as playback controls go these also are fairly limited, but they are doing get the fundamentals done. You’ll use the app to modify between the default controls which makes the left bud access Siri and therefore the right one play/pause music and answer phone calls, or alternative controls which makes the left bud volume down and therefore the right bud volume up/phone calls. Whichever setting you select you’ll still double-tap to skip to the subsequent song, but there’s no going back to a previous track. 

The Jaybird App gives you some added features that basically make it an integral part of the experience. They need presets for various sound signatures, and you’ll also customize your own EQ settings and save them if you are feeling love it. It also allows you to find your earbuds just in case you lose one which is super useful with something this small.

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Jaybird Battery Life

Jaybird Run claims a battery life of 4 hours of constant playback and that we got pretty close. On max volume, we were ready to squeeze out 3 hours and 45 minutes which is pretty good. The charging case also gives you an additional two charges do you have to need them, but what really steals the show here is how quickly they agitate from zero. Just 5 minutes will offer you a solid hour which, as I discussed earlier, is enough for 2 of my longest runs.

Jaybird battery life
Source – TechAdvisor

Jaybird Run Sound Quality

I found in my review that sound quality of Jaybird Run true wireless headphones is sweet. These are just about more of an equivalent but with the added perk of having the ability to EQ the sound yourself.

Initially listen you actually notice that there isn’t an equivalent amount of detail here like wired ‘buds, but the presets actually do an honest job at making you forget that.

The low end is pretty strong even on the flat profile. As someone who likes a flatter sound, I found these easy to enjoy. Mids also seemed like they weren’t given enough of a push, which I also really liked. If you favor the vocals to get on top of the assembly you’ll in fact just tweak the EQ settings.

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Jaybird Run Charging Case

The Jaybird Run charging case seems like an oversized pill or a very small Beats Pill speaker. Jaybird Run headphones have three tiny LED lights on the front of the case which blink red color when charging and green color when earbuds are fully charged.

It also allows you to skills the battery is on the case and both the left and right earbuds, but it also has some clever tricks about it that make connecting to them seamless. The charging case charges the earbuds fast and also gives you an additional two charges.

Jaybird charging case
Source – 9to5toys

Jaybird Run Specs

Model NameRun
Release Year2017
Weight13.6 grams
Product Dimensions1.42 x 1.91 x 1.96 cm
Batteries 1 A batteries required
Connectivity Types Bluetooth
Accessory PackIt includes a charging case, micro USB cable, some extra ear tips and wings
WarrantyJaybird Run offers 1-year warranty


According to the Jaybird Run review, these are great earbuds for sports. They’re truly wireless earbuds with a stable and decently comfortable in-ear fit. They’re lightweight and portable even if their case may be a little bulkier than other truly wireless charging cases.

Plus the fast charging feature is super useful and since the whole package is so small, keeping them in my pocket while walking to the gym was enough to charge them up enough for a full workout.

The sound quality was also better than most truly wireless. They isolate tolerably for many commutes, and their low leakage means you’ll rarely distract anyone around you even at max volume. Overall, Jaybird doesn’t disappoint with another solid product, and at this point there really are not any wires.

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