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Jaybird‌ ‌Freedom‌ ‌2‌ ‌Review

7.5 Total Score
Jaybird‌ ‌Freedom‌ ‌2‌ ‌Review

The gym friendly Jaybird Freedom 2 headphones deliver powerful Bluetooth audio laced with extra bass response.

Sound Quality
Build Quality
Battery Life
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Durable Build Quality
  • SweatProof
  • Connection Strength
  • Better app experience
  • Less Comfortable
  • Short Battery life
  • Not Fit securely
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Jaybird Freedom 2 vs Jaybird X3

The Jaybird X3 is a rather better wireless headphone than the Jaybird Freedom 2 as per my review. The X3 has a rather better build quality, stronger isolation against ambient noise, and an extended more practical battery life for everyday use.

Freedom 2, on the opposite hand, has a more portable design when the charging clip isn’t attached. The Freedoms even have better comfortable earbud hybrid fit that the majority will prefer over that of the X3.

On the upside, both headphones enjoy an equivalent customizable app, and they are both great headphones for sports.

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SpecsJaybird Freedom 2Jaybird X3
Weight18.1 grams18.1 grams
Battery Life4 hours7.1 hours
Rechargeable battery No Yes 
Bluetooth version4.14.1
Low-Frequency Response10 Hz10 Hz

Jaybird Freedom 2 vs Jaybird Freedom F5

The Jaybird Freedom 2 are very draw in performance to the Jaybird Freedom F5. They also both accompany the same bulky charging clip that’s a touch limiting and can prevent you from having the ability to charge your headphones if lost or damaged.

The Freedom 2 has a rather easier earbud-like fit than the originals, and that they even have better cable management.

On the upside, the Freedoms have a rather better sound quality out-of-the-box and a more isolating in-ear fit, although both headphones are often easily EQed with the MySound app. They even have an equivalent overall design and build quality.

Jaybird Freedom 2 design
Source – Aliexpress
SpecsJaybird Freedom 2Jaybird Freedom F5
Weight18.1 grams13.6 grams
Low-Frequency Response10 Hz10 Hz
Battery Life4 hours4.1 hours
Charging Time1.4 hours1.5 hours
Bluetooth Version4.14.1

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Jaybird Freedom 2 Features Review


The Jaybird Freedom 2 wireless headphones are available in black, blue, and white colors, the neckband-style Freedom 2 earphones are exceptionally lightweight and sleek.

They ship with four total pairs of combination replacement ear tips and fins, which permit for a supremely secure fit and excellent stability during exercise.

They need a double-nano coating to guard against sweat for gym lovers and also made to suit around biking helmets.

The control module is 100% plastic and seems to be the precise same one from the primary Freedom ‘buds. So it’s even bulky and heavy, but the new cable management clips thankfully keep it in restraint in order that they shouldn’t pull out the headphones while you’re running.

The three-button inline remote and microphone compartment is found along the proper side of the cable.

The Freedom 2 has a central multifunction button covering playback and call management, sandwiched between the volume up and down buttons that double as track navigation buttons when held in longer.

It also has an external charging clip that may actually charge the earphones without being connected to the included charging cable. It’s an indoor battery with the potential to increase Freedom 2’s battery life by four hours. The built-in mic offers above-average intelligibility.

Battery Life

According to the review, the battery life of the Jaybird Freedom 2 is on par with its predecessor; however, Freedom 2 wireless headphones now offers the power to charge on the accompany their new charging clip/battery pack. This may add four hours of playtime for a complete of 8 hours. Without attaching the charging clip you’ll get around 3 hours and 20 minutes of constant playback time on 100% volume.

Once you dip that right down to 50% volume you can increase playback time to 4 hours and 38 minutes, which isn’t regrettable if you’re looking to use these for the gym. However, the power to charge while still using the earbuds steps up the wireless game – thanks to going to Jaybird.

Freedom 2 battery life
Source – Cnet

Sound Quality

Jaybird Freedom 2 has good sound quality. The Bass of Freedom 2 is kicking but not overwhelming, which comes in handy when you’re trying to push yourself that extra mile or get that last rep in. Also if you’re just using these for casual use. As far as highs these definitely distorted a touch at higher volumes.

However, for those listeners trying to find a selected sound quality, MySound is for you. The app allows you to customize the EQ settings of your earbuds, creating your own unique sound profiles. Those profiles can then be saved to your earbuds, making it easy to modify between sounds supported by what you’re within the mood for.

The Jaybird Freedom 2 sound is totally customizable through the MySound application available within the App Store and Google Play. If you are not sure what you wish, Jaybird MySound offers listeners many preset options to settle on from.

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For pairing the Jaybird Freedom 2 has Bluetooth 4.0 with 30 ft range. The connection between these and my source devices were rock solid. I didn’t have one issue.

The connection is strong anywhere within the average range of 15-30 feet and that I even got a touch beyond that before some skipping occurred.

If my phone was in my pocket I didn’t have any issues which is sweet news if you propose using these while riding a motorcycle or exercising.

Controls were also pretty easy to use because the control module finishes up right behind your right ear if you’re wearing them correctly.

They aren’t too hard to memorize and are pretty standard across Bluetooth headphones. You can also access Google or Siri by just holding down the center multifunction button.

On top of that you simply also can answer any phone calls or maybe make phone calls because of a Jaybird Freedom 2 built-in microphone that has surprisingly good quality.

Freedom 2 connectivity
Source – Pinterest

Jaybird Freedom 2 Specs

Model NameFreedom2
Release DateSeptember 2017
Colour AvailableBlack, White and Blue
Weight18.1 grams
Product Dimensions12.8 x 19 x 4.7 cm
Accessory IncludedJaybird Freedom 2 comes with a user manual,  two extra pairs of ear/wingtips, a small carrying case, a charging clip, a small micro USB charging cable, a cable clip.
Battery Life4 hours
Special FeaturesWireless, Microphone, Sports-and-exercise, Sweat-proof
WarrantyThe Jaybird Freedom 2 comes with 1 year warranty.


The Jaybird Freedom 2 is decent mixed usage sports headphones with a couple of more convenient design tweaks than the first Jaybird Freedom reveals in my review. They need an equivalent build quality because the older model but is a touch easier and adjustable because of their new earbud-like tips and cable management clip. One thing I’m not too proud of regarding the Jaybird Freedom 2 earbuds is that the price.

At the worth around $130, they’re not cheap enough that folks who buy them are getting to overlook their faults. Overall, the Jaybird Freedom 2 wireless headphones are stable in-ears for sports and block enough noise to be suitable for commuting. They also barely leak, which is sweet for the noise-sensitive environment.

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