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Jabra Elite Sports Review

Advantages – According to the review, Jabra Elite Sports are fully waterproof wireless sports earphones with a built-in-heart monitor. It has good battery life and consistent audio quality. It also has many suitable options.

Drawback – It can be bulky for some people’s ears, and you can also lose bass if you do get the tight seal.

The Bottom line – The Jabra Elite Sports remained stronger on the entry in the wireless headphones arena. It also has improved battery life. It is good for a workout companion.

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Jabra Elite Sport vs Jabra Active 75t

The Jabra Elite Active 75t are much better truly wireless in-ears than the Jabra Elite Sport. The Elite Sport isolate more noise and are compatible with the Jabra Sport Life app, which has a training feature that is not available with the Active 75t. The Elite Active 75t is more comfortable than Elite Sport, especially for smaller ears, and it also has a better-balanced sound profile, long battery life, and improved mic quality.

SpecsJabra Elite SportJabra Elite Active 75t
Bluetooth version4.15.0
Multi-Device pairingNo 2 Devices
Charging portMicro-USBUSB-C
Charging Time2 hours2.1 hours
Total Battery Life14.7 hours26.0 hours

Jabra Elite Sports Features Review


The Jabra Elite Sports is a perfect pair of truly wireless buds. All black, minimal earbuds that you can pop in and out of your ear. The Elite Sports eartips comes with three different sizes of silicone ear wings to keep them in place, and you also get three of silicon and foam earpieces in small, medium, and large sizes which help to create a good seal. However, I found earbuds more uncomfortable to use after an hour. Elite Sports were designed with athletes in mind. Anyone who is looking for truly wireless headphones to take the gym then goes for Jabra Elite Sports. The drivers, battery, radio, and control hardware packed into the Elite Sports. On the left earbud, it has volume up and down buttons, which can skip the track if you hold them down. The right earbud has a play/pause/power button from which you can also answer the call.


It has a heartbeat sensor that could track heart rate with a reasonable amount of accuracy. The sensor needs good skin contact to work correctly. It also tracks your steps while jogging or walking through the free SportLife app. The app can also rate your fitness progress and push you to outdo your last work out. The headphones come with an IP67 rating they are built to withstand being dunked in 15 cm to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes at a time. The Elite Sport’s offer a three-year warranty against damage caused by sweat.

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Jabra Elite Sports performance
Source: play3r

Battery life

The battery life of Jabra Elite Sports isn’t great. It offers 4.5 hours battery life on a single charge with an additional two charges available via their charging case. They also have a quick charge feature which will give you an hour of listening only in 15 minutes of charging. It is enough for a decent workout.

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Sound quality

The soundstage of Jabra Elite Sports isn’t too amazing, but as compare to the quality they don’t sound that much worse than other regular fitness. Elite Sports allows you to use its built-in microphones to bring outside audio into your ears. It degrades the quality of the sound you are listening to. If you want right sound earbud, then consider picking up Bose SoundSport Free. It offers superior sound and passive awareness in the waterproof package. These earbuds provide a good level of bass when you are not using audio transparency which makes it athletics oriented headphones. Overall, Jabra took a little more than was necessary to avoid any painful sounds, and these earbuds are sitting right in-ear.


The top button on the right earbud lets you open up the Jabra Sports App if you tap it or start a work out by holding it down. This app is isn’t user friendly as the main fitness app, but it also provides information when it is paired to heart rate sensor in the earbud. It also has a voice training coach which rate your workout depending on how hard it was.

It also has Bluetooth 5 version with great connectivity. With Bluetooth 5 you can directly pair the earbuds with your device.

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Jabra Elite Sports Pairing
Source: phonearena

Jabra Elite Sport Specs

Model NameElite Sport
Release Date 2017
WeightEarbuds 6.5g x 2, Charging Case 67g
Product Dimensions 27 x 30 x 22.5mm (earbuds), 72 x 51 x 26.5mm (charging case)
Included Accessories Charging case, micro USB cable,  3 set of silicon EarGels, 3 sets of foam EarGels, 3 Set of earrings, Quick start guide, warranty and warning leaflets
Warranty1 year ( 3 year with in-app registration)
Battery Life200 hours on Standby time
Charging Time2 hours


My Jabra Elite Sports review reveals that battery life and sound quality are average, and the case of use is also average. It has a heart rate sensor, which is cool. They are not super comfortable. These are good earphones if you are using them for the gym, but as of right now these will run your around $170, which is costly. There much better true wireless option available in the market and while Jabra Elite Sports is still a good pair of earbuds.

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