Jabra Elite Active 75t Review

Advantage: As per the Jabra Elite Active 75t Review it has a better fit and is smaller than previous model, good for making calls, has IP57 water-resistance rating, has added coating for dust and sweat resistance, sound is much better than the Apple AirPods Pro, with better clarity and tighter bass, 7.5-hour battery life between charges, has USB-C charging.

Drawback: It has no active noise canceling, no wireless charging, also the AirPods Pro are better for making calls.

Conclusion: Along with the previous model Jabra has once again released a very slight upgrade to its newer Jabra Elite Active 75t model. But they do not offer active noise cancellation. The new Jabra Elite Active 75t update arrives about three months or so after the standard Elite 75t debuted. If you are looking for a sports headphone for running and you sweat a lot this review is the best one for you. Check it out!

Jabra Active Elite 75t Vs Elite 75t

The Jabra Elite 75t has an IP55 rating, which means they have a very decent dust resistance and okay type water-resistance. The odd splash or drop of rain should not affect performance or longevity, but Jabra recommends not submerging them in water. The company used a special coating on the Jabra Elite Active 75t update that raises the rating to IP57, making those earbuds waterproof.

Jabra Elite Active 75t
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Put these two Elite models next to each other in the same color together, and you may be in danger of not knowing which is which. They both look very alike! Jabra did not re-engineer the form factor or design principles of the Elite 75t to make the Active model. The more ruggedized Elite Active 75t are veritable clones, at first glance. The key difference is in its durability.

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So, which one is better?

There is no difference in how the Sound+ app treats either of the models. The equalizer and HearThrough settings, among other things in there, are available either way. There is good stuff there to work with. 

The choice comes down to priorities when you want to use them in real life. If you often need earbuds while working out or for any sports use, the Elite Active 75t are the better bet. If you have vigorous workouts and break a sweat listening to tunes, the Elite 75t are good enough to negate paying the premium. If you are on the fence, go with the Active model for the sake of covering all bases.

Jabra Active Elite 75t Vs 65t

One important change Jabra made to the Elite 75t model over the Elite 65t was earbud stability. The Elite 65t had an issue where the earbud would fall out and fail to seal your ears, if you had larger ears. Hence,  Jabra resolved this with the Elite 75t, and they are one of the most comfortable and lightweight true wireless earbuds around. 

The Elite 75t also added magnets to the case, which allows the buds to stay in the case. The Elite 65t had no magnets in the case, which made it difficult to place back in the case and easy for the buds to fall out.

The most welcome change between the two is the introduction of USB-C on the Elite 75t over Micro-USB on the Elite 65t model. While neither earbuds support wireless charging, adding USB-C will make charging less annoying, especially when traveling.

Hence buying the Elite 75t is much more feasible than the 65t model.

Jabra Active Elite 75t Details

What is the Jabra Sound + App?

Jabra Sound+ is one of the best apps because it offers a range of unique, practical features bundled into an attractive interface. This app makes it easy to check for and install software updates.

Then there are much more fun features like the ability to create and also save a custom EQ or switch between six presets, including a speech preset which is great for podcasts. You can also choose between three EQ presets for calls: default, treble boost, and bass boost.

Jabra Elite Active 75t app
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Battery Life

The Jabra Elite 75t earbuds last about 7 hours, 14 minutes on a simple single charge. While this falls short of Jabra’s posited 7.5-hour battery life, real-world use is to yield a longer duration, so long as you listen with the volume lower than 75dB(SPL). To conserve battery, the earphones turn off after one hour of inactivity, or 15 minutes of without connection.

Since these buds are for exercise, quick charging is much more important than longevity. Also, 15 minutes in the case yields an hour of listening. The case supplies an additional 2.73 charges, meaning unexpected battery drainage is a rare occurrence. Once the USB-C charging case is empty, you have to put aside 2 hours, 20 minutes to charge it.

How is the Jabra Active Elite Sound Quality?

An emphatic bass response colors the Jabra Elite Active 75t earbuds sound signature and in turn, subjects music playback to auditory masking. This frequency response makes sense for a pair of workout earbuds, and also if it is too amplified for you, it can be in the reduce mode in the MySound+ app. The elevated response from 600Hz-2kHz also helps recover some perceived loss of detail in the midrange, as many important resonances fall within this range. 

The default sound of the Jabra Elite Active 75t true wireless earbuds are not great for analytical listening but served me well during cardio sessions at the gym.

Isolation is fine, and low-end noises are complete. To get the most out of passive isolation, make sure to find the best-fitting ear tips only for you. If you want to hush the world around you, then noise cancelling true wireless earphones are more up your alley.

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Carrying case

Jabra Elite Active 75t carrying case
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Alquar Soft Silicone Skin Cover

It matches with your Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds shape and also fits it well, but not tight,360° all-round protection, this cover helps protect your Jabra Elite 75t earbuds case from bumps and drops without adding additional bulk.

You can open or close the lid with your hands. The Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds case features a simple cutout port that allows you to charge your earphones without removing the cover.

Sahara Case

It safeguard your headphones with this SaharaCase smooth silicone case kit for Jabra Elite Active 75t. The sturdy silicone material provides reliable and scratch protection and resists stretching and yellowing over time. This SaharaCase smooth silicone case also includes a carabiner clip that lets you carry your headphones on your belt or backpack.

Jabra Active Elite Key Features

  • Up to 7.5 hours battery life, and also 28 hours with the charging case.
  • Four-microphone technology for clear phone calls.
  • It has USB-C charging
  • IP57-rated durability and also two-year warranty against dust and sweat
  • It comes in Six colors: Navy (February), Copper Black (Amazon exclusive, February), Titanium Black (Best Buy exclusive, February), Gray (March), Sienna (April) and Mint (April).
  • No active noise cancellation.
  • Price is Under $200.

So, this Jabra Active Elite 75t review must be very useful for you to decide about buying these! Read the whole review and click on the above links to buy now!

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