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Jabra Elite Active 65t Review

Advantages: As per the Jabra Elite Active 65t review, it is comfortable, fits securely to your ears, and fully sweat-resistant make it best true wireless earbuds for running. These have a rich sound quality and two microphones in both earbuds provide excellent call experience. The great battery life of 5 hours with 2 additional charges via charging cases. The quick charging provides 1.5 hours of playtime from 15 mins of charging.

Drawbacks: The noise isolation only works with a perfect & secure fit. Motion sensor is not much in use

Conclusion: The Jabra Elite Active 65t are the best alternatives for AirPods and best workout wireless earbuds. You should surely prefer it over previous models for your workout sessions and sports activities.

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Jabra Elite Active 65t: Best AirPods Alternatives

Apple AirPods are leading in the market as true wireless earbuds, but the previous model Jabra Elite 65t and new model Jabra Elite Active 65t are the best Airpods alternatives at lesser prices. These are more comfortable, secure fit, and surely better performance and noise isolation than the competitor Apple AirPods.

Boost up Jabra Elite Active 65t

The Elite Active 65t is more comfortable and provides a secure fit. The sound quality is improved, enhanced calling experience, including voice support for all top voice assistants, like Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

Active 65t sports earbuds
Source: mobileworld.it

The upgraded Jabra Elite Active 65t model has a similar design like Elite 65t but with few changes. It is the best wireless earbuds for running, and a great workout true wireless earbuds, It has a better grip and more secure design. There are a few new features added to the new model, IP56 water-resistant rating, built-in accelerometer, and rapid charging feature that provides 1.5 hours of playtime on 15 min charges. The charging case is also made of the same rubbery grip material of the buds.

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Jabra Elite Active 65t vs AirPods

Elite Active 65t has better grip and fits more securely than the AirPods. It has passive noise cancellation and noise isolation which shuts down the surrounding noises. It has the HearThrough transparency mode which lets you have a conversation or hear the outside world without even removing the earbuds. You can activate it in the Jabra Sound+ app.

SpecsJabra Elite Active 65tApple AirPods ProJabra Elite 75t
Priceunder $150under $250under $180

Jabra Elite Active 65t vs Bose SoundSports Free

The smaller size of Elite active 65t is an advantage over SoundSport design. The SoundSport Free charging case is also larger than the Active 65t and not pocket friendly. The Elite Active 65t is better for making calls because Bose becomes a mono headset while calling. The button and controls are easier to operate on Jabra.

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These cost $20 more than the Jabra Elite 65t. You should prefer the Elite Active 65t if you’re looking for workout earbuds and have intense workout routines. These are the best true earbuds if you sweat. 

Jabra Elite Active 65t: New Unique Features

Jabra has removed the heart rate monitor from the earbuds, and it appears to be the advantage. The removal of the heart rate monitor has made the design smaller and more comfortable. The battery life is improved to 5 hours from 4.5 hours and competes with the AirPods battery life.

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Elite Active 65t features
Source: reviewzorro.com

The charging case delivers two additional charges. The charging case is compact and pocket friendly, but not as small as Apple AirPods. 

Jabra always has the best design and gripping textures. This time there are no wings or any ear hooks to hold the earbuds in place but still you get a secure fit and it sticks to your ears. The perfect fit boosts up the bass and enhances music experience.

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Jabra Elite Active 65t in-ear Sports Earbuds

The Elite Active 65t provides a secure fit similar as Jaybird Vista Earbuds. The Elite 65t was not launched as sports earbuds, but it used to work fine for runs and during workouts. But the Elite Active 65t has the new sweat resistant technology of IP56 rating, which makes it the best true wireless earbuds for running.

Companion App For Android & iOS

The motion sensor counts your step and shows in Jabra’s companion Sound+ app for both iOS and Android. The Elite 65t and Elite Active 65t both have Bluetooth 5.0, which has a more stable wireless connection with fewer dropouts.

How to access Touch Controls

You can customize the sound in equalizer as per your liking. There is bass boost mode for call audios. 

Jabra Elite Active 65t has sensors that automatically pause the music when you take it off the ears and resume it when you wear it again. You can skip the track forward by long-pressing the volume up key and skip track backward by long-pressing the volume down key of the left earbud. 

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Choose your Voice Assistant Siri, Amazon Alexa & Google

The Elite Active 65t allows all the top voice assistants. IOS users can choose between Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. You can activate Google voice assistant if you own an Android device.

You have to press a button on the right earbud to activate the voice command and wait for the beep sound to say your command. It would be better if it had an always-on voice assistant. 

Jabra Elite Active 65t voice assistant
Source: the-gadgeteer.com

Improved Call Quality

There are two types of microphones in both the earbuds, with a speech detecting accelerometer that picks up your voice and isolates it in noisy surroundings to make sure you’re heard clearly while on a call or voice commands makes it great wireless earbuds for phone calls. You can activate the sidetone feature that allows you to hear your own voice during a call so you do not speak too loudly.

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How to Pair Elite Active 65t with Computer?

Jabra Elite Active 65t is compatible with phones. Although you can connect it to a Bluetooth enabled PC, it will pop a disclaimer “Jabra headsets are optimized to be used with phones and are not specifically optimized to be used directly with a computer”. You can pair your Jabra device with a computer and it may work for audio streaming, but not for call control. The call control is not supported by many computers.

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Amazing Sound Quality for a True Wireless Earbuds

These fit better than the Jabra sports, which provide it with better sound quality. Jabra Elite Active 65t is one of the best sounding true wireless earbuds

Jabra Elite Active 65t true wireless earbuds
Source: medgadget.com

The Elite Active 65t sounds better than the AirPods, especially in noisy surroundings. Even in its default sound setting, it has richer bass than AirPods but not more than the Bose’s SoundSport Free which is the best sound quality wireless earbuds.

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Jabra Elite Active 65t Key Features

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Motion sensor
  • Noise isolation
  • Voice assistant
  • 4-microphone technology
  • Sidetone
  • HearThrough transparency mode
  • IP56 water and sweat resistant
  • Quick charging: 1.5 hours playtime from 15mins charging
  • Multiple color options
  • Price: under $150

So, this Jabra Active Elite 65t review must be very useful for you to decide about buying these! Read the whole review and click on the above links to buy now!

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