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Jabra Elite 25e Review

Advantages – According to the review, Jabra Elite 25e has a sleek and rugged design. It also has heavy bass performance and good noise isolation with no sound leakage. Jabra Elite 25e comes with IP54 water resistance.

Drawback – Its bass is a bit overpowering. Elite 25e has average call quality and the assist app has flaky connectivity.

The Bottom Line – The Elite 25e isn’t a nasty pick, especially if you hear tons of bass-heavy music. They appear sleek, are rugged and weather-resistant, have honest battery life, and sound decent for the worth.

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Jabra Elite 25e vs Jabra Elite 45e 

The Jabra Elite 45e are better headphones than the Jabra Elite 25e. They need a more portable design because of the flexible cable rather than rigid plastic neck support, and that they also feel less cheap than the Elite 25e. The Elite 45e also are compatible with the Jabra Sound+ for sound customization, while the Elite 25e isn’t. However, the Elite 25e has twice the maximum amount battery life than the Elite 45e, and have surprisingly better passive noise isolation leads to our testing, which makes them a far better pick for long commutes.

SpecificationJabra Elite 25eJabra Elite 45e
Bluetooth Version4.15.0
Multi Pairing DevicesNo2 Devices
Battery life16 hours6.9 hours
Charge Time1.8 hours0.75 hours

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Jabra Elite 25e Feature Review


The Jabra Elite 25e ensures a balance between practical design and good looks. Its two black earpieces are connected to flat black cabling that extends from the semi-flexible black neckband.

Jabra Elite 25e design
Source: phonearena

The yellow earpiece nozzles are visible through the translucent gray ear tips. Both earpieces have a magnet. The earpieces, which each house one 15mm dynamic driver, also are covered during a matte rubber material that adds some in-ear stability—it’s removable, and surprisingly, there are not any extra pairs. In fact, the earphones only ship with three total pairs of ear tips, which suggests the in-ear fit is sort of secure.

Jabra claims the planning is water-resistant, though no specific IP rating is listed. There are three buttons along the proper end of the neckband—a central multifunction button for power/pairing/playback, and plus/minus buttons for volume and track navigation.

A standing LED is found on the inner left. On the rear of the neckband, the micro USB port is secured by one among the more stubborn covers. 

Battery life

The Jabra Elite 25e is rated for 18 hours of continuous usage. Once we ran it at the peak volume level, it lasted us just over 16.5 hours, which seems to be quite decent, however, in terms of world usage. With about 15-20 calls each day, including about 2 hours of music/videos, the Jabra Elite 25e lasted about 2.5 days easily. It takes roughly two hours to completely charge them from zero. When the battery is extremely low, you get a voice prompts every jiffy to charge it. That’s specialized for a pair of wireless headphones.

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Jabra Elite 25e App

The Jabra Assist app isn’t that great of a worthy addition to the whole package. Sure, you’ve got the power to show on certain features like locating your device and message readout, but there’s no GPS module built into the headphones. The message readout feature, though useful, becomes irritating real quick since most of the messages you receive are all spam.

You’ll even use the readout feature for your emails, which reads out the sender’s name and subject line. That’s one feature of the app which you can wish.

The Jabra Assist app is additionally more fully featured on Android than it’s on iOS, but the difficulty is that it doesn’t work alright. On iOS, the app immediately detects the headphones, but on Android, we had a very tough time getting it to figure. We tried this on devices running Android 7 too, and there are times when it just doesn’t detect the headphones.

Sound Quality

The Elite 25e offers excellent ambient noise isolation, sound quality, and that we had little to no sound leakage even at full volume. The utmost volume of the headphones could are higher, as we frequently ended up taking note of music at around 90 percent volume level. We didn’t encounter any distortion here either.

The Elite 25e may be a bit bass-heavy, which we’re sure many will prefer. Overall, the sound signature weighs heavily on the lower frequencies. The highs and, therefore, the mids are properly reproduced with minimal distortion.

Jabra Elite 25e Sound quality
Source: macsources


Due to the shortage of NFC, you will have to pair it manually. It’s Bluetooth 4.1, thanks to which you’ll pair it manually together with your device. You’ll even have two devices connected to the Elite 25e at an equivalent time.

Once powered on, there is a voice prompt that allows you to know when you’re connected to multiple devices. While the protocol certainly can handle a variety of 60 meters, these headphones aren’t set for an equivalent. To save lots of power, they’ve kept the range at 10 meters, and it works wonderfully in most cases. We used the device extensively for quite a while and did encounter a couple of anomalies.

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Jabra Elite 25e Specs

Model NameElite 25e
Release Date 22 Jan 2018
ColorBlack and Silver
Weight204 g
Product Dimensions19 x 16.6 x 4.8 cm
AccessoryExtra Ear Gels (S, L) (2), USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Leaflet, Warning Leaflet, Registration Leaflet
Average Battery Life16 hours
Connectivity TypeBluetooth Wireless


The Jabra Elite 25e may be a well built and designed pair of headphones sporting an aesthetic look reveals in my review. It’s not the primary pair of headphones to adopt the neckband design, but it’s improved. The Elite 25e isn’t a nasty pick, especially if you hear tons of bass-heavy music. They appear are weather-resistant, have an honest battery life, and sound decent for the worth. Overall, we’re watching an honest pair of wireless headphones with no shortcomings.

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