IQOO 7 Review

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IQOO 7 Review

The iQOO 7 features a 120Hz AMOLED display, 65W Quick Charge 3.0, and a Snapdragon 870 processor. Do you think it’ll succeed in claiming its area? Let’s explore this further.

  • Performance is top-notch 
  • Almost all new technology is included
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Fast Charging
  • Incredible daylight photography
  • 120Hz AMOLED display
  • Superfast 5G connectivity
  • Software is not up to date
  • The audio jack is not included 

Buying yourself a new phone is the next feeling ever. You get excited about the new features and display you will get. But The whole buying process is a headache. There are so many options available, it gets quite overwhelming to decide which one will suit you the best. Every other brand of phone claims to be better than the other, but the reality is what the users have to say about their experiences with a particular phone.

That’s why it is important to read the reviews or search a little about the brand you are intending to buy. Because obviously, purchasing a phone will cost you a lot, so it is always better to be careful than to waste your money on phones that may leave you frustrated.

Who should consider buying the IQOO 7?

As mentioned above, no matter what you buy, reading and learning about them beforehand is a smart move that may save you from wasting your money on average things. If you are a fan of VIVO then you should consider trying its latest launch- IQOO 7.

The reality about IQOO 7 is that it works great for gamers and students. If you are a student, even a college student, or a gamer then IQOO 7 is a good smartphone for you. It is an affordable flagship smartphone that is excellent at photography, gaming, and running heavy applications.

But if you are looking for smartphones to run serious tasks then there are better options than IQOO 7. Like, if you are an office worker who is required to multitask on smooth working phones, then it is recommended not to trust IQOO 7 for serious tasks, consider buying some other devices.

Introduction of Vivo IQOO 7

Recently, it’s like brands have stopped launching or producing completely new phones, instead, they are more interested in experimenting with the phones they have already created, and it’s not like people are not loving it, they are happy to get the sub-brands of their favorite phones.

IQOO 7 is the sub-brand of IQOO, that people have shown their appreciation dearly. Maybe that’s the reason VIvo decided to launch IQOO 7, a phone with new features and systems than its predecessor. 

Both IQOO and IQOO7 are more focused on the gaming field. Vivo has promised to bring everything that is required for a high-end gaming experience, in this phone. The company tried gaining more users with IQOO 3 and even succeeded in doing this to an extent but the phone was not flawless, some or the other thing made the users not like them that much.

But here we are talking about IQOO 7, another experiment of Vivo trying to be the best on the market and this time vivid solid working IQOO 7 with Snapdragon 800 series SoC in the lead. It has OIS for the primary rear camera, AMOLED display, and fast charging support.

Let’s find out more about Vivo IQOO 7 here

It has been more than a year since Vivo has launched its gaming tool in the form of IQOO 7. Based on the positive reviews from the users, it can be concluded that Vivo IQOO7 is going to give tough competition to other gaming phones. This phone has other outstanding features too, including the amazing gaming system. Buying this phone is not a bad idea but the final decision is personal.

Package of IQOO 7

iqoo 7 box

Just like any other regular package, IQOO 7 comes in a box that has everything important in it. The box is loaded with an IQOO 7 handset, accessories, and a booklet. Other than these the box also has a super fast 66W charger, USB cable, a nicely written manual, and a TPU case.


Vivo revealed during the launch of IQOO 7  that there are going to be three storage variants of the IQOO 7 and the prices will vary according to the type of storage variant you are buying. If you are going to buy an 8GB RAM variant then the phone will cost you around Rs.32,000. You can easily buy this from an online store or your local nearby store.

The IQOO 7 price for the 8GB+256GB variant is around Rs.34,000 but for this, the price tends to fluctuate quite often and if you want to buy the 12GB RAM variant then it will cost you around Rs. Rs.36,000. These are the designated prices for all the three storage variants which may or may not change in the future, it all depends on how well the phone is doing in the business. One thing to remember is that there is no extended warranty available with IQOO 7 smartphones.

Let’s talk about the overall look of the IQOO 7 handset

Vivo has never compromised when it comes to the designs of their phones. The proof can be seen in the IQOO first model. Everyone fell in love with the volcano orange color of the IQOO 3, and it is the same with IQOO 7 as well.

The IQOO 7  has an attractive look as well. Vivo tried giving a Solid Ice Blue color to the phone, which is actually impressive and everyone loved it.

This handset can be labeled as one of the slimmest and light phones by modern standards because it measures around 8.4mm in thickness and weighs 200 grams or sometimes even less.

The phone’s back is covered with AG matt glass which gives a standard and glossy appearance to the phone. 

One thing to remember is that the long-press action on the power button to unfold the home dashboard is not yet organized properly in IQOO 7.


The IQOO 7 display measures around 6.62-inches. Vivo has added some beautiful features to improve the overall visual experience of the users. This handset has a super smooth display rate because it is programmed to perform a higher refresh rate effectively. It has a 125 Hz refresh rate which means you can run multiple applications at the same time without facing any kind of lagging. The front display is covered with uniform bezels and a centrally positioned punch hole notch.

iqoo 7 display
Source: PhonesData

One thing users noted is that the touch screen is not very impressive. While typing and scrolling, you won’t feel that soft swiftness which other devices may have. It has 1300 nits of brightness level. One of the most attractive features is that it has HDR10+ support and 1080 pixel resolution and has DRM L1 certification. Overall, IQOO 7 looks quite appealing and is comfortable to use and carry.


IQOO 7 is equipped with a triple camera module- means it has three rear cameras. The cameras are a 48MP Sony IMX598 with OIS, a 13MP 120-degree sensor, also a 2MP mono camera. It also has a 16 MP sensor specifically designed for selfies, with LED flash. The daylight shots are commendable, the phone can capture the pictures with the finest details. Even in low-light scenes, the cameras work exceptionally well, considering its price. The camera is equipped with OIS which helps a lot with low light photography.

iqoo7 camera
Source: TradeMoneta

The camera app has included a feature of 2x zoom which might have not been installed properly because this feature slightly blurs the texts and images captured. Overall, the camera works great in proper daylight but a little improvement is needed for low light, tricky indoors, and in dark scenes that need to be captured.


All the software installed in IQOO 7 handsets is Android 11 based. One thing that might disappoint the users is that IQOO 7 comes with a lot of bloatware, which means that your notifications can clog up with useless suggestions. Apart from this, the software is okay to work with. It has a Google feed interface on the home screen which supports auto-call recording. Vivo app store has many third-party apps, which they should have uninstalled because there is no use for them. Overall, IQOO 7’s is advanced and more programmed than many other smart devices but a little improvement in software is needed.


The Vivo IQOO 7 comes with a 4400mAh battery which offers 5-6 hours of smooth screen time, this is quite disappointing because there are handsets that offer around 7 hours of screen time. But its 66W flash charging makes up for its less screen time feature. If you want full-speed charging, then the IQOO 7 will impress you with its ability to refill the battery up to 100% in just 48 minutes.

Network Connectivity

Fortunately, there are no issues with the iQOO 7’s connectivity. The download speed is impressive and supports 5G connectivity because it comes with the N78 sub-6GHz 5G band.

It can also connect easily with 5 GHz WI-Fxnetworks. The performance of its Bluetooth connectivity is impressive as well. It is noted that the files and apps get easily transferred through IQOO 7’s smooth Bluetooth connections.

Conclusion – IQOO 7 Review

If you are okay with spending around 30-40K to buy a phone, then consider buying  IQOO 7. They have an excellent and long-lasting battery and a gorgeous display but the software needs some improvement, so if you are a student or a gamer, IQOO7 is the one for you. Some critics and users have even claimed that IQOO 7 phones have proved to be better than the last two 7 series Vivo launched.

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