iPhone 12 Pro Max Review

Apple is not a name but a brand in itself. Since its launch in the electronic and mobile industry, it has increased the competition in the market. Being one of the costliest phones, the iPhone never experienced a decrease in its popularity. Being a phone, it has established itself as a luxury item that everyone dreams of getting once in a lifetime.

iPhone 12 Pro Max
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In 2005, Steve Jobs envisioned a touch screen product without a stylus. To fulfill the dream, a project named Project Purple 2 was established. From the first iPhone launched in 2007 to the iPhone 13 pro max launched in 2021, a total of 13 series and 33 models have been launched. 

There is no lie in saying that every iPhone series is a huge success. It is not just a piece of luxury to the buyers but also has quality features that other companies compete to have.

iPhone 12 pro max is one of the latest models launched by Apple. It was launched on 13th October 2020. It was launched with various eye-catching features starting from its look to wireless charging and dust and water protection. It has a screen size of 6.70-inch touch screen display, resolution of 1284*2778 pixels at a pixel density of 458 pixels per inch providing HDR display. It has a 5G network and a longer battery life. 

Now for a more basic knowledge of this model, check its feature-wise review.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Features Review 

Display and Design 

iPhone 12 pro max have a touch screen OLED display of 6.7 inches. Apple has introduced a big screen size and at the same time designed it like a jewel. Its Gold-coated steel edges with a laminated clear black with gold ring cameras enhanced the beauty of the iPhone.

This design added new dimensions to the status of Apple and created more pressure on the competitors to compete in the market. The flat display looks like a big slab of glass and metal and is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a big phone. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max design
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It won’t be wrong to say that Color tones are better and more accurate than any other phone in the market. With a refresh rate of 60Hz, iPhone pro max provides a moderate refresh rate. It comes with ceramic Shield, which has four times better drop performance.

Its dimensions are 160.8*78.1*7.4mm. This device adopts color and brightness very smoothly in different conditions.


iPhone 12 Pro Max has the most specified main camera of Apple’s new series of phones. The main camera in this model has a 26 mm equivalent f/1.6 lens in front of a 12 MP sensor. The night mode can go wide and ultra-wide and it is even better at capturing natural color in dim lights.

iPhone 12 Pro Max camera sample
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The new wide camera captures 27%more light. It also has a sensor-based optical stabilization system, first introduced by Apple in its phone. It means the sensor can move slightly on its axes to compensate for handshakes. It offers a 2.5*zoom over the main camera. It decided to go with new telephoto cameras with longer focal lengths.  LiDAR depth sensing and LED flash are present. Its camera supports Deep Fusion, Night Mode, Night Portrait, etc.


Battery being one of the main concerns of an iPhone user, the battery life of iPhone12 pro max is here to remove various concerns. It provides a 2-day 1hr battery life with a charging time of 57mins for 80% battery and 2hr 27 min full charging time.

iPhone 12 Pro Max battery life
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It has a battery capacity of 3687mAh and a 20W charger. This model does not come with a charger keeping in mind the feature of wireless charging provided in it. Buyers can easily have a hand on wireless chargers available on Apple stores both online and offline as per convenience. Options like MagSafe wireless charger are easily available and can be used. 

The iPhone has a long battery life due to considerably lower power consumption. Battery life makes it a better option for gaming, the camera uses video recording, etc.


It provides 6 GB RAM in iPhone12 pro max but has provided a huge range of storage options. With having a smaller price difference, 128GB, 256GB or 512GB can be storage options. Apple iPhone pro max doesn’t support expandable storage, it does not provide a slot for SD cards.


The latest iPhone comes with iOS 14.1 pre-installed on the phone and at the same time, it can be updated to 14.2. Compared to iOS 13 there are minor changes in iOS 14. It provides options to the user to decide on apps and widgets and other features. Cool features like hiding home screens is a step closer to the privacy of the user. 

App library is an optional feature provided for the convenience of the user and does not require to be disabled if not in use. Back tap is a new feature for shortcuts. It recognizes double tap and triple tap on the back of the phone. The system-wide dark mode is available which could be enabled through the display option in settings. 

In iPhone12 pro max, downloading large files, upload photos, and stream high-quality video is faster than competitors. It provides 4G LTE up to 2 Gbps. It has introduced a 5- nanometer chip in the industry which means more speed, power, and efficiency.

Other Features

It has waterproof and dustproof features. Thus carrying it in rain or snow will not affect much. It has Gorilla Glass at the front and back of the phone as well as a stainless steel frame to make it more reliable in preventing scratches. 

It has 2 SIM slots with 5G connectivity. It provides Wi-Fi, dual-band, and hotspot. It has stereo speakers but lacks the facility of 3.5 jacks just to make the modal more wireless and effective in Water and dust protection.

Most costly phones do not come with many color options. Proving the presumption wrong, it provides options of silver, Graphite, Gold, and Pacific blue.

iPhone 12 Pro Max other features
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Why should you buy iPhone12 Pro Max?

  • Features – The look of the iPhone12 pro max is itself a reason to buy it. No other model in the market has similarities to compete. Its look itself tells about the quality of the phone. A flat display, glass body, large screen and defining in-camera make it unique in appearance. 

Other than looks, features included like wireless charging, longer battery life, and latest iOS, ultra-wide night display, and gaming make it a preferable option in today’s world where being connected, gaming, huge online works, chasing passions are properties.

  • Price – iPhone 12 pro max 6GB RAM and 128 GB storage is available at Rs.1, 09,999.00; 6GB and 256 GB Storage is available at Rs.1, 23,405.00; 6GB and 512 GB storage is available at Rs. 1, 49,900.00 in India. If you want a luxury experience with various features, this model is for you. 


For some interested in photography, videos, filming stories, as well as a fan of iOS, this phone is a one-stop solution for them. Its battery life and gaming qualities can also be a great advantage for gamers who want to have a great gaming experience. 

If you are looking for the same features in lower budget options like iPhone 12 pro, iPhone 12 mini can be an option too. But spending a little more can give a bunch of extra features which will be worth having. Thus iPhone 12 pro max can be a great deal.

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