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HyperX Cloud II Review

8.2 Total Score
HyperX Cloud II Review

The Kingston HyperX Cloud II is one of the most stylish gaming headsets that doubles as an unassuming pair of good-sounding over-ear headphones.

Noise handling
  • Best Comfort
  • Stylish & Lightweight Design
  • Solid build quality
  • Includes both pleather and plush ear covers
  • Works with PCs and Mobile
  • virtual 7.1 sound not effective
  • No software
  • No detachable cable
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HyperX Cloud II vs HyperX Cloud Flight

The HyperX Cloud II and therefore, the HyperX Cloud Flight are both decent gaming headset reveals in the review, but their main difference is that Cloud II is wired while the Cloud Flight is wireless.

The Cloud Flight have a well-balanced sound profile, and dedicated customization software, though it doesn’t offer many options. On the other hand, the Cloud II feel a touch better-built, because of their metal frame, and are a touch easier during long gaming marathons.

SpecsHyperX Cloud IIHyperX Cloud Flight
Weight0.7 lbs0.6 lbs
Low-Frequency Response15.2 Hz10 Hz
AppNo SupportHyperX Ngenuity
USB AudioAnalog to USB AdapterNo
Xbox One AnalogAudio + MicrophoneAudio Only

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HyperX Cloud II Features Review


The HyperX Cloud II gaming headset comes in two parts: the headset itself and therefore, the USB sound card module. The gaming headset is on a comparatively short cable that measures just over three feet and ends at a 3.5mm plug. The USB sound card features a cable that’s twice as long and ends during a USB plug. Both cables are covered with a braided cloth for cover and to stop tangles.

HyperX Cloud II design
source: youtube.com

It’s well-built, attractive, and understated. The headset comes in three color – gunmetal-and-black or red-and-black versions; the white-and-pink version.

It is a set of over-ear headphones with a detachable boom mic on the left earcup. The headset comes with a little rubber plug to cover the opening once you detach the boom mic.

The Cloud II’s microphone extends a generous 6 inches and features a highly flexible coil and an outsized foam tip. The mic quality is overall good.

The ear cups themselves swivel back and forth, and sport slick, metal-brushed exteriors, while the highest of the band packs an attractively embroidered HyperX logo.

The Cloud II’s included USB dongle sports controls for chat volume, game volume, toggling 7.1 surround sound, and muting the microphone, also as a clip for attaching it to your clothing.

If you would like to use the headset on a PS4, Xbox One (adapter required), or mobile device, you’ll simply forgo the dongle and plug the Cloud II’s 3.5mm jack into your gadget of choice.

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The HyperX Cloud II could be the foremost comfortable headset you’ll ever wear. Because of its feathery 11-ounce construction and memory-foam ear cups and headband. I never got the urge to remove the headset over two days of frequent use.

If the texture of leatherette on your ears isn’t your thing, you’ll swap the default ear-cup covers for a pair of included, similarly cozy plush ones. I personally preferred the leatherlike covers, but Kingston’s decision to offer gamers an option may be a great touch.

HyperX Cloud II comfort
Source – IGN 

Gaming Performance

The HyperX Cloud II’s audio output was impressive but not as well-rounded as I hoped it might be. Overall, Cloud II proved to be an apt competitive companion in Titanfall. It had been easy to work out where enemy gunfire was coming from, and each burst of my rifle provided a satisfying rattle.

Turning on Cloud II’s virtual 7.1 surround sound didn’t convince be a game-changer, but it definitely made a difference. Unfortunately, aside from the quantity and surround-sound controls built into the Cloud II’s dongle, you’ve got little control over how the headset performs for every game. There is no software to accompany the peripheral, so you will not be ready to create sound profiles.

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You can use the headset on its own with any device with a 3.5mm output, just like the PS4 controller port or the Xbox One’s headset adapter, except for PC use, you should use the USB sound card adapter. It is a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and surround-capable sound card and handles all audio processing itself instead of counting on your on-board audio.

Without the adapter, the Cloud II may be a stereo headset. This is often far more flexible than the Plantronics Rig Surround, which also offers both USB and 3.5mm audio connections, but requires USB power and a comparatively bulky remote device designed more for desktop use than hanging from your shirt.

HyperX Cloud II Specs 

Model NameCloud II
Release Year2015
Weight235 grams
Product Dimensions11 x 11x 9 cm
Accessories IncludedHyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset for PC, Xbox One setup, PS4 – Gun Metal (KHX-HSCP-GM)
Connector TypeWired
Warranty HyperX Cloud II has no warranty.


According to the review, the HyperX Cloud II headset is decent for gaming. They offer low latency, wired, USB connection, a reasonably well-balanced audio reproduction, and an excellent noise filtering mic.

If you would like a good-sounding gaming headset for less than the price of $110, then HyperX Cloud II is one among the foremost comfortable, stylish options you’ll buy.

The headset’s virtual 7.1 surround-sound capabilities do an admirable job of highlighting your games’ more subtle sounds, and its lightweight design makes it a comfortable companion for marathon play sessions.

If you want to travel wireless for the same price, you would possibly want to see out the Logitech G930, which offers all of the personalization options you’ll want. however, Their wired design and low latency make them suitable for gaming and watching movies.

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