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HyperX Cloud Alpha S Review

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HyperX Cloud Alpha S Review

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is a great gaming headset that builds upon the sound quality of Cloud Alpha, and if you're gaming on PC this can offer a better experience than just about anything else for the price.

  • Great Sound
  • Works on various platforms
  • Durable aluminum design
  • Comfort fit
  • Mic quality
  • Less accurate than the normal Cloud Alpha
  • Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound not impactful
  • No in line controls for console gaming
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HyperX Cloud Alpha S vs HyperX Cloud Alpha

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is that the next generation of the HyperX Cloud Alpha and also Alpha S is slightly better as per the review. Although they appear very similar and have the same excellent build quality, during this newest update, the Cloud Alpha S now has a separate USB dongle for audio management. You can also play them with a PC or PS4 employing a wired USB connection.

Their detachable boom microphone performs slightly better, capturing clear voices, even in loud environments. They even have a singular bass slider on each ear cup in order that you can set the level of bass as you play and they’ve added a 7.1 surround sound feature to assist immerse you in your gameplay.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S build quality
Source – HyperX

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SpecsHyperX Cloud Alpha SHyperX Cloud Alpha
SpecsHyperX Cloud Alpha SHyperX Cloud Alpha
Weight0.71 lbs0.7 lbs
Low-Frequency Response22.13 Hz10 Hz
USB AudioUSB Type-ANo
App SupportHyperX NgenuityNo App
Battery TypeNo Battery No Battery

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Features Review


The HyperX Cloud Alpha S builds upon the previous iterations within the HyperX range of gaming headsets. The headset has large, Y-shaped metal arms that connect each oval earcup to the headband.

The headset is available in black with blue and blackout colors. The earpads are made from the exact same soft foam and leatherette we loved before.

Velour earpads would’ve been a far better choice for gamers with glasses, but you should still be ready to get a reasonably solid seal with the extra fabric ones included—at least they’re softer than leatherette. Overall, this is often even as sturdy and cozy headset because of the original Cloud Alpha. 

This is far more of a PC-focused headset than the first Cloud Alpha. The earcups each feature a three-way sliding turn on the rear edge, letting you set what proportion bass the headset delivers by exposing one or two small bass radiators.

The rock bottom of the left earcup also holds the connectors for the detachable boom mic and therefore the 3.5mm headset cable. The headset includes a USB adapter with an audio control unit. There are buttons here for turning on the included 7.1 virtual surround sound and managing game and chat audio.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S also features vents along the rock bottom of both headphones meant to permit bass adjustment, almost like those found on the Beyerdynamic Custom Game.

Cloud Alpha S design
Source – MercuryNews


The wired Cloud Alpha S can work with any latest game console through its fabric-wrapped, three-foot headset cable. The large appeal of the Cloud Alpha S is that the included USB external surround sound card mounted on a 6.6-foot fabric-wrapped cable to supply simulated wired 7.1-channel surround sound to the headset.

The sound card is nearly all cable, with a USB plug on one end and a little, rectangular remote on the opposite. The remote holds the audio processing electronics, alongside an outsized button that lights up with 7.1 when the simulated surround is enabled. The sound card features a short clip on the rear if you would like to stay it on your collar or attached to a pocket while you play.

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HyperX Cloud Alpha S Sound

My Review reveals that there are tons of variables to think about when deciding how the HyperX Cloud Alpha S sounds. The configuration of the bass vents pretty dramatically alters the response within the low end.

The bass switches on the Cloud Alpha S can produce a rather more powerful sense of sub-bass response, but not enough to rattle your head regardless of what setting you employ. When the vents are all the way closed, bass output drops by up to 15dB at some points one-sixth the loudness.

On top of that, while most of the time enabling surround sound doesn’t meaningfully change the frequency response, here it increases mid and high range output almost across the board. Also if you don’t have the Ngenuity app installed, just press the button, the USB adapter changes things very noticeably.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is at its most accurate with the vents open, and therefore the surround sound button pressed. There are some minor dips here and there, but the headset offers pretty accurate output within the bass, mid, and high range.

If you’re playing on PC, basically you usually have the surround sound button pressed, whether you’re attached to Ngenuity or not. And if you’re playing on console, pressing the surround button isn’t an option. Meaning you’ll need to accept slightly over-emphasized bass, mild de-emphasis within the mids, and pretty severe de-emphasis within the high range.

The isolation of the HyperX Cloud Alpha S may be a little tricky to assess also. If you’re just going for the foremost isolation, you’ll get, but keeping the bass vents closed is your best best bet.

In fact, with the vents closed the Cloud Alpha S achieves pretty solid isolation for a gaming headset—nothing approaching active noise canceling, but enough to dam out a number of the standard sounds of the house.

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Microphone Quality

The Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha S gaming headset mic is extremely good. You will listen to your voice clearly. It sounds clean, though it can get slightly sibilant if you retain it too on the brink of your mouth, even with the wind filter.

It works, and even the Cloud Alpha’s microphone and will satisfy most elementary needs for voice chat and calls. However, if you’re serious about recording or streaming, you ought to consider a fanatical USB microphone.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S sound quality
Source – Soundguys

Gaming with the HyperX Cloud Alpha S 

The gaming experience of the HyperX Cloud Alpha S is pretty solid. Playing games like Overwatch and Dauntless on PC, the surround sound feature worked nicely. However, the experience on the console was marred by the shortage of comparable features with the PC. 

Not having to surround sound on the console maybe a little bit of a letdown, but the headset’s stereo performance is nice that it is not a big deal—it’s not the foremost glaring issue with using the headset on a console, at least.

The first HyperX Cloud Alpha sported an in-line control unit for muting the microphone and adjusting the quantity, and the same does the Cloud Alpha S. But now that those controls are a part of the USB adapter, there are not any in-line controls available while you’re gaming on a console.

If you’re gaming on an Xbox One or Ps4, you’ve got to regulate the quantity within the consoles respective devices menus, which is frankly very inconvenient.

While most of the experience of employing a headset is simply as great because the original Cloud Alpha, this one change makes the HyperX Cloud Alpha S far less convenient an option for console gaming.

Cloud Alpha S for gaming
Source – Soundguys

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Specs

Model NameCloud Alpha S
Release Date23 March 2020
Weight310 grams
Product Dimensions13.49 x 9.22 x 19.91 cm
Connector TypeWired
Accessories IncludedIt includes a detachable microphone, a USB adapter, and extra fabric earpads, along with an assortment of flyers and manuals.
WarrantyHyperX Cloud Alpha S comes with 2 year warranty.


According to the review, HyperX Cloud Alpha S is a very solid gaming headset. It’s very comfortable, it sounds excellent, offers good isolation, and works across tons of platforms—but it doesn’t always do those things to an equivalent degree. 

At the same price, the Logitech G Pro X also offers a simulated surround experience with better high-end finesse and a microphone-equipped with extensive customization options because of Blue Microphones. If you would like to spend a touch less, the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition offers surround sound and powerful bass for $100, as does the wireless Razer Nari Essential. 

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is good for wired gaming. They are comfortable enough for long gaming sessions, and their wired connection virtually eliminates worries of lag. They need a singular bass slider for every ear cup, allowing you to regulate each ear independently, which may help immerse you in your gameplay. The remainder of their audio controls is found on a detachable USB dongle.


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