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HyperX Cloud Alpha Review

8.8 Total Score
HyperX Cloud Alpha Review

HyperX Cloud Alpha one of the great gaming headset in the market. The combination of excellent sound and amazing durability makes for a killer combination.

Sound Quality
Build Quality
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Durability
  • Isolation
  • Great Inline controls
  • Not very portable
  • Lack of extra features
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HyperX Cloud Alpha vs HyperX Cloud Alpha S

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is that the next generation of the HyperX Cloud Alpha and also HyperX Cloud Alpha S is slightly better reveals in my review. Although they appear very similar and have the same excellent build quality, during this newest update, the HyperX Cloud Alpha S now has a separate USB dongle for audio management. You can also play them with a PC or PS4 employing a wired USB connection.

Their detachable boom microphone performs slightly better, capturing clear voices, even in loud environments. They even have a singular bass slider on each ear cup in order that you can set the level of bass as you play and they’ve added a 7.1 surround sound feature to assist immerse you in your gameplay.

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SpecsHyperX Cloud Alpha HyperX Cloud Alpha S
Weight0.7 lbs0.71 lbs
Low-Frequency Extensions10 Hz22.13 Hz
USB AudioNoUSB Type-A
App SupportNo AppHyperX Ngenuity
Battery TypeNo BatteryNo Battery

HyperX Cloud Alpha vs HyperX Cloud 2

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is a little better than the HyperX Cloud 2. The Cloud 2 and therefore the Cloud Alpha has the same design with a detachable boom mic so you can use them casually for day-to-day use, though the mic on the Cloud 2 performs slightly better overall. They also accompany a rather more versatile USB DAC with additional microphone control, but it doesn’t add much since they do not accompany good support software. While both pairs of headphones look and feel very similar, the detachable audio cable on the Cloud Alpha makes them feel slightly more durable, because it can easily get replaced. They even have a rather better-balanced sound profile.

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SpecsHyperX Cloud AlphaHyperX Cloud 2
Weight0.7 lbs0.7 lbs
Low-Frequency Extension10 Hz15.2 Hz
USB AudioAnalog to USB AdaptorNo
Battery TypeNoNo
Connection TypeUSB Wired

HyperX Cloud Alpha Features Review


Keeping in mind, the HyperX Cloud Alpha was designed durable and luxurious. The HyperX Cloud Alpha are available two-color Red & Gold. The band and forks are solid metal, and robust joints or thick padding protect every movable a part of the headset. The earcups themselves are made from a thick plastic encircling a metal backing, and that they use an excellent thick earpad to seal to your head.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset is perhaps one among the foremost durable headsets on the market. Super deep leatherette ear pads leave extreme comfort, great isolation. Since the froth is fairly dense, your ears will get hot after a few hours of play.

This gaming headset is pretty straightforward. The HyperX Cloud Alpha can hook up with anything with a 3.5mm headphone jack — computers, console controllers, and even smartphones that also have the port. It features inline controls for muting the microphone and adjusting headphone volume.

The power to mute the mic when your relations or roommates enter the space is great for avoiding the embarrassment of your Discord server hearing your home life, too. HyperX doesn’t include anything apart from the 3.5mm cable, so no USB connectivity here. For that, you’ll be got to get the HyperX Cloud Alpha S.

Sound Quality

The HyperX Cloud Alpha sound quality is great and provides specialized isolation from around the world. It’s cheaper than most high-end gaming headsets, but it sure gives them a run their money. The frequency response of this headset doesn’t distort the audio sent by your console or computer that much, meaning the sound is going to be very almost like how it had been originally mixed.

This suggests bass isn’t over-emphasized, so in-game noises just like the rumble of an explosion won’t make noise sound they’re not alleged to. Many gaming headsets boost the bass to actually cause you to feel every low note and boom, but most video games are pretty much balanced from an audio perspective.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha also offers much better audio isolation than most gaming headsets, due in no small part to the headset’s ample ear pads. There’s nothing here approaching active noise canceling, but the sorts of sounds you’d hear reception, sort of a TV blaring within the other room or a phone ringing, shouldn’t offer much distraction.

HyperX Cloud Alpha sound quality
Source – TechPowerUp

HyperX Cloud Alpha Mic Quality

The HyperX Cloud Alpha microphone is not working clearly, it may be a little wonky, but otherwise, it’s intelligently-tailored to the stress of voice chat. If you’ve got a really deep voice, you’ll find that it causes you to sound a touch different over voice clients like Discord.

However, the overwhelming majority of individuals won’t have equivalent problems that I had with it. Also, this is often a few podcasting microphones. We’ve gone over its accuracy, but the HyperX Cloud Alpha’s mic struggles to realize the clarity and output volume. I suggest employing a USB mic or gaming mic in tandem together with your headset rather than just this one. If you’re only using Discord: this is often quite ok.

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Should you buy the HyperX Cloud Alpha?

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is perhaps one among the foremost Platonically-ideal gaming headsets lately, because it offers an honest mixture of high durability, good sound quality. At this price, you’re getting to have a troublesome time finding a headset that sounds better than the HyperX Cloud Alpha. If you are looking for an incredible microphone, then there are better options out there, like the Audio-Technica ATH-G1 or the Logitech G Pro X. aside from that, this is often just about the platonic ideal for gaming headphones.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Mic Quality
Source – GamingHeadset

HyperX Cloud Alpha Specs

Model NameCloud Alpha
Release Date25 September 2017
Colour AvailableRed, Gold
Weight340 grams
Product Dimensions23.37 x 20.96 x 11.81 cm
Connector TypeWired
Hardware Interface3.5 mm


According to the HyperX Cloud Alpha review, these are good wired gaming headphones. Their microphone features a good recording quality and does an excellent job of separating your voice from ground noise. They appear very almost like the HyperX Cloud 2, and they are even as comfortable with well-padded ear cups and a versatile headband that may not be as tight on the top. They appear and feel very well-built, and have a detachable mic so you’ll use them as your day-to-day headphones also. In the budget of $150, you won’t find a better sounding stereo gaming headset.

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