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HP vs Lenovo Laptops: Which is the best brand in 2022?

Looking at HP vs Lenovo Laptops, both are two of the best-known computer companies in the world. These two giant brands lead the laptop market with their great design, performance, features, and prices.

Both of them offer high-quality products but one question remains: Which is the best?

Let’s take a look at their laptops to see which brand makes the best products!

HP vs Lenovo Laptops: Which is the best brand in 2022?

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational information technology company headquartered in Beijing. HP, on the other hand, is an American multinational information technology corporation based in Palo Alto, California. HP is the world’s largest personal computer manufacturer and a leading provider of inkjet-printer supplies.

Both HP and Lenovo are competing in the same market against each other. HP sells laptops/notebooks, tablets, desktops, workstations, servers, storage, networking, software, and peripherals whereas Lenovo sells laptops/notebooks, desktops, servers, tablets, and cell phones.

HP is a huge brand with HP printers, HP ink cartridges, and HP notebooks being used widely because of their high quality. Lenovo is also an established brand in the True Market of companies.

HP Spectre Series

hp spectre x360

The first laptop is the new HP Spectre. It is very thin, measuring only 10 mm thick, and has a carbon-fibre finish for more style. This ultrabook weighs 1.25 kg so it’s not too heavy even if it looks lightest than other laptops on this list. Its full-size keyboard ensures a great typing experience and a very bright 15.6″ laptop is perfect for work or entertainment.

The HP Spectre’s long battery life is another advantage to consider, not many ultrabooks can last up to 13.5 hours on one charge.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9

lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9

Another great laptop from Lenovo is the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 model. This laptop has great features like the extended battery life of up to 16 hours, a high definition display, and an impressive 11th generation Intel Core processor.

Fans of Lenovo will be happy to know that this ultrabook is even lighter than the HP Spectre at only 1.08 kg! Its carbon-fibre finish makes it look sturdy and very stylish.

What really makes the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is its performance with a faster booting speed and an extended battery life. Lenovo always delivers when it comes to technology and they didn’t disappoint this time!

HP vs Lenovo – Detailed Comparison?

HP vs Lenovo – A Detailed Look. Both companies are strong in different areas so let’s look at them one by one:


Right now it is true that Lenovo laptops are generally much cheaper than HP’s. For example, the latest IdeaPad Slim 3i Chromebook start from around $330 but is compared to HP Pavilion 15.6 $429. However, this gap is closing as we speak and by 2022, there could be no difference in pricing.

So, this was the battle between Lenovo vs HP laptops. Even though both of these brands are top-notch, it is HP that comes out on top because of its wide range of products and better performance in almost all areas.


Lenovo laptops are preferred due to their rich pre-installed software which includes Lenovo Companion, SHAREit, and REACHit to name a few. So if you own a Lenovo laptop, you do get to enjoy some nice perks like a free anti-virus for 6 months or 1TB of cloud storage space whereas HP does not provide such offers.


The bottom line is that support for HP is much better than Lenovo laptops on the whole. If your laptop breaks down, it doesn’t matter if it is an HP or a Lenovo, you can get it fixed on the spot at many local computer stores. However, this is not the case with Lenovo. If you experience any issues, it is a hassle to get it serviced especially if you are abroad or at a remote location. So, this is a major downer for Lenovo and is a major reason why people prefer HP computers.


Lenovo has been criticized in the past for the poor construction of their laptops and this year is no different. People have complained about problems like loose keys, flickering screens, and keyboard issues more often than not with Lenovo notebooks whereas HP’s laptops are sturdier and can endure a good amount of rough use.


The quality of both brands does not differ much but HP wins this round as it has a much better performance and durability ratio. The Lenovo products look good but the quality is not there and they seem to falter after a few months of use. HP laptops, on the other hand, are less likely to malfunction due to issues like overheating which leads to an overall more positive customer experience.


Lenovo has some very light and thin laptops available in its portfolio that are very easy on the eye. They score over HP by miles here as their premium range of Z-series laptops comes with some really nice designs which set them apart.

On the other hand, HP’s Pavilion series is not particularly a head turner but it is more durable and does not look like a budget laptop. So you can pick your poison here.


If you are into music, photos, or videos, Lenovo laptops are the ones for you. These products offer far greater performance than HP laptops which happen to be on the average side in comparison. But if speed is not your primary requirement, HP’s laptops are slightly better as they utilize the latest Windows 11 operating system to maximum effect.


The Lenovo YOGA 900 series has an impressive 16GB of RAM which is a massive upgrade over the 8GB offered by most HP models. So if you have a lot of applications open or do a lot of video editing, Lenovo is the clear winner as their laptops will not disappoint you with slowness or any other form of bottlenecking.


Lenovo laptops have been known to have problems with internal storage and they continue to be patchy in this department as well. They do offer a large number of models which come with one or more hard drives but they are not on the same level as HP laptops. HP offers very good storage, be it in the form of 7200rpm internal storage or even an SSD (Solid State Drive) to speed up your laptop significantly.


If you like playing games, Lenovo is the clear winner as their laptops come with upgraded Nvidia Geforce graphics and RAM which give them a massive performance boost. Although HP offers very good hardware, they fall short of Lenovo’s strong points so you should avoid it if gaming laptops is your primary concern.


This round goes to HP as the Pavilion series has the edge over Lenovo here. Their laptops provide quality battery backup like no other and can last for almost 8 hours on average use saving you from any unnecessary hassle.


Lenovo’s track record in terms of their after-sales support is quite poor considering that most people who own one will experience some kind of issue at least once in 2-3 years of normal use whereas this ratio drops to less than 5% in the case of HP laptops.

Customer reviews

When it comes to customer reviews, Lenovo does not do well in comparison to HP. The number of one-star reviews for their products is much higher than HP which could be because they are very difficult to maintain and come with many hardware issues that could drive even the most patient person up the wall.


Lenovo laptops are ergonomically designed, have an impressive hardware configuration, and look pretty decent with their sleek designs. But HP laptops provide better performance at a lower price which makes it the better choice, especially for students or people who need to use their laptop for work purposes.

Lenovo are known for their exceptional performance but they are priced much higher than HP models which do not have the same level of quality. So, if you want a more balanced experience without spending too much money, go for HP Probook laptops as they come with many different options and offer very good value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions – HP vs Lenovo Laptops

Is Hp better than Lenovo?

HP laptops provide a better performance in almost all areas and HP gets the edge over Lenovo by quite a margin. Also, HP offers more range of laptops than Lenovo and they provide quality support to their products, unlike Lenovo. HP laptops are a complete package and you should go for HP over Lenovo if you want better value for your money.

Is Hp and Lenovo the same Company?

HP and Lenovo are both known for their durable laptops and HP even manages to maintain a lead over them because of HP’s continuous efforts towards technology development HP laptops come with many impressive features and HP is the obvious choice if you want a quality laptop.

Is HP or Lenovo better for gaming?

HP laptops come with upgraded graphics and RAM, which give them a massive performance boost.
HP laptops are known for their exceptional performance but they are priced much higher than Lenovo models which don’t have the same level of performance. So, if you want a more balanced experience without spending too much money, go for HP laptops as they come with many different options and offer very good value for your money. HP laptops provide a better performance in almost all areas and HP gets the edge over Lenovo by quite a margin.

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