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How to use headphones as a microphone [Easy Guide]

Have you ever wondered how a headphone can work as a mic? Curious to know how? Let’s discuss this in detail.

The headphones and mic are similar in construction. Both have a diaphragm and they can deal with sound in different ways through how they utilize the sound vibrations.

A microphone is one that takes the vibrations from an input source and captures them to be recorded. Headphones are the one that vibrates the diaphragm to make a sound to be heard by a listener. Hence a headphone can be converted into a mic if you know how to make it work.

How to make your headphones as a mic?

From your PC, plug your headphones on the mic input slot. Then open your computer preferences and then tap on “manage audio devices”. Tap the recording tab and tap twice or blow into your headphones to see if it picks up the input. 

Once it picks the sound input, then you are all set to go. You can make your headphone “mic” as a default for your device and now you can be able to use your headphones as a mic.

Sound optimization

Clearly, the headphones and mics are designed to do their respective work. A headphone can’t be an ideal microphone. To get the best experience, you have to adjust the volume and some EQ settings. For adjusting the input Volume, tap “Sound” on your control panel. Then give your mic a volume boost. Note that if you overdo at this place, you may get clipping and sound leakage. 

Based on the computer and your programs, there is a possibility for you to add a high pass filter to cut down some low-frequency humming that may arise due to the way that the headphones are made. If possible cut down all low frequencies and power up the high. This will provide you with the best sound experience with headphones.

Closing the screen

From the above-detailed information, we can conclude that the headphones can be converted to a makeshift mic, but we can’t get high-quality audio. With this mic, you can able to make Skype calls, announcements, and a low-quality recordings.

Have you ever used your headphones as a microphone? Tell us about the interesting experience you had in the comment section.

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