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How to Pair SkullCandy Wireless Headphones to Android, iPhone & Windows

Pairing your brand new Skullcandy Wireless Headphones with your Bluetooth device seems to be clumsy work at first, but with simple learning and proper help you can fix it easily. 

Know Your Headphone First

Before connecting your headphones first know what the buttons on the sides are. The power button, plus button, and the minus button have specific usage. Particularly the Power button, it plays the role of specific modes, including Bluetooth. For every model of headphones, the owner’s instructions will help you along with the steps and codes. Now turn on your headphones and continue below.

Make Bluetooth settings as Visible

Make Bluetooth settings as Visible
Source: gsmarena

Take your mobile or laptop and go to the Bluetooth settings and make it visible to all devices. The reason behind this is, if your device is not visible to nearby devices your Skullcandy device won’t locate your device on its own Bluetooth system. Your headphones would be visible on your device’s list if your headphones are on.

How to connect different devices to headphones

Android phones

Since it is an Android phone things are going to be more simple. Simply go to the settings and then Bluetooth settings. Make sure that it is Visible to other devices. Click on the search for devices and find your headphones on the list. Click on it to get connected.

Apple iPhone/Mac IOS

If you are trying to connect your headphones to the Apple devices using macOS, navigate to the Apple menu, and then choose “System Preferences” and tap on Bluetooth. Your headphones would already present on the list. Tap and connect it with your device.

Windows laptops

You should be able to see the Bluetooth icon on the taskbar of your Windows 10 laptops. If you are not able to locate it turn it on at the settings menu. 

To keep your Bluetooth on, slide the slider icon to, “On”. In the event that you would prefer to utilize the taskbar, click on the up bolt on the taskbar to get to the Bluetooth symbol. Snap on it and ensure the PC is set to be seen by your earphones. If it doesn’t connect automatically move to the next step.

Confirm Bluetooth Pairing

All SkullCandy headphones have a feature of confirming that they have been paired with a Bluetooth device. You can hear a beep. Have you noticed the LED blinking once you turn on your headphones? It doesn’t mean a problem. After a successful connection, it stops blinking. If this is not happening, try again.

How to reset SkullCandy Wireless Headphones?

There may be a need of restarting your headphones and starting from the first. If your owner’s manual is not with you, resetting your headphones would vary slightly from model to model. In general, to reset your headphones, first, turn the headphones off and start holding down the volume up and down buttons at the same time. This will produce a double beep. If you hear these beeps, your headphones have been reset.

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