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How to Pair Jaybird Headphones [Easy Guide]

Jaybird Headphones are popular among athletes. Don’t know how to pair your Jaybird Headphones? We are here to help you with the following two methods, which would definitely work for almost all models of the Jaybird headphones

You may buy a new pair of headphones, or you may have the troubleshooting issues like how to fix the Bluetooth lag. However, we will help you to fix your headphones. 

Install the Jaybird headphones app

Pairing your Jaybird headphones to your android, PC or other devices includes two methods. The first method is to install the Jaybird app. It allows you to connect your headphones and control volume limits and EQ settings.

Manual Connecting

You can pair your Jaybird headphones to any devices if you don’t want to pair your headphones to your phone. Turn your headphones off and then power on keeping the button pressed for 3-4 seconds.

After this headphone’s LED indicator light will start to flash red and green, indicating that Jaybird headphone is ready to pair.

Go to settings on the device in which you want to pair your Jaybird headphones. In settings make your device Visible to all other devices. Then find the Jaybird headphones on the list and select to pair.

Still, having any issues in pairing your Jaybird headphones? Let us know by commenting on the section below.

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