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How To Make Your Headphones Louder on Android & iOS [Troubleshooting Tips]

Relaxing with music after a rush busy day would be the best and preferred one. Wait…! Your headphones are not louder anymore, nothing worse than hearing annoying noises while relaxing with music.

Well, you can’t tear your eardrums with the solutions listed below.

Disclaimer: Hearing loud music will affect your eardrums!

From this post, you can find the troubleshooting methods to make your headphones louder than before. Let’s start with the basics.

1. Adjust The Playback Settings

Contingent upon the gadget you’re playing sound on, you might have the option to play with your maximum volume settings to build the volume yield of your gadget. The reason behind the low volume outputs is because of some basic configurations that cover the volume limit.

Here is the solution to solve this on iPhone and Android devices.

For iPhone:

Apple iOS logo
  • Go to main settings and select Music.
  • Scroll down and select the Playback option.
  • Select Volume limit option. Here you can adjust your max volume settings.

This would be a good solution if your settings are covering the volume outputs.

For Android:

android logo
  • Go to settings.
  • Select Sounds and then Volume.

Here you can see the different levels of sounds. You have to change the level for media in order to increase the volume yield.

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2. Try Using a Headphone Amplifier

If you find your headphones still deliver low volume after trying the first settings then it could be an issue due to the power output of your headphones.

Every headphone is a speaker and all the speakers need an amplifier. Space can be a limiting factor in small headphones. The smaller the amp, the lower would be the volume output.

Your volume and sound outputs will be limited if your headphones are underpowered. At a Max volume, you will hear distortion and your headphones won’t deliver a loud noise as you expected. Standalone headphones will help in this.

It is true that buying brand new headphones is better than adding an external device. We are just giving you the possibilities here.

Well, you can ask, Will these amps work in all cases?

The answer is No.

It won’t work in all conditions. This will work for over-ear headphones having high quality. If you have over-ear headphones and are willing to go for an amp, you have to check your headphone’s impedance.

Headphones with a huge impedance like over 300 ohms, will need a small boost to move the drivers. You can find this in the latest trending headphones like planar magnetic headphones. If your headphones are efficient about 20-30 ohms then this amp won’t help a lot.

3. Try a  Volume Increase Application or Adjust the EQ Settings

If you are able to download apps then we will suggest you about finding the best among many. This will definitely help you to get fixed low-volume headphones.

Have a deep look at the ratings and the reviews listed and select the best one. As it keeps on changing we are not going to recommend any single application as everything will have the same functions.

You may have to consider the EQ settings on your device. Sometimes the settings may get “Optimized” so you won’t get the preferred output. Take a look at the settings until you get something you like.

4. Get A Pair of Sound Isolation Headphones

We are not pushing you to buy any new pair of headphones. But in case you’re working with an awful pair of earphones, it doesn’t make a difference the amount you mess with the settings, you’re actually going to have a bad pair of earphones.

Pair of sound isolation headphones would be the ideal solution if you want to throw up your messy headphones. With these sorts of earphones, you don’t need to tune in as such high volumes to get a similar vivid listening experience.

You are not exposed to the risk of losing your eardrums as there is no need to grow up the volume to get a satisfying experience.


Headphones with low-volume outputs are the trending one on the emails we receive. Hence we made a post on this topic “How to make your headphones louder

Let us know how this solution fixed your problem in the comment section.



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