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HostGator Managed WordPress Hosting Review 2022 – Is it worth buying?

7.8Expert Score
HostGator Managed WordPress Hosting Review 2022

HostGator is a well-known web hosting service. HostGator has multiple plans to choose from and here, we are going to give you the complete details and our overall experience on this HostGator WordPress Hosting Review.

  • Great customer services with 24/7 staff availability and they are only tentative when it comes to WordPress.
  • You can easily handle your traffic spikes without upgrading to a more expensive plan, with the temporary scaling options
  • Easy site migration
  • A global CDN and a free SSL certificate are included in all plans
  • Fast load time
  • The managed WordPress hosting plans are just fair on advanced WordPress-specific features

WordPress Vs Cloud Hosting HostGator Plans

In the HostGator review, we focus on the WordPress-specific cloud hosting plans. If you select another plan, your efficiency would vary. To be honest, the overall performance of HostGator is just fair with our HostGator WordPress Hosting review. Look at the results we got from our survey.

  • A score of about 3.7 / 5. We placed this hosting at a third position from last among nine hosts.
  • About 74% of the users reported their interest to renew their subscriptions.
  • An overall rating of about 2.4 / 5  in WordPress optimization.
  • An overall rating of 3 / 5 concerning knowledge of the CMS.

It’s the time to see how they perform when limiting our rating to their WordPress cloud hosting.

HostGator Managed WordPress Hosting Review – Specific Features

This HostGator WordPress hosting is a managed hosting service. This should have many WordPress-specific features. Below are the things that we found on them.

  • Free WordPress migration service included in all plans.
  • Access to several WordPress themes from the MOJO marketplace.
  • Auto-backup and single-click site restore options.
  • Free shared Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates.

You will get some limited freebies with HostGator to make a good deal for their forthcoming customers. Though, their WordPress-specific features are a bit on the light side. But, HostGator is one of the cheapest Managed WordPress hosts available. However, it fails in providing advanced features.

Customer Support

Next, we have tested the customer support in our HostGator WordPress Hosting Review. Their customer service is good and you can get in touch with their staff through chat, phone, direct mail, and even fax.

They are providing their customer services for 24/7. We made a test on their customer service, in our first attempt, we waited for about six minutes. Then on our second attempt, they made us wait for about ten minutes. However, their answers are somewhat tentative when it comes to WordPress, but most of their answers are engaging.

HostGator WordPress Hosting Review


HostGator claims to give up to 2.5x faster speeds on their WordPress cloud hosting. This is fast when compared with other competitors in web hosting. This is because of their low-density servers and custom Content Delivery Networks (CDN) solutions. In addition to this, you can also scale your cloud settings to manage your sudden traffic spikes in a single click.

Even this HostGator is one of the best hosting companies, they have their data centers only in two locations,

  • Houston, TX.
  • Provo, UT.

No one can believe these speed claims without testing. So, we also made a test on their speed on our HostGator WordPress Hosting review. Have a look at them.

Page Speed Test on Pingdom

For testing their speed for our HostGator WordPress Hosting review, we used a new WordPress installation and tested this with three different Pingdom servers. The results are found to be,

  • Melbourne: 1.72 seconds.
  • New York: 0.75 seconds.
  • Stockholm: 1.39 seconds.

This result suggests that there is a major difference in their loading times, depending on the geographic location of where the site is accessed. Now, it is time to test the complicated part. 

HostGator WordPress Hosting Review 2021

Basic load testing with Load Impact

Load Impact will test the websites by simulating 25 or 50 equal links within five minutes. This function helps us to verify how a site operates under pressure.

We used the fresh site, which we used for the Pingdom test for this test too, and found the results as, 

  • Load generator: Ashburn, US.
  • Test server: Ashburn, US.
  • Minimum response time: 0.46 seconds.
  • Maximum response time: 0.71 seconds.
Hostgator Basic load testing with Load Impact

The results are good and these are some of the best load times. Usually, they are not seen in other web hosts. These results are obtained from the stress test. Thus, we can conclude that the difference in the loading time is just because of the geographical location and not because of the inconsistent server performance.


We have already stated that HostGator is one of the web hosts offering the cheapest options for Managed WordPress Hosting. They have three plans:-

Hostgator Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

Starter ($5.95 per month)

This is the basic plan of HostGator WordPress hosting. In this, you can host a single website with a monthly visit to 25,000. This is suitable for beginners and small service websites.

Standard ($7.95 per month)

You can host up to two websites with this plan. It supports about 200,000 combined visits per month. This is suitable for modest service sites and small e-commerce platforms.

Business ($9.95 per month)

This is the highest plan available in the HostGator WordPress hosting. This is suitable for established business sites and big e-commerce sites. You can host an unlimited website with this plan with 500,000 visitors per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hostgator A good hosting?

In terms of web hosting, HostGator is a great option because it’s easy to use and has a wide range of beneficial options for individuals and small businesses. It’s our top recommendation for shared web hosting and, in general, for inexperienced webmasters.

Can HostGator be trusted?

In the review, we found that HostGator is reliable, trustworthy, and as well as the best-shared web hosting provider for individuals and small businesses, who are going to start their business first time.

Their customer service is among the best in the industry, providing assistance 24 hours a day. As a result, we’ve included HostGator in our list of top WordPress hosting providers.

Who is better than HostGator?

Bluehost is somewhat more secure than HostGator. Both include free SSL certificates, malware removal tools, and website backups, but HostGator’s offerings are more limited.If we’re talking about customer support, I’d say that both are nearly identical.

Is HostGator good for beginners?

Yes. HostGator is very user-friendly for beginners. They are providing lots of free features like Free Domain & SSL, Website builder, and many more.

Is WordPress free with HostGator?

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system. Another fantastic feature of WordPress is that it is completely free. This can assist you in keeping costs down while creating your first website.

Who owns HostGator?

Endurance International Group (EIG) acquired HostGator for $299.8 million in total, with cash payments of $227.3 million made at closing on July 13, 2012.

Conclusion – HostGator Review 2022

Overall, HostGator made many updates on their WordPress hosting services and it would be impressive if they continue the same. This is a crucial decision to select one of the best web hosts for hosting your website. To decide whether this web host is perfect for you, our HostGator WordPress hosting review would provide all the details.

However, if you are still in doubt to buy Hostgator Managed WordPress hosting then you can take a look at some other alternatives also.

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