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Goose VPN Review 2022 – Get Lifetime Subscription & Free Trial Today

This article contains a detailed Goose VPN review 2022 of the services. It delves deep into the features, basic details, pros and cons of the GooseVPN and will help you make up your mind about it.

The internet dictates a big chunk of our lives and has become an inevitable part of our lives. As such, it is important that we maintain our privacy on the internet with ease and efficiency. A VPN service helps you with that. A VPN service masks your IP address and makes it difficult for someone to trace your internet presence, which helps you maintain anonymity and your privacy.

What is the Goose VPN?

What is the Goose VPN?

The Goose VPN service is one of the most popular and well loved VPN services in the market. It is a virtual private network that offers its users access to a unique and safe network which allows them to surf the internet safely, and also effectively protects their anonymity and privacy. The Goose VPN is a comparatively smaller VPN service, but it has VPN servers in over 25 countries currently.

The Goose VPN service has some impressive credentials that has helped it create a loyal user base for itself, like the wide protocol system, an effective kill switch, and an effective no-logging policy. It also offers a pretty decent speed, which can go up to 170Mbps at times. It also supports torrenting on most popular servers like Netflix.

The desktop apps of this VPN service are very user friendly and easy to use, and just as effective. All in all, it is a very well rounded VPN, and will certainly prove to be the first choice of many customers.


Numbers of Servers60+
Number of Countries25+
Supported PlatformsLinux, Mac, Android, Windows, iOS, routers, Android TV, Chrome
Number of Simultaneous ConnectionsUnlimited
Does it support Split Tunneling?No
Does it have a Kill Switch?Yes
Supported ProtocolsOpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2
Country of RegistrationThe Netherlands
SupportsEmail, Live Chat, Articles

Features Review of the Goose VPN Service

Pricing (4/5)

The Goose VPN does fall in the list of affordable VPN services, but only if you have been using it for a couple of years. The standard monthly cost of the GooseVPN begins at $12.99/month, which does seem like a lot, but if you end up using it for years, you will see that you have had some significant savings from it.

Goose VPN Plans

For example, buying the one year term of Goose VPN will give you the amazing deal of only $4.99 a month, instead of the $12.99/month that you would pay with a monthly subscription. The two-year plan of GooseVPN will cost you around $2.99 a month, and the three-year plan will cost you around $2.75 a month.

Some people might be hesistant to take the plunge for a relatively new VPN to them, and if you are one of them, then GooseVPN has got you covered. The Goose VPN service offers you a 30-day free trial so that potential customers can decide for themselves if they do want to invest their money in GooseVPN or not.

GooseVPN accepts payment methods like credit card, and PayPal.

Privacy and No Logging policy (4.5/5)

Goose VPN takes the privacy of its users very seriously, and it owns and manages its own server network, which gives it more control over the operation of the servers.

Goose VPN blocks all WebRTC and DNS leaks. The user can also choose between OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and IKEv2 connection protocols.

One of the best things about the Goose VPN service is that it comes equipped with a Kill Switch feature that reduces the risk of a data leak. The Kill Switch automatically blocks the internet access in case the VPN connection drops. The Kill Switch is capable to block the internet access, but after the kill switch blocks the access, the user has to manually restart the VPN to establish a connection again. 

Another impressive policy about the Goose VPN is that it has a no logging policy. This means that the VPN service does not log the internet activities of the users, such as emails they sent or the websites they went on. The session data of the user is also not stored, which means that there is no long term log of the IP addresses that the user used to connect through the server, giving the users true anonymity and privacy.

It does however, log the amount of bandwidth that the user uses, but it is a common feature in VPN services as it helps to ensure that the users stay within the bandwidth limits of their plan.

Speed (4/5)

The speed of the Goose VPN is somewhat debatable, because it fluctuates a lot. However, on a majority of the time, it provides an average speed, so if you are looking for a VPN for its speed, this might not be the right VPN service for you. 

The average speed of the Goose VPN fluctuates between the day and ranges between 55 Mbps to 165Mbps. 55Mbps is quite fast for most users, so it is best if you do not decide whether or not to get this VPN service without giving it a try. You can use avail the free trial of the Goose VPN to help make up your mind and make an informed decision.

The GooseVPN takes around 2 seconds to connect using IKEv2, and around ten seconds to connect using OpenVPN.

Streaming and Torrenting (3.5/5)

VPNs are most commonly used to stream or torrent content, so this is an important feature for a majority of the masses. The GooseVPN service works impressively at unblocking the US Netflix content, but it does not fare well as a well rounded VPN service for streaming or torrenting, as it fails to unblock Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video content.

Another thing to know about the Goose VPN is that it makes a distinction between the steaming servers and the P2P servers. The streaming servers of Goose VPN are in Australia, Hong Kong, Poland, Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria and Canada, and P2P traffic is not allowed in these countries.

The other servers of Goose VPN are designated P2P servers that allows the user to torrent. If you are someone that torrents frequently, it is a good idea to check the VPN service and check whether a P2P server is available near your location.

The GooseVPN Desktop Apps (4/5)

The installation process of the Goose VPN is fairly easy and simple. The user is able to log in through their Facebook or Google account details, and users that are concerned about their anonymity can opt to use a dedicated GooseVPN username and password too.

The interface is neat and simple too, making it very user friendly. The map on the Goose VPN shows the location of the place you are connecting to, but it is not very interactive. The user actually has to choose a server from the location list, and this list delineates the servers that the user can use for streaming or P2P. the GooseVPN does not have a favourites system, which means that you need to scroll through the location list every time to find the servers that you prefer.

The GooseVPN Mobile Apps (3.5/5)

The GooseVPN Mobile App interface is very similar to the Goose VPN Desktop App interface. However, the mobile app interface does not have a few features, like the auto connect feature. The user also cannot choose the encryption protocol or the DNS server. The mobile app also does not come equipped with a kill switch, making the GooseVPN a better desktop VPN choice and an average mobile VPN choice.

Customer Support and Service (4.5/5)

The customer service of the Goose VPN service is pretty solid, and it offers the users 24/7 support through live chat and email. The responses are quick and the support agents help the users to solve their issues to the best of their abilities. The GooseVPN service does not outsource their technical support, which is impressive, since most VPN services use third party support centres.

The Goose VPN also has a small support area and has a few hundred FAQs to help the users with their queries.

The Installation and Setup Process of the GooseVPN

The Goose VPN is a VPN service that is designed to be very simple and user friendly. As such, the installation and setup process of the Goose VPN is very easy too. To use the GooseVPN service, the user needs to install an application, which is a type of program that allows the user to contact Goose VPN’s servers. Each system requires a specific client, and when Goose VPN is concerned, the clients can be chosen from a variety of compatible operating systems, like the Mac, Windows, Linus, Android, iOS, etc.

Nextly, you need to register as a user, and this will allow you to download and install the client. This entire process is impressively simple and fast, and is completed in just a few steps.

After the completion of all the above-mentioned steps, the user can just click on ‘connect’ to start using the GooseVPN service.

The Pros and Cons Review of the GooseVPN Service


  • The GooseVPN interface is extremely easy to use, simple, and user friendly. It takes just two easy and simple steps to connect to the Goose VPN network, making it extremely hassle-free.
  • The GooseVPN has a great price point, and the longer you subscribe to it, the better the deals get.
  • The GooseVPN also offers a thirty days free trial.
  • The GooseVPN is pretty reliable when it comes to protecting the privacy, security and anonymity of the user.
  • It also offers supportive and quickly responsive 24/7 customer service.


  • The mobile app of Goose VPN is somewhat lacklustre.
  • GooseVPN fails to unblock some major streaming sites like Amazon Prime Video and Disney+.

Conclusion – Goose VPN Review 2022

The Goose VPN service is a fairly good VPN service that is extremely reliable when it comes to privacy and security. It provides an average speed most of the time, and it has a very simple and easy to use interface and is quite hassle-free. 

If you are new to using VPN services and are looking for a fairly easy and simple VPN service, you are sure to like the Goose VPN service. It also provides a 30-day free trial that you can easily avail and use to decide whether or not you want to buy their service.

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