Google Pixel 6 Review

Google has finally done the unthinkable and ceased selling the Pixel 5

The cameras on last year’s Pixel 5 earned excellent ratings, however, given the price the Pixel 5 lacked the luxury features you’d expect.

Since it just launched the Pixel 5a, a lower-cost variant of last year’s Pixel 5 flagship, and has ceased selling the Pixel 5, Google has paved the way for a Pixel 6 release.

Google’s Pixel 6 series was shown earlier this month, confirming a brand-new design with a camera bar along the back. The Pixel 6 will be followed by the Pixel 6 Pro, which will have a telephoto lens, breaking from the company’s practice of releasing a base and XL model.

Focus on Tech

Google Pixel 6 is an anticipated forthcoming smartphone from Google. Google released its first smartphone, Pixel, in 2016, with the intention of providing users with a phone that is more useful and cognitive. 

Since artificial intelligence is the future of innovation and technology, the tech behemoth is focusing on it. The technology platform has introduced its pixel users with the taste of Machine learning and revolutionary Artificial Intelligence. They also promise intriguing capabilities derived from Google’s Tensor system-on-a-chip and brand-new camera system. As a result of this, Google devices have grown not just in size but quality as well.

Google Pixel 6 focus on tech
Source: CNET

What sets it apart from other phones in the market?

The Pixel 6 boasts its own significant camera improvements, including a better picture sensor that can catch 150 percent more light. More light frequently results in better pictures, especially in low-light conditions.

However, the most notable feature of the next Pixel phones, as revealed by an official Google teaser, is a new system-on-chip termed Tensor, which is meant to give the Pixel 6 series a slew of new AI capabilities. The Tensor SoC is named after the Tensor Processing Units (TPU) used in Google’s data centers.

Actually, there is a lot to learn from the new phones, and be certain that the 2021 phone lineup, although being expensive, is already fascinating.

Google Pixel 6 Summary

Google Pixel 6 summary
Source: Android Central

Google has officially unveiled several key details about Pixel 6 that will help you get a better image of its sixth-generation Pixel flagship.

Here’s what you can anticipate from Google’s upcoming smartphones.

  • The Google Pixel 6 is probable to consist of an octa-core processing unit.
  • Wireless charging is supported by means of the Google Pixel 6. 
  • In terms of cameras, the Google Pixel 6 is anticipated to include a dual-camera system. The Autofocus feature is available with the rear camera configuration. It is stated to have a single camera configuration for selfies.
  • The Google Pixel 6 runs on Android 12. The dimensions of the Google Pixel 6 are  74.80 x 158.60 x 8.90mm (width x height x  thickness).
  • Wi-Fi, GPS, and USB Type-C are rumoured to be connectivity options on the Google Pixel 6.
  • The phone’s sensors are predicted to feature an accelerometer, ambient photo-sensor, proximity sensor, and an in-display fingerprint detector.
  • It boasts a 6.4-inch FHD with a flat 90HZ display 
  • Titan M2 chip with Google “Tensor”
  • Has both regular as well as ultrawide cameras.
  • There are three colour options: gray/black, blue/green, and red/sand.
  • Long battery life

Specifications of the Google Pixel 6

General Specs

Brand                                      Google
Model                                      Pixel 6
Launched in India   No
RAM   8GB   
Storage   128GB / 256GB   
Battery                                      4,614 mAh   

Form factor Touchscreen

Dimensions (mm)   158.60 x 74.80 x 8.90
Wireless chargingYes


Screen size (inches)       6.40 
Screen type AMOLED (90Hz)   
Touchscreen      Yes


Processor     Octa-core


Rear cameraYes
No. of Rear Cameras   50MP (Wide) + 12MP (Ultra wide)   
Rear autofocusYes
Rear flashYes
Front cameraYes
No. of Front Cameras1   8MP
Pop-Up CameraNo


OS  Android 12


Wi-Fi   Yes
USB Type-C   Yes
Micro-USB   No


Fingerprint SensorYes      In-Display
Proximity sensorYes      
Accelerometer     Yes      
Ambient light sensor      Yes      

*Specifications & Features may get changed at any time without notice.*

Tensor chip

Rather than revealing all of the information regarding its new Android phones, Google is focusing on the innovative system on an SoC included in the Pixels.

Google Pixel 6 tensor chip
Source: Geektimeline

One of the most significant improvements in Pixel 6 is that Google would use its own custom-made Tensor system-on-a-chip, rather than using one from Qualcomm, as it has done in its old models.  

Qualcomm’s hold on the US smartphone industry may be fading. Google has been reported to choose to opt for Samsung’s 5G modem in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, which will be released this autumn.

According to Reuters, even Samsung utilizes Qualcomm modems in its US-market devices, and it does not license its 5G modems to other American smartphone makers, hence Google’s use of such a technology in the Pixel 6 range is remarkable in many more aspects than just one.

If this is genuine, it will be the first time the firm has not used Qualcomm modems.

Google demonstrated the Tensor’s capabilities to members of the press, including speech recognition, live translation, and photographic improvements.

In the demonstrations given by Google, the phones used Live Caption and Interpreter Mode at the same time to swiftly translate a French presentation into English. In another demo, a photo that merged numerous photographs together to produce a sharper view of a rapidly moving subject (a toddler) was shown.

It won’t be surprising to note that the Tensor processor to extend beyond the Pixel 6 range may become Google’s plan in the future.

5G mmWave

Especially thanks to a modem supplied by Samsung as the Pixel 6 series will enable 5G mmWave. Google has hinted at UWB support in its upcoming flagship devices, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. 

The Pixel 6 sequence will include a 5G mmWave connection, a connection technology that is essentially unique to the United States.


Google Pixel 6 material
Source: TheVerge

The Pixel 6 will also be one of the first phones to run Android 12, which on Google’s phones will have the opportunity to build a complete interface theme depending on the prevailing colours of the image you pick as your background wallpaper. This customisation will be extended to a new design language called Material You in Android 12.

Inside the box

Google revealed a hint about the forthcoming Pixel 6 during the unveiling of the Pixel 5A. The tech behemoth stated that it expects this to be the final time the Pixel ships with the phone’s charger included. Google’s decision to remove the attachment from its phone packaging comes in the tracks of Apple and Samsung.

In 2020, Apple discontinued supplying an AC adapter in the box of the iPhone 12, and Samsung followed suit with the Galaxy S21.

Expected Release Date

When it comes to Pixel flagships, Google is rather predictable. Google’s flagship smartphones typically make their debut in the month of October.

Is there one significant exception? It has done so every year since 2016, with the exception of 2020, when the Pixel 5 was introduced. When the Pixel 5 was delayed by a day to September 30 last year, it came as an exception.

We expect Google to keep to tradition and release the Pixel 6 in early October. There have been rumors about the Google Pixel 6’s release date. As per Leaker Max Weinbach, Google wants to launch the Pixel 6 in the month of October.

If the chip scarcity caused by the Covid-19 epidemic and the delta variation persists and disrupts Google’s plans, the firm may postpone the launch beyond October. Therefore, the smartphone will be available in November or later.

Even while we don’t have a clear release date, it appears that it will be shortly.

Expected Price

Google claims the Pixel 6 will be a “premium-priced” gadget, so we should anticipate it to be significantly more expensive than the Pixel 5, which launched at $699/£599. This suggests that it will cost more than $1,000. The Pixel 6 might start at $1000, similar to the iPhone 12 Pro, but we’ll have to wait and watch what surprise this fall brings to us.

Even Apple and Samsung have chosen lower starting prices for their phones, with the iPhone 12 small costing $699 and the Galaxy S21 starting at $799. However, it is apparent that Google is going for a different stratum this season.

Google’s Rick Osterloh, SVP Devices and Services, provided some background for the German language Der Spiegel magazine: “We haven’t been represented in the smartphone flagship sector for the previous two years, and we weren’t really represented before that either. However, the Pixel 6 Pro, which will be costly, was created particularly for consumers who desire the most up-to-date technologies… However, the Pixel 6 belongs in the top segment and can compete with rival items. It’s what I’d term a “mainstream premium product.”

Google Pixel 6 related Buzz: The most recent rumours concerning the Pixel 6

Pixel 6 rumors: The Pixel 6 is likely to forego the traditional fingerprint reader in favor of an in-screen fingerprint sensor.

Did an Android executive accidentally reveal an in-display fingerprint scanner? Will the Google Pixel 6 include a built-in fingerprint sensor?

If a now-deleted tweet from a senior Android exec. is to be heeded, that appears to be the case. Woopsie!

Somebody would have notified him because the tweet has since been removed. However, Mishaal Rahman from XDA Developers deserves credit for screenshotting the original tweet just before it was deleted.

The below picture was included in the tweet in question.

Google Pixel 6 screenshot
(Photo by Hiroshi Lockheimer/Twitter)

Hiroshi Lockheimer, Android senior vice president, coupled it with some text saying that he was exploring various backgrounds from his Google Photos collection, presumably oblivious that just in the center of the image is a whacking fantastic graphic suggesting an under-display fingerprint sensor.

Rahman points out that the screen resolution of the tweeted image was 1440 x 3200 pixels, indicating that it was most likely received from the Pixel 6 Pro.

Fingerprint sensors have become less frequent as phone bezels have shrunk, as there is no border to accommodate them. Under-display fingerprint sensors have been tried in the past, but only on very specific phones, and the technology hasn’t particularly wowed.

The Pixel 6 is less premium aesthetic than the Pro version as the Pixel 6 Pro models have color-specific trims and frames. Google has not confirmed the exact battery sizes, charging speeds, or procedures yet. However, the battery target of Pixel is to run for an entire day.

The Pixel 6 may offer quicker 33W charging, according to the newest rumor. Naturally, everybody is pretty ecstatic about the prospect of this.

The Google Pixel 6 would be by far the most popular implementation, and it may be a watershed event for the innovation industry.

Should You Purchase Google Pixel 6?

Now that Google is taking a bigger innovative and creative step with its Pixel model, the challenge is whether the modifications will help the firm compete against the finest phones from Apple and Samsung, or whether they will upset its admirers.

We’re nevertheless now no longer certain when the Google Pixel 6 can be available, however, we are looking ahead to it even more than we normally do for other phones. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro promise to revolutionize everything we know about Google’s phones, and even though there are still some unknowns, what we do know is interesting.

We won’t be able to suggest the Pixel 6 until it is officially released into the market. Because we don’t know how much the phones will cost, determining their worth is extremely challenging. However, based on what we already know, it appears like Google is working to address some of the Pixel 5’s major weaknesses, most notably performance and processing capability.

Google’s Tensor processor should compensate for the shortcomings in the previous generation smartphone, while also providing more of the Google-specific functions and features that have distinguished Pixel smartphones from other smartphones so far.

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