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Focal Listen Wireless Headphones Review

Advantage- According to the review, Focal Listen Wireless headphones have a sturdy design and is comfortable over-ear headphones. Sounds excellent for being a Bluetooth headphone. The cable is provided with headphones for passive listening and works great with the calls too.

Disadvantage- The sound is bit bright may not be everyone’s listening taste.

The bottom line- These are a well built Bluetooth headphones with good sound refinement and a great battery life of 20 hours.

Focal Listen Wireless headphones Vs Bose QC35 headphones

According to features, Bose qc35 is better than Focal Listen Wireless headphones. These have a 5 Hz lower frequency which makes them give a powerful output. The headphones support active noise cancelation which is missing in focal listen. The Bose headphones come with a neodymium magnet which gives out louder and clear sound. The headphones support noise-canceling microphones. These have a rechargeable battery. The headphone comes with a single plug and supports voice prompts too. This also supports pairing with NFC. Overall Bose headphones are a little better than Focal Listen wireless headphones.

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Focal Listen Wireless vs Bose qc35

Focal Listen Wireless headphones features review

Bored with the basic black and tan colored headphones for a time now. Focal Listen over-ear headphones are an add on to colorful headphones. These are great for vegans as these have leatherette ear padding. The headphones are luxurious in feel and also the company provides a range of hi-fi stereo headphones for a while now. Every single component of the headphone has the color hue from the fabric to the ear cushions. The headphones aren’t as comfortable as Bose’s QuietComfort 35. The headphones weigh around 300 grams that are 10.58 ounces which is quite bulky but they don’t feel bulky on the head.


The design is eye-catchy the very first thing you will notice about the headphones are the design. These have a sleek black design with the focal logo on each side of the earcup. The built of the headphones is plastic but the plastic isn’t cheap. It is quite sturdy handy and looks great. The buttons of the headphones are rubbery so easy to use and press. The earcups have been foam properly to give comfort while listening.

The buttons of the headphones are embarked on the right ear cup. The power switch is added on the top and on the same location at the downside the Bluetooth button is placed. Under the Bluetooth button, you will find the volume rockers and you can easily change the settings. Initially, the buttons are a little confusing to understand but afterward, they are easy and workable. On the right earcup, there is a micro USB charging port and on the left earcup, there is an aux port.

Focal Listen headphone design


The headphones are just not well designed but they also provide complete comfort. There are a few things that could make them even more comfortable. Also, the headphones provide a good amount of padding done on the earcups, despite having the hard clamp they will provide you comfort for a longer period of time. There aren’t too many issues with the comfort provided by the headphones.

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Sound by Focal Listen Wireless

Comfort and design are ok but the sound quality of the headphones is important to discuss on. These headphones quite good these maybe not the best sounding headphones but these provide quite an appropriate sound the bass is not top-notch but they also found ok.

The bass with the headphones is accurate and deep. This can really pump the music. These are audiophiles who are looking for good quality sounding headphones. These are nice wireless headphones that provide appropriate and accurate sound. The midrange of the headphones is very well-tuned. The soundstage is quite prominent you can easily have differentiation of instrument played. The headphones do lack the noise cancelation feature.

Overall the sound output is super nice, clean, and bright which is acceptable and great. The sounds also avoid the distortion easily and do provide a stereo separation. The highs are quite bright and seem to be the most boosted frequency range here.

Performance of Focal Listen Wireless

These are great wireless headphones which means they perform appropriately. These have standard Bluetooth 4.1 and gives a range of 33 feet which is quite great. Overall the performance from sound to design to the battery life is top-notch. These headphones can be easily makeup to your buying list if you are someone who loves quirky and colorful headphones.

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Battery life

Surprisingly the battery gives a quite good sitting output of 20 hours which is a great time. So for 20 hours, nothing is going to be interrupted. The battery doesn’t provide a fast charging feature but they do provide 10 days standby which is ok.


Weight10.58 oz.
Sound outputstereo
Frequency response15 Hz
Total harmonic distortion0.4%
Sensitivity122 db.
Impedance32 ohm
Run time20 hours
Color categorygreen, gray


As per my review, Focal Listen Wireless over-ear headphones are a great option if you want some quirky colored headphones. These provide great sound with good bass. These don’t come with noise-canceling features. The battery life is great which is up to 20 hours.

Overall these headphones are a great option to choose from a color variety. If you are someone who loves listening these can be an appropriate option to choose from.

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