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Fiil Canviis Review

Advantages – According to the review, Fiil Canviis headphones have superior active noise cancellation and superb audio quality. It has a compact and lightweight design with good battery life.

Drawback – The headphone needs improvement in comfort. You can’t also disable its touch control.

The Bottom Line – Fiil is a big deal in China. The Fiil Canviis provides excellent noise-canceling technology and clear audio at an affordable price.

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Fiil Canviis Wireless On Ear Headphone Review


The Fiil Canviis is available in black or white with metallic grey accents. It has a sleek design. The earcups and headband are made up of plush memory foam and protein leather lines which provide comfy cushioning. The Canviis can be adjusted with the slider to your preferred height. It is a compact foldable design that lets you store the headphones in your bag.

The Fiil logo is made on both the ear cups exterior which lights up when connected to Bluetooth. On right ear up, it has a touch control panel from you can raise or lower the volume and by swiping it left and right skips between tracks. The Canviis headphones have smart proximity sensors that paused the audio every time I remove the headphones and resumed playback when I put them back on.

fill canviis design
Source: CNET

Fiil Canviis Comfort

These headphones are lightweight, and it has 7.7 ounces weight. The Canviis has less weight than BoseQuietComfort 35 II. However, you can feel the pain after wearing this headphone continuously for more than 4 hours. The Fiil Canviis headphones are painless as compared to other brand on-ear headphones

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Long Battery Life

Fiil Canviis has 33 hours battery life of continuous play. If you use them only for then, I can last for one week. Fiil also claims that 5 minutes charging gives you nearly 3.6 hours of battery life. You can also use a 3.5mm headphone cable.

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When it comes to the noise-cancelling headphones, our competition is Bose QC 35. The ANC for low-frequency bands up to 96% and passive noise reduction for high-frequency bands up to 98%. Fiil Canviis block out the noise around you. You can set the volume to 25 and 50 percent which is enough to cancel out the sound around you. The Maximum volume with the Canviis was car louder than your ears could handle.

Fiil Canviis Review
Source: Redskull

Fill Canviis App

The Canviis headphones are supported by the Fiil and Global edition app. The app manages settings of battery, Equalizer(EQ), MAF, and 3D sound. The battery feature allows you to see current battery life, and you can connect your device with Bluetooth. The EQ feature lets you equalize your sound with three settings which are Bass, original, and Treble. With MAF you can choose between four ambient modes and with 3D sound adjusts the soundscape to your desired surrounding. The menu icon is simple, allowing users to view their connected headset.

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Audio Performance

The song you listen to in these headphones delivers sharp and punchy audio to the ears. The heavy Track Bass give booming clarity. Comparing the audio performance with Bose QuietComfort 35 II was hard because they both sound excellent. Overall, the Bose QC 35 II is a tinge more accurate in responding to vocal tones and has better noise cancellation. The audio quality was right when I connected to the Aux cable. It is hard to use touch control or the proximity sensor due to the weird headset. Also, Fiil and Global app become useless in weird mode.

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Fiil Canviis Specs

Model NameCanviis
Release Year2016
ColourHigh gloss white
Weight 7.58 oz
Product Dimensions 4.29 x 8.35 x 7.09 inches
Included Accessories USB charging cable, carrying Case
Battery Life33 hours
Recharge Time2.5 hours
Bluetooth Version4.1 EDR


If you want good noise-canceling headphones under $ 300, then Fiil Canviis is the perfect headphones to buy with outstanding battery life, impressive sound quality, great ANC, and unique design as per my review.

You won’t regret the purchase. The headphone becomes uncomfortable after a few hours. Still, if you want a headset for the gym, then Fiil Canviis is a great purchase or if you look at comfort then Bose QuietComfort 35 II is more comfortable, but that comfort cost more price. However, if you want all-round headphones for a reasonable price, then Fiil Canviis is an excellent choice.

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