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Dolby Dimension Review

Advantages – According to the review, Dolby Dimension headphones come with a comfortable headband and well-padded earcups according to my review. It has excellent sound, which is ideal for watching movies.

Drawbacks – These headphones cannot be connected to two devices at the same time, and also, it is difficult to use on the go. They are a little bit expensive as compare to other brand headphones.

The Bottom Line – The Dolby Dimension wireless headphones are built for technophiles, with excellent sound quality, noise cancellation, head tracking, and, therefore, the ability to listen to your surroundings and media at an equivalent time.

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Dolby Dimension vs Sony WH-1000XM3

The Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless is more versatile headphones than the Dolby Dimension Wireless. The Sony isolation performance is noticeably better, and that they have a far better audio reproduction, on top of getting customization options inside their great app. They’re slightly less comfortable and well-built than the Dimension, but most of the people should be satisfied with Sony. They will even be used wired, albeit the battery is dead, which you can’t do with the Dolby.

On the opposite hand, Dolby has virtualization and head tracking feature that Sony doesn’t have and that they support aptX-LL for watching video content.

SpecificationSony WH-1000XM3Dolby Dimension
Weight0.6 lbs0.76 lbs
Battery Life27 hours9 hours
Charging Time2.2 hours1.6 hours
Bluetooth Version4.24.2
Multi-Device Pairing No3 Devices
Charging PortUSB-CMirco-USB

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Dolby Dimension Features Review


The Dimension Headphones are a little heavy at 330 grams (11.6 ounces). It is comfortable to wear and looks simple. The oval earcups are large and straightforward, with completely flat matte black plastic backs. The over-ear earpads are soft, plush memory foam covered in supple faux leather, which extends past the earpads themselves to completely wrap around the sides of the earcups. The metal headband is similarly padded and wrapped, with a flat, black metal cover running over the highest.

The right earcup holds the controls, hidden by the minimalist black design. Three embossed lines and an embossed circle sit on the side of the earcup, behind the proper ear. The whole back panel of the proper earcup may be a touch-sensitive control pad. You’ll swipe up and right down to adjust volume, left and right to vary tracks, and tap to pause or play. A micro USB port sits slightly below the touch panel on the proper earcup for directly charging the headphones with the included wall adapter. 

The bottom of the left earcup allows you to keep the headphones charged and settled within the included charging dock. The charging dock may be a plain black cradle that matches the headphones’ simple aesthetic. The left earcup magnetically aligns the contacts on the headphones with the contacts on the cradle to stay them connected and charging.

Dolby Dimension design
Source – Cnet

Noise Cancellation

This is a noise-canceling headphone, and therefore, the noise canceling is effective. At an equivalent time, there’s also a transparency mode — Dolby calls both transparency and noise-canceling modes “LifeMix” — that permits you to listen to everything around you and ask people while you’re listening through the headphones.

I found in the review that LifeMix is controlled through the Dolby Dimension app for Android and iOS, with adjustable intensity from 0 to 11. At 0, LifeMix simply becomes active noise cancellation (ANC) and blocks out any outside noise. You’ll also toggle between your preferred LifeMix setting and ANC by tapping the rear of the proper earcup twice. The active noise cancellation is additionally impressive, though it doesn’t reach Bose levels of blocking out nearly everything.

3D Surround

The headphones hook up with all devices over Bluetooth, and Bluetooth is stereo-only. They can not accept an immediate surround sound signal and process it directly. They’re laden with Dolby’s myriad audio-processing technologies that turn stereo sound into simulated surround on the fly. The Dimension to supply a surround-like effect through the two 40mm drivers.

The headphones also incorporate 360-degree audio with a built-in motion sensor, almost like the WavesNX-powered Audeze Mobius. They will adjust the stereo mix between the cups to offer the impression that the audio sources are fixed even once you turn your head.

Dolby Dimension 3d sorround sound
Source – The Verge

Battery Life

The headphone with the LifeMix and Virtualization turned on you’ll rise up to 10 hours of battery life and up to fifteen hours during a power conservation mode. Those wouldn’t be good numbers if this was a mobile headphone, but the thought is that you’d wait a couple of hours, then put the headphones back in their charging dock. You’ll get 2 hours of battery life from a 15-minute charge, and therefore, the headphone fully charges in 2 hours.

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Audio Performance

The headphones perform remarkably well when taking note of music, which should be expected to give their price. They easily handle our bass test track, The Knife’s “Silent Sharp,” at maximum (and unsafe) volume without a touch of distortion. The bass synth and kick drum sound full and nearly head-rattling, but nicely balanced against the remainder of the track; it is not a subwoofer-like sound, but it’s satisfyingly powerful.

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Dolby Dimension Specs

Weight330 grams
Battery Life10 hours
Charging Time2hours
Frequency Response20Hz to 20kHz
Accessory IncludedSoft Carry Pouch, Power Base Charging Dock, Micro-USB Cable
Bluetooth Range33 meters
No of devices pair8
Dolby Dimension audio performance
Source – Audioholics


Dolby’s first effort at creating a pair of wireless headphones is technically fantastic. The Dolby Dimension headphones sound excellent and are full of advanced technology during a subdued but fashionable and cozy design reveals in the review.

For a price of around $650, a pair intended for home listening. They’re fun to use for movie watching and music listening. Though, the entire lack of a wired connection might turn away audiophiles, preferring the fidelity of wire over the convenience of Bluetooth. The Dimension headphones are definitely worth your attention. They’re fun to use for movie watching and music listening.

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