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Cowin E7 Pro Review

8.7Expert Score
Cowin E7 Pro Review

The Cowin E7 Pro is decent mixed usage headphones. They have a slightly more premium look and improved battery life and sound quality.

Battery Life
Sound quality
Noise Cancellation
  • Improved Sound Quality
  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Great Wireless Range
  • Low Leakage
  • Bulky Design
  • Sub-par Microphone
  • When the ear cup seal is broken, the noise-canceling can stutter.

Cowin E7 Pro vs E8

The Cowin E8 is better noise-cancelling headphones than the Cowin E7 Pro reveals in my review. The E8 has more comfortable to use controls and a touch more bass, which some may prefer. They even have a far better noise-cancelling performance and are a touch easier than the E7 Pro.

On the opposite hand, the E7 Pro has an extended battery life than the E8, and that they support NFC, so they seem to be a bit easier to pair together with your phone. They even have a more detail-oriented sound quality that pushes instruments and vocals to the front of the combination but can sound a touch sharp.

SpecsCowin E7 ProCowin E8
Weight0.6 lbs0.8 lbs
Low-Frequency Extension 33.15 Hz12.6 Hz
Battery Life 33 hours21 hours
Charge Time4.2 hours3.2 hours
Bluetooth Version4.04.0

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Cowin E7 Pro vs SE7

If sound quality is that the most vital thing for you when choosing headphones, then the Cowin E7 Pro is a far better option than the Cowin SE7 model. They won’t sound as boomy and cluttered, and won’t lack detail within the treble range. However, they could sound too sharp for a few. They even have twice the SE7’s battery life.

On the opposite hand, the SE7 are better-built and easier headphones. This new design feels more high-end, doesn’t have a glossy finish that’s fingerprint prone, and doesn’t feel flimsy.

SpecsCowin E7 ProCowin SE7
Weight0.6 lbs0.6 lbs
Low-Frequency Extension 33.15 Hz83.54 Hz
Battery Life 33 hours15.2 hours
Charge Time4.2 hours 2.8 hours
Bluetooth Version 4.05.0

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Cowin E7 Pro active noise cancelling headphones review


The Cowin E7 Pro looks almost just like the first E7 but with different backplates on their ear cups. This provides them with a more premium appeal because of the brushed metal look.

The ear cups are an equivalent size and shape, the headband also hasn’t changed, and even the situation of the buttons is an equivalent except that they’re now more flush with the ear cups than on the previous model.

The plastic utilized in their build quality feels low grade and a touch cheap, but they should look good for many listeners. The button layout for the Cowin E7 Pro is the same because of the regular E7. They supply the essential controls for volume, call/music, and skipping tracks.

They even have a dedicated switch to enable Bluetooth and noise cancelling. The ear cups do lay flat, but it doesn’t save much space, so you’ll presumably need a bag to hold them around.

E7 Pro design
Source – RTings.com


The Cowin E7 Pro, just like the original E7, are well padded and decently comfortable headphones. They still have an equivalent issue with the headband that does not extend far enough to accommodate all head sizes, but on the upside, they’re lightweight, and therefore the padding used for the ear cups is slightly softer than on the first model.

The E7 Pro’s round and shallow ear cups are really only suitable if your ears are on the very small side of the spectrum. If not, you’re likely to experience some uncomfortable hot spots. Due to which, the Cowin E7 Pro earned one among rock bottom scores in my comfort review.

Cowin E7 Pro Battery Life

The Cowin E7 Pro headphones have an honest battery life, longer than the Cowin E8, and can easily last you thru a whole day, better than the quality Cowin E7. It’s 30 hours battery life on one charge. It takes 4.2 hours to charge the battery. They’re very slow to recharge though. They can be used while charging, which is good.

Cowin E7 Pro battery life
Source – OverStock.com

Cowin E7 Pro Bluetooth Pairing

The Cowin E7 Pro headphones are easy to pair together with your device since they support NFC, which may be a good thing as they can not pair with multiple devices.

It has 4.0 Bluetooth version. While the latency is slightly worse than average for a Bluetooth headset, it’s too high for watching movies, and therefore the audio is going to be noticeably out of sync. If you would like them to observe movies, wired headphones are better.

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Sound Quality

As per my review, the Cowin E7 Pro has improved sound quality than E7. The clarity is suitable, but you’ll definitely notice a touch of distortion, especially with acoustic numbers or when taking note of podcasts.

The bass is on the weaker side of things, which does little to balance out the poor clarity. The general sound is fine, but nothing you could not get from the earbuds that came for free of charge together with your phone.

The mid-range performance is about average. The general response is quite uneven and not very balanced.

The treble range performance of the E7 Pro is good. The response is quite uneven throughout the range, especially in mid-treble. The integrated microphone of the Cowin E7 Pro features a sub-par performance. Low-frequency extension indicating that speech recorded/transmitted with this mic will sound relatively thin. 

E7 Pro sound quality
Source – TechGearLab


E7 Pro headphones offer the smallest amount of noise isolation. In fact, it’s even with non-noise cancelling models during this metric just like the Mpow Bluetooth Over-Ear and therefore the Tribit XFree Tune.

The E7 Pro’s active noise cancellation is almost completely ineffective. With that feature turned on, ambient noises and nearby conversations only appeared to be muffled the maximum amount as you’d expect from simply covering your ears with headphones.

In fact, the active noise cancellation sometimes had a negative effect on our listening experience. A minimum of once or twice an hour the noise cancellation would appear to confuse and emit a deep, vibrating bass noise for a couple of seconds.

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Charging Case

The Cowin E7 Pro accompanies an honest but bulky hard case that gives tons more protection for your headphones than the pouch included within the original E7’s box.

Unfortunately, it won’t be the simplest case to hold around but will shield your headphones from scratches, drops, impacts, and minor water damage. The case also has an Over-Earpocket on one side to carry a charging cable along with the headphones.

Cowin E7 Pro charging case
Source – Thegadgeteer

Conwin E7 Pro Specs

Model NameE7 Pro
Release DateApril 2018
Weight22.6 grams
Product Dimensions16.6 x 9.2 x 18.1 cm
Connect TypeBluetooth
Colour VariantsBlack, White, Red, Purple, Pink, Green
WarrantyNo Warranty


As per the review, the Cowin E7 Pro doesn’t live up to its noise-cancelling pedigree and offers only average sound quality. They are not a nasty pair of headphones, but they do not quite live up to the competition. They’re wireless and have a decent fit on some listeners, which prevents them from easily slump your head.

They have a rather more premium look, but it’s mostly cosmetic, as their design and overall performance don’t change much. They seem to be a decent and affordable option for commuting but aren’t the foremost durable or comfortable headphones in their price range.

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