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Best 7 Lightning Headphones 2022 [Complete Buying Guide]

Bought a new smartphone? You may as of now have a couple of lightning port headphones. You know, the sort that incorporates a lightning connector, which can be plugged into your phone in any way. Not feeling satisfied with the included headphones? Need something with better solid quality and more highlights? You have seven extraordinary choices here to browse at that point, which can all be plugged into your phone no issue.

Best Lightning Headphones Under Budget

1. Virtual Acoustic Lightning Headphones

Virtual Acoustic Lightning Headphones
  • More comfortable and easy to wear
  • Gives high sound quality that cancels out other noise
  • Included switch on the side to adjust your sound
  • May be the more than your budget

These Virtual Acoustic Lightning headphones come with an MFI certification, which means that there won’t be a strange pop up on your phone. The headphone’s jack perfectly fixes with your phone and delivers a rich quality sound. With these headphones, you can relax by listening to your music without tone delay or other distortion. It has a full-frequency speaker to deliver good sound. The ergonomic design gives you more comfort than other headphones.

2. Beats Urbeats 3

Beats Urbeats 3
  • Better durability
  • The sound has powerful bass
  • The volume control is very easy to reach
  • Not compatible to all devices

This Beats Urbeats 3 in-ear headphones have a fine-tuned acoustic design. It has an ergonomic design which gives you more comfort, so you can listen for a long time. It comes in a variety of colors and ear tip choices ao you are able to fix them to your ears. It has a tangle-free flat lightning cable, which makes it easy to carry. You can listen to music and attend calls from your headphones.

3. Palovue Lightning Headphones

Palovue Lightning Headphones
  • Very comfortable for workouts
  • Designed not to fall out of your ears
  • Solid and has a comfortable ear pads
  • Design won’t fits for every ear sizes

These Palovue Lightning Headphones come with MFI certification, so you won’t get any error pop-ups while connecting to your iOS devices. It has tetanized 13.6 dynamic drivers that are made to deliver the best bass and sound. The design is durable and the shape prevents the headphones from falling out of your ears, so ideally fits for workouts.

4. Belkin Rockstar Headphones

Belkin Rockstar Headphones
  • Small and well-constructed
  • Light weight, hence easy to carry around with you
  • Include thin in-line controls for easy usage
  • May not have the better sound quality than other options

These Belkin Rockstar Headphones do a lot. You can able to listen to your music and answer calls right from your iPhone. Fix them into your ears for a perfect fit, the innovative design makes it simple, and no need to worry about them tangling up too much either. The cord is kept flat and it is lightweight, and will easily help with the noise cancelling when you plug them into your lightning port.

5. Libratone Q Adapt Lightning Headphones

Libratone Q Adapt Lightning Headphones
  • Provides high-quality sound
  • Actual fit feels great in your ears
  • They comes with a magnet to keep them together
  • Noise cancelling is not good as other headphones

There are four steps of noise control in Libratone Q Adapt Lightning Headphones, which is the thing that makes them stand out amongst other lightning port headphones. It has customizable noise cancelling feature that cancels the external noises. Since these are lightning headphones as well, they won’t have almost any effect on your phone’s battery life, and obviously, incorporate great sound also.

6. Thore Over-Ear iPhone Headphones

Thore Over-Ear iPhone Headphones
  • High quality sound
  • They’re stable and won’t fall off 
  • Oversized earphones are comfortable to wear
  • Poor noise cancelling

Plug these Thore headphones into your phone to tune in to music immediately to get into action. They offer flexible comfort with the padded ear cushions, which likewise help with improved noise cancellation. Change the headphones to fit around your head, and tune in to the HD sound. This is the guarantee that there will be no distortion in your music with these extra-large 50mm drivers which are paired with magnets.

7. Pioneer Rayz Plus

Pioneer Rayz Plus
  • The sound is great and good noise cancelling
  • Many settings available to make them easy to use
  • The included app makes personalization a breeze
  • Need app to work

The Pioneer Rayz Plus earphones utilized adaptive noise cancellation for the most ideal listening experience. This implies that it will change your sound as indicated by the environment around you. They’re even made so you can tune in and charge your phone simultaneously. They can mute and unmute you relying upon when you’re talking or not.

Benefits of Lightning Headphones

Best to carry on travel

To support sound quality while on the go, you have to utilize adapters and a wide range of extravagant cords and connectors when managing wired headphones. That is except if you have a set of lightning wired headphones. With a couple of these, you will only need one lightning cable rather than various cords, making travel multiple times simpler. There are fewer cords to get tangled and less to need to stress over damaging during a flight or long bus ride.

High-quality audio

For the most part, sound gadgets – including 3.5mm headphone options – put out the 16-bit quality. That is, in a manner of speaking, the quality you would anticipate from a Cd. Lightning cable headphones permit you to take things to the higher level, putting out up to a 24-bit quality, which is similar to studio recordings. This doesn’t seem like a serious deal, yet the contrast between these two characteristics is genuinely surprising.

Improved audio power

Even the latest smartphones emit great quality and power, they regularly don’t do professional headphones justice. Lightning cable headphones simply boost the sound quality of any headphones, driving headphones, all things considered, and models to their full volume potential.

Lighting Headphones Buyer’s Guide -Things To Consider before buying


Your audio experience is to a great extent centered around how long you can remain to wear the selected headphones. This is the reason it’s so imperative to locate a set that fits perfectly. A set of headphones that fit well will remain snug and set up when you move yet won’t dive in or cause distress. They will likewise sit in your ears pleasantly, not dropping out or being crunched inside. Luckily, along these lines, numerous headphones accompany additional ear tips, so clients can discover one that fits perfectly.


A good pair of headphones should last for years even it is used frequently. So always look for a pair of headphones that are made of solid, high-quality material, can stand up against water, and boasts a good warranty. A warranty can’t plays a direct role in the durability, however it helps to ensure that the headphones last long. 

Special features

The special features add luxuriousness and modernity to the headphones. Before getting a headset make sure, which features you want to have. Some features are voice assistant technology, bone conduction, and noise cancellation capability. Remember that the more features you want to have, the more would be the price.


Your lifestyle is another reason to consider prior to buying new headphones. If you do a great deal of extreme sports that bring about sweat and moisture, you have to locate a set of headphones that is waterproof and can withstand all the action. 

If you work in an office, however, you may need a set that sits over the ear so it cancels the sound. In case you’re somebody who loves loud music, you may need a set of headphones that boast proficient quality. Then again, if music is just a leisure activity, you may select a set of more affordable headphones.

Microphone and control box

Microphones and control boxes are highlights that you don’t must have. Be that as it may, numerous lightning headphones accompany them. This being stated, not all combinations are acceptable. In the event that you need to think carefully with a cell phone, you have to give special consideration to this feature combination.

It makes it simple to switch among calls and audio, for example, music and audiobooks. A few combinations are massive and difficult to utilize. Make certain to discover a mix that utilizes a decent microphone, as a decent microphone implies an excellent voice call.


​Although purchasing a brand name thing, for the most part, doesn’t have that a very remarkable effect as far as quality when contrasted with unbranded items, it can once in a while be the feature. For instance, in the event that you purchase a set of headphones from a famous brand, you will have the option to connect with customer support rapidly should you have to.

You’ll be offered a decent warranty. Going for a couple from a lesser-known brand, you may run into inconvenience attempting to find support with any issues you may have. This isn’t generally the case though, so we suggest leading brand research prior to going ahead.


These lightning port headphones are both modern and useful in many ways. They deliver you the best audio quality. However, buying lightning headphones requires little knowledge to decide what kind of headphones suits your needs. We hope that you may clear and gathered some information about lightning headphones. If you still have doubts, let us know by commenting on the section below.

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