Top 40+ Best Ideas For Christmas Cake Decorations with Simple & Easy Tips

Christmas cakes will turn the entire party into a sweet one. To surprise your guests and to show your creativity, we are here to give you the best ideas for Christmas cake decorations

A simple cake can be made by mixing up your chosen fruit sponge, bake in the oven, take out, and start showing your creativity. What theme should I use? Theme? Yeah, make your cake resemble something relating to Christmas. Ranging from fondant to icing, royal icing to marzipan, we have listed simple and luxurious cake decoration ideas to make your Christmas a memorable and delicious one. Let’s have a look at the ideas.

Top tips for decorating a Christmas cake

Are you a beginner? Don’t worry, you won’t mess up the Christmas celebration with your cake. That’s why we have given some pro tips to decorate your cake.

Get a perfect polished finishing for your cake by using a cake decorating turntable and icing smoother utensils. Is that perfection not too good? Then try out the adjustable cake leveler. You can trim off the bumps and lumps on your cake surface and leave a perfect base for starting your cake decorations.

Keep in mind that, when decorating your Christmas cake for a fantastic icing sculpture, you have to keep the sculpture firm on its surface. If you have used a fondant icing, you can spray some water to get the gluey surface, where you can stick your sculptures. You can also use a small amount of frosting or buttercream as glue to stick the sculptures. Don’t use it too much, otherwise, it will escape and be visible underneath. 

Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas Penguins

1. Royal icing cake

Royal icing cake

You can create a royal icing with simple tutorials available. It will give a snowy finish to your cake.   

2. Igloo Christmas cake

Igloo Christmas cake

You can hide your weekly fruit cake within this igloo. You can cover this with white fondant and add some creations to give a realistic look. 

Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas Without Fondants

3. Mary Berry Christmas cake

Mary Berry Christmas cake

Create this sherry-infused classic Victorian Christmas cake before 3 weeks of Christmas to get the best ever taste. 

4. Swan Christmas cake

Swan Christmas cake

Showcase your creativity level with this Swan cake. You can make this happen with gingerbread, meringue, royal icing and some glitter. 

5. Red velvet peppermint cake

Red velvet peppermint cake

Surprise your neighbors with this tasty classic cake red velvet peppermint cake. You can make this happen within 35 mins. 

6. White chocolate and raspberry gateau

White chocolate and raspberry gateau

Make a simple and delicious Christmas Day dessert, it may look more professional, but you can make this by using hazelnuts, raspberries, and a snow-like icing.

7. Gingerbread cake with brandy buttercream

Gingerbread cake with brandy buttercream

Top your Christmas cake with cranberries, dried apricots and orange peel. Make a three-tiered gingerbread cake to feed many one.

8. Chocolate tiramisu cake

Chocolate tiramisu cake

A delicious cake with livable ingredients like Coffee, chocolate, Amaretto, double cream and mascarpone. 

9. Pick and mix chocolate and sweet cake

Pick and mix chocolate and sweet cake

Kids will fall in love with this idea. Include your favourite chocolates and candies to add a personal touch. 

10. Ginger Christmas cake

Ginger Christmas cake

To add more flavour to your fruits, you can soak the fruits in ginger wine for two days. Then add the fruits on the cake top to add more spicy flavour. 

11. Treacle bundt cake with limoncello drizzle

Treacle bundt cake with limoncello drizzle

Make a boozy bundt cake as a great alternative to your normal cake. You can also add edible glitter to add a sparkling effect.

12. Walnut cake with American frosting

Walnut cake with American frosting

Try this cake with awesome creamy vanilla buttercream filling on the top. It will be an ideal one for a great occasion.

Simple Ideas For Christmas Cake Decorations

13. Basic Christmas cake

Basic Christmas cake

Love making a classic fruit cake? That’s the perfect base for starring your decoration. Cover it with marzipan and sugar paste and show your creativity.

14. Malteser Christmas Pudding Cake

Malteser Christmas Pudding Cake

Try this Malteser Christmas pudding cake instead of traditional Christmas cake. 

15. Mary Berry’s Victorian Christmas cake

Mary Berry's Victorian Christmas cake

A cake made up with the goodness of dried fruits, nuts and sultanas and topped with glace cherries and pineapple. It gives a fruity flavoured bite and ideal for a flavourful christmas. 

16. Mini Christmas cakes

Mini Christmas cakes

Make these cute delicious mini christmas cakes, if you don’t prefer making a big Christmas cake. 

17. Red Velvet Christmas Cake

Red Velvet Christmas Cake

Make this fabulous and delicious Red Velvet Christmas cake for your party, which is even gluten free. 

18. Chocolate cake with tiramisu cream

Chocolate cake with tiramisu cream

Make a simple chocolate cake and create an icy pattern with a light dusting of icing sugar. This would be a simple but effective one. 

19. Dairy-free Christmas cake

Dairy-free Christmas cake

Soak your fruits in the rum and add it on the top of your rich cream sweet cake. This is a Dairy free cake. 

20. Easy Fondant Christmas Cake Decorations

Easy Fondant Christmas Cake Decorations

Make this funny santa christmas cake and bring some jolly in the Christmas party. This smiling Santa face is an ideal for the cake top. 

21. Christmas present cake

Christmas present cake

Packed with plenty of nuts, pistachio, clementine and a punch of rum, this present cake would be a great cake made up of fondant. 

22. Three trees Christmas cake

Three trees Christmas cake

Not only this Christmas tree, you can also add your favourite template. Ask your kids to help you along by creating Christmas ornaments on the fondant. 

23. Polar bear Christmas cake

Polar bear Christmas cake

Make your flavour cake and cover it with icing. Make your creatures using fondants. 

24. Snow much fun cake

Snow much fun cake

Try this apricot and cranberry fruit cake, covered with icing cream and mini structures with fondant. 

25. Snowflake Christmas cake

Snowflake Christmas cake

This is completely suitable for beginners. Cover your cake with fondant and use icing bags to draw the snowflakes. Add some glitter to make it shine. 

26. Rudolph Christmas cake

Rudolph Christmas cake

Make some Rudolph design with fondant and top it on the cake. 

27. Mini snowflake and gingerbread men cubes

Mini snowflake and gingerbread men cubes

Try these mini cubes of cakes covered with fondant and cute creatures. This will surprise your guests. 

28. Pleated shimmer Christmas cake

Pleated shimmer Christmas cake

This will give an expensive look to your party. They are just strips of fondant layered one above another. This will be a showstopper. 

29. Frozen Christmas cake

Frozen Christmas cake

Surprise your kids with this Frozen Christmas cake. Make tiny creatures of Frozen and add on the cake top. 

30. Stocking filler Christmas cake

Stocking filler Christmas cake

Just showcase your creativity in this cake. This is very simple and you can make this with different colours of fondants. 

31. Wrapped up Christmas cakes

Wrapped up Christmas cakes

Add mini cake gifts near your main cake. This will look more cute on your cake plate. 

32. Apricot and cranberry fruit cake

Apricot and cranberry fruit cake

Make this fruity flavoured cake and cover it with fondant. Use your creativity on the plain top.

33. Poinsettia design Christmas cake

Poinsettia design Christmas cake

Try this fun filled decorative cake, fully made up of fondants. 

34. Chocolate and almond parcel cake

Chocolate and almond parcel cake

Make this mouthwatering cake with fondants. You can freeze this in an undecorated state photo 3 months before plating. 

35. Classic chic Christmas cake

Classic chic Christmas cake

Cover your cake with white fondant and take an icing pen and show your creativity. 

36. Star design Christmas cake

Star design Christmas cake

Cover your fruity cake with a smooth fondant and add some star shaped fondants on the top. 

37. Fondant Christmas cake decorations

Fondant Christmas cake decorations

Cover your usual cake with fondant and marzipan, then start decorate it with your own creative santa and more. 

38. Gluten-free Christmas cake

Gluten-free Christmas cake

Make a gluten free cake with dried fruit, almonds, glace cherries and either a splash of orange juice or brandy. 

39. Rosemary Conley’s low-fat Christmas cake

Rosemary Conley’s low-fat Christmas cake

No need to worry about the calories. Make this new cake to enjoy your Christian party. 

40. Frances Quinn Cadbury snowflake chocolate cake

Frances Quinn Cadbury snowflake chocolate cake

Make this tasty chocolate snowflake cake which is ideal for beginners. 

Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas Videos

41. Santa Cake

Santa Cake

Make this iconic cake with icing cream. Learn how to make it here. 

42. Flower Cake

Flower Cake

Create an awesome cake with your icing bag and make many flowers and make it attractive. Learn it here. 

43. Fondant less cake

Fondant less cake

If you don’t want fondant, then try these cakes. Learn here.

44. Christmas gift cake

Christmas gift cake

Try this creative decorating cake and make it as your party star. Learn it here. 

45. Snow filled cake

Snow filled cake

Cover your Christmas cake with snow like icing cream. Learn it here. 

46. Snowman face

Snowman face

Make a smile in your guest face with this smiling cake. Learn it here.

47. Christmas tree cake

Christmas tree cake

You can easily make this with icing cream. Learn it here. 

48. Sculpture cake

Sculpture cake

You can learn and make this very easily by watching the video. 

49. Christmas Wreath Cake

Christmas Wreath Cake

It may look tricky, but you can make it simply by watching the video here. 

Thus we have given the best ideas under each type. You can even learn by watching videos. Hence you can get one of our best ideas for Christmas cake decorations.

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