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7 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones For Sleeping (Earbuds)

Here we are mentioning the top 7 best noise cancelling headphones or earbuds for sleeping. Are you getting reminders from your mind for the sleeping time? Ever faced any difficulties in sleeping even after you are completely exhausted? Try using a pair of the best headphones for sleeping.

Everyone needs a little assistance relaxing to help us fall asleep. Audio distraction would be the best way available. 

While using headphones, regardless of the type of music you hear, they need to be comfortable for you. Even if it is relaxing music, white noise, and ASMR video, binaural beats, a hypnosis soundtrack, you should not get disturbed more while trying to fall asleep.

Here we are going to give you a rundown about the review of the best headphones and earbuds for sleeping in bed. We have also listed the answers to the frequently asked questions, including how you can wear these things perfectly and comfortably as a side sleeper. 

7 Highest Rated Noise Cancelling Headphones For Sleeping Reviews

Bose QuietComfort 20

QuietComfort 20 :best headphones for sleeping


  • Option to control noise cancelling
  • Compatible for both Apple and Android
  • Has three earbud size 
  • Has a carrying case

These Bose earbuds are the best standard quality product in comfort and sound. This is an expensive product but you have to get it if you are very serious about getting good sleep with the aid of earbuds. 

The QuietComfort offers noise-cancelling feature so you can either block the sounds from the outside world which disturb your sleep. You can let some sound in if you have children in your home and you can stay alert with this feature. 

Controlling and giving a great sound quality is a state of art. These earbuds have no tinny echoes that come with other earbuds. It has soft and flexible inner ear tips and comes as comfortable wear for your sleeping. It also has clothing clips so that you can make sure they stay fit, even if you change your position through the night. If you need a calm environment for sleeping this Bose Quiet Comfort is the best choice. This is the first choice when speaking about the best headphones for sleeping in bed.

Shure SE215-K

Shure SE215-K


  • Sound isolation feature
  • Availability of Bluetooth option
  • Has three earbud size 
  • Has a carrying case

They are not technically noise cancelling ones but they isolate sound. So it won’t let you know about what’s going around you. It is soft and gives a comfortable feel. 

Half the price of the noise cancelling earbuds, this is an amazing choice for those who want something better at a reasonable price. If you need wireless earphones, go for Bluetooth- enabled earphones.

SleepPhones Acoustic Sheep

SleepPhones Acoustic Sheep best headphones for sleeping


  • Good headphone design
  • Machine washable
  • Has two fabric options
  • Has three earbud size 

If you are looking for an alternative choice for headphones, earphones, or buds, then SleepPhones AcousticSheep would be the best one. Most people say that this is more comfortable than lying down with something triggering your ear. This headband is very soft and can be washed, with slim and flat headphones embedded inside.

The SleepPhones AcousticSheep can also keep your hair in position so you will get benefits in a single product.

You can get this under XS, Medium, and XL. Sizes. Almost all people wear medium size. You can get this under four color options including, dark blue-black, lavender, and grey. Fleece material is used, which is very soft and hypoallergenic.


Tooks best headphones for sleeping


  • Availability of Bluetooth option
  • Good headphone design
  • Availability of Bluetooth option

It is another two-in-one type of Style, having a headband design with the earbuds inside. Two main differences arise between the Tools and AcousticSheep,

The headband also serves as a sports headband, so you can directly go to the gym from bed without changing the gear. It has removable earbuds so you can use this headband with or without sound, this would be an ideal one for doing an athletic activity without any audio destruction.

The headband has fleece material. You can get it in different colors of black, white and pink. Like AcousticSheep they don’t have flat earbuds so some people can feel them. So few people complain about the discomfort, because the overall design makes them fit in a way that doesn’t trigger into your ears.


CozyPhones best headphones for sleeping


  • Have a good headband design
  • Comes in three color option
  • Have travel bag

This brand also has a headband headphone design. The earphone has a round flat disc and the outer material is a fleece. CozyPhones come in multiple colors including, black, blue, pink, and white. They made an update in the design to offer a breathable mesh lining with a durable braided cord. We always go for a company that listens to customer feedback and makes improvements in the product. 

The only complaint is that the ear disc can move around if you turn a lot during your sleep.

Panasonic RP-HS46E-K

Panasonic RP-HS46E-K best headphones for sleeping


  • Have a slim and compact profile
  • Has an Over-the-ear design

The Panasonic Slim Clip earbuds come with an ear hook to fit comfortably behind your ear. The clip will open or shut, instead of sliding on and off. 

This headphone has no noise cancelling or noise isolation feature. So if you are sleeping with your partner, they may be able to hear some noises coming from your side of the bed. At a budget-friendly price, these earbuds perform good work.


MAXROCK best headphones for sleeping


  • You can get it in 10 color options
  • Have a built-in microphone
  • Has Noise-isolating design

The MAXROCK earbuds have a unique two-layer design, which offers an extra layer outside of your earbuds to increase fitness while blocking the external sound. Since they are lightweight you won’t feel them while you are sleeping. 

The earbuds are very soft, so they won’t make you feel discomfort like you have from other brands.

Best Headphones For Sleeping – Buyer’s Guide




They will fit over your ear and hence, it is large and bulk when compared with other earbuds or a headband. As they completely cover your ears, it delivers the best sound quality and noise-cancelling benefit with headphones.

Side sleepers must probably use another setup, as this can be uncomfortable to sleep with large and bulk headphones. They also give off heat. Though this is an ideal one for the back sleepers. If you are decided to buy these headphones, look for a headphone that is specially made for sleeping, as it will be thinner and has a lightweight.

best headphones for sleeping


You can find this in most households, but it is important to keep in mind the pros and cons of wearing them to sleep. If you are going to use this there is no need to spend extra cash. However, this is not suitable for side sleepers, as they will find something digging in their ears.

If you very consistently there is also an increased risk of bacteria build-up. This bacteria will cause an ear infection if you don’t properly clean your equipment regularly.


This design is getting popularized because it is very comfortable to wear. Read the reviews before shopping, because some headband produce better sound quality when compared to others, and also look for breathable material so that they won’t make you too hot or cause any skin problems.

best headband for sleep
Source: huffpost
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Noise Cancelling


Passive noise-canceling can physically block the sound waves from entering your ear. This is like keeping your fingers on your ears to feel the quietness. Are you wearing earplugs for a snoring partner? This is also passive noise canceling. Almost all earbuds fit into this category. The improvements have been made in blocking the sound without making much expense.


Active noise cancellation creates electronic signals to get rid of the external sound. It operates by bouncing back the noises around you and delivering to you through your earbuds or headphones. This is the most effective way to get rid of the external sound, as they combined with passive noise cancelling as well. These are the best noise cancelling headphones for sleeping. 


Wired or Wireless?

Wired headphones and earbuds won’t be preferred by most people, as the cord gets tangled. When you use it while sleeping, it will wrap you and thus plugs out from the audio device. This is not an ideal choice for sleeping.

A wireless Bluetooth option is preferred by most people, as they are very comfortable but we have to consider the battery. Before getting a wireless headphone check for the number of hours you can listen to the audio before going to charge again.


Sound Quality

Speaking about the song quality you have to consider how clear and crisp the audio output is and how it blocks off the external noises. You also have to check whether the product gives out or leaks the sound, as it will disturb others.

Headphones are the best in providing a good experience in all of these factors but they may not deliver the best comfort to you. Earbuds are second best but it may be an uncomfortable one for some people. Headbands are the easiest solution to sleep and the sound quality won’t be optimal.



The amount may vary greatly. While you can find the best solution even under $10 but others are over $100. Everyone says that you will get what you pay for, but it won’t apply in all situations, especially in buying headphones or earbuds for sleeping. We have noticed that even high-priced solutions don’t meet the expectations and cheap solutions performance is too good.

Benefits & Risks of Using Them

All products have their pros and cons and this is also applicable here. The plus is they suit for better night sleep and the minus outweighs a lot of potential risks.

It gives a noiseless sleep is the top benefit. You are able to relax with this by listening to white noise or calming music. Some studies show that you can even learn while sleeping.

Before changing your lifestyle remember to consider the risk as well. The most obvious one is hearing loss. If you increase your volume and listen for a long time it may lead to hearing damage. As a general rule, anything that exceeds power 60 decibels can put you at risk. 

Earwax buildup is another risk. It will be more difficult to remove safely when it becomes compacted. And there is a risk of bacteria build-up that causes infection or irritation in the ear canal.

We advise you to check the caution and proper hygiene. This will help you in experiencing a good song without any side effects or long-term consequences.

Other Ways to Reduce Noise

When looking at the pros and cons of using headphones to reduce external noise, you can also consider the other methods that people utilize to cut down the sound on sleeping.

Radio or Speaker

You are free to move around your bed if you use the radio. But it may keep you awake due to the commercial break and the inability to control the sounds you listen to. Through the speaker, you may need to rise up to adjust the volume or switch to another track. 

In addition to this, it won’t block any external sound and it will likely just mute it. 


Using earplugs will block the external sound and they will fall out easily from your ear and they will cause irritation that most headphones would avoid. In addition to this, you can find them if they fall out from your ears. It can become a choking hazard for your pets and small children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can side sleepers wear headphones at night?

Yes, side sleepers can wear headphones at night. Many side sleepers perfectly happy with the economically designed earbuds. If they are uncomfortable, they can switch to built-in slim-profile discs, which is an ideal option. Among these both earbuds, banded headphones give maximum comfort.

If you are a side sleeper and prefer actual headphones, the pressure and weight you put on both sides will generate heat. It is not superfluous. It is surprisingly hot and hot enough to wake you up with a red ear.

Which is the best place to buy them?

Nowadays you can get these products anywhere you want. You can check the physical stores like Best Buy, Apple store, Target, and Walmart. However, there are very limited products for selection and the prices will be high.

We suggest you check Amazon. They have the widest selection with the lowest prices and you can read all reviews to gain knowledge about the product you are paying for. This can be very helpful if you are worried about what something will look like when you sleep on your side or if you are interested in sound quality. In addition to this, you can read many reviews and that will surely help you in finding a good headphone for you.

Do you think kids can use them at night?

Sure if your child is a light sleeper and appreciates relaxing sound to fall asleep, you can get a quality set of headphones or earbuds for them.

Our only warning is to monitor the audio volume and sleep status. Additionally, if you are concerned about the risk of wires choking or strangling hazards, choose the wireless version. We recommend changing nights and not to wear them if possible.

You still want your child to sleep normally, and some studies indicate that night-time white noise exposure can delay brain development. However, it is primarily in infants, so there is nothing to worry about in children.


Getting a peaceful night’s sleep in the cloud’s external environment is not possible. But it is made possible with the aid of a set of headphones or earbuds is an affordable luxurious option. In addition to this, it is safer than medications.

Falling asleep with the help of headphones or earbuds is the best and fastest way to sleep all night. Whether you hear sleep music, a guided meditative soundtrack, or anything else to help you relax, you will feel better rested than the sounds of the night waking you up. In addition to this, having sound is better when compared to a silent earplug, because you are listening to something that will bring you joy and sobriety.

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