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7 Best Durable Kid’s Headphones in 2022: Wireless & Volume Limiting Headphones

It’s not uncommon for kids to possess favorite shows. In fact, most have a set of shows that they might watch on repeat for days. Great, right? Well, not such a lot if you’ve got to concentrate on the same lines. So, what are you able to do? Invest in a pair of great headphones for your children! In this review, we’ve listed the few best headphones for kids for the recommendations.

According to our review, the best headphones for kids are the Puro Sound Labs BT2200. These studio-level headphones are designed for teenagers, with safety features like volume limiting, and are incredibly easy to use and sturdy. Here are those and a few other great headphones for youngsters.

1. Puro Sound Labs BT2200

Puro Sound Labs BT2200
Source – AudioLifestyle

These headphones are available in 5 vibrant colours. These great quality bluetooth headphones are geared for kids, boasting unmatched durability and classic appearance. They need a volume that’s limited to reaching a maximum of 85dB. This works to guard your child’s eardrums and protect their hearing. 

The Puro Sound Labs BT2200s boasting an 82% noise cancellation quality that isolates external noise and makes for a crisp and clear sound. Also, the headphones are Bluetooth compatible and may be used with a spread of recent devices with the touch of a button. Each full charge of the headphones gives kids 18 hours of playback and up to 200 hours of standby.

When it involves durability, quality, and protective features for your kids, these headphones are unmatched.

9.1Expert Score
Puro Sound Labs BT2200

These headphones had everything that kids deserve. They are safe, high-quality, and affordable. They are good for a pair of kids’ headphones.

  • Easy to use controls
  • Noise-cancelling headphones 
  • The max volume setting protects eardrums and hearing.
  • The faux leather around the ear cups will put off with extended use.

2. Cozyphones Kids Headphones

Cozyphones Kids Headphones
Source – NaturalSleepEssentials

CozyPhones Kids Headphones are great for young children who have problems tolerating traditional headphones. Each pair of headphones is formed like an adorable character and is soft, also wearable, resembling a comfortable headband. The built-in speakers are slim and barely noticeable. The plug of the headphones may be a 3.5mm stereo plug, where the cord is braided for durability and tangle-free.

Also, the volume is restricted, which protects the hearing of sensitive young ears.

8.9Expert Score
Cozyphones Kids Headphones

These kid Headphones are adorable, cuddly, and best of all. It is Kids friendly.

  • Volume limited
  • Sage for use in a car
  • No bulky stereo pieces
  • A cute, fun design that kids will like
  • Not for children who wear hats.
  • Headband may slide at night
  • Fleece can be stuffy and hot

3. JBuddies Folding Headphones

JBuddies Folding Headphones
Source – Pinterest

These headphones are often worn by kids that range from 2 to 8 years aged and features eco-leather cushioned earpieces that provide all-day comfort. The JBuddies headphones are designed specifically to suit children’s heads with comfort and ease, and without slipping or sliding off.

Each pair of these headphones have built-in volume control and a maximum volume level of 85 dB, which keeps little ears safe from volume-related damage.

9Expert Score
JBuddies Folding Headphones

The headphones are comfortable to wear and designed for a perfect fit. Also, they are ideal for everyday use. 

  • Comfortable
  • Fits children in several age group
  • The max volume that prevents hearing damages
  • Plastics prone to damages

4. Lilgadgets Untangled Pro

Lilgadgets Untangled Pro
Source – Pinterest

These headphones can get connected with Bluetooth and have cushioned earpieces that give them added comfort. The Lil Gadgets headphones are designed for kids of 4 years aged and older, boasting vibrant colours, and cordless design.

Your kid can immerse within the audio without distraction because of the passive noise reduction feature. They even have a powerful 12-hour battery and charge via USB cable. Both the USB and 3.5mm cable that permits children to concentrate on the headphones plugged.

9Expert Score
Lilgadgets Untangled Pro

These headphones are at the top of every child’s holiday wish list. They have bright and kids friendly colours with padded earpieces.

  • Comfortable 
  • Includes USB and 3.5 mm cord
  • Can be used with bluetooth and cable
  • Frequently disconnects

5. Riwbox Headphones

Riwbox Headphones
Source – Walmart

Suppose you’re within the marketplace for a somewhat traditional pair of over-ear kids headphones with a touch of added flare. These are best if you are looking for a solid, reliable pair that are still fun. 

They can be used wired or wireless, and are available with a braided cord for wired use. Bluetooth connection, one paired, is instant and reliable. These Riwbox headphones are available two cute cat-eared colours and boast a reliable wireless connection.

8.8Expert Score
Riwbox Headphones

The Rixton headphones are a good gift for someone who likes a bit of glitz and glam in their headphones. They are ideal for the cat-loving kid in your life. 

  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Includes fun and creative features like the LED that blinks to the rhythm
  • Adorable with a fun combination of colours, music and lights
  • Overheating

6. JBL JR3000BT Kids Headphones

JBL JR3000BT Kids Headphones
Source – Jbl

These headphones are extremely lightweight but still durable and have a fast recharge time. They can last for 12 hours of use on a single charge. 

Like many children’s headphones, these are wireless, eliminating the chances of kids getting tangled in cords and frustrated. Their buttons are easy for kids to use and navigate, with all controls being child-friendly. The JR300BT also keeps the volume below 85dB to guard your little ones’ hearing.

Let your child unleash their creativeness and customise their own JBL headphones with the custom stickers.

8.9Expert Score
JBL JR3000BT Kids Headphones

These headphones are lightweight and good for small ears. These main headphones offer everything necessary for a seamless audio experience.

  • Lightweight
  • Good battery life
  • Easy to use control 
  • No 3.5 mm Jack for the weird use

7. Puro labs PuroQuiet

Puro labs PuroQuiet
Source – Desertcart

The headphones are available in three colours. PuroQuiet headphones use active noise-cancelling technology. They need a secure maximum volume and are fully wireless, using Bluetooth. The headphones give a long battery life of 22 hours and recharge instantly.

8.7Expert Score
Puro labs PuroQuiet

The PureQuiet is a pair of headphones that ensure comfort and ease of use, as well as stylistic appeal.

  • 22 hours battery 
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • ANC
  • Expensive

Why Your Kids Need Volume Limiting Headphones

Preventing Hearing Loss

Children like to hear their music at loud volumes, but they’re unaware of the risks of overly loud audio. The recommended volume level for kids is 85dB for one hour each day. Hearing loss caused by high volume levels are permanent and may have long-term impacts on your child’s academic performance.

Headphones that are designed specifically for kids will help to stop hearing loss by keeping the volume level at a low level. As long as you’ll moderate the volume level of your child’s headphones and make safety measures, they’re going to be safe from potential hearing loss.

Keeps Volume level at 85dB

Many headphones designed for kids have a volume limiter which will keep the quantity level at or below the recommended level of 85dB. Also, most of the Bluetooth devices keep the volume right down to a particular specified limit. To avoid the other possible damage from excessive volume levels, make certain to avoid having the headphones connected to any amplifiers.

Choosing Headphones For your Kids

Headphones Type

There are five types of headphones to settle on from that each one has its unique appeal and functionalities. These types are semi-open, open-air, earbuds, closed/sealed, supra-aural, and circumaural. To select which sort of headphones to get for your child, it’s important to understand how each type works.

Semi-open headphones are specially designed to not completely close. They’ll not be as effective at isolating sounds as closed headphones, and that they are usually used for recording purposes.

Open-air headphones are designed with open backs that allow sound to escape. This enables air to circulate through the headphones, providing an additional level of comfort to those that wear them.

Earbuds are designed to be a number of the foremost convenient headphone types on the market. They’re lightweight and simply portable, which is beneficial for once you are on the accompany your child.

Supra-aural headphones are designed similarly to circumaural headphones, except they’re the lighter and better-fitting alternative. They fit around your child’s head and works to supply excellent sound quality.

Circumaural headphones also fit around your child’s head, but they’re quite heavier than supra-aural headphones. Both types have great sound quality. 

Closed/sealed headphones are designed with closed backs that prevent the audio from leaking. This sort is well-suited for noisy environments and works to stop your child from getting distracted by the other outside noise surrounding them.


Most children will take a fun, colourful set of headphones over an uneventful black adult pair any day. They’ll want something that suits their taste, which may be anything from colour to fun design variations.


The price of the headphones is a crucial factor to think about. Headphones for kids are typically less costly than regular headphones, to start with. So it should be easy enough to seek out a pair of headphones that are affordable and effective. Headphones are available many various styles and colours finding a pair of affordable headphones may be a bonus for your wallet.


Durable headphones are critical for teenagers regardless of what sort of design they need. Children aren’t usually the foremost gentle people and that they will tend to shove their headphones into their backpacks once they are able to store them or maybe toss them around recklessly sometimes. They’re sure to break a minimum of a couple of headphones in their life out of pure abandon. Staying faraway from expensive headphones and finding a pair that’s heavily durable and hard is going to be your best bet.

Volume Protection

Your child will enjoy headphones that have a volume limiting features in order that they don’t suffer damage to their hearing. You’ll even have to show them about sound safety and safe listening. Set some ground rules for his or her headphone use in order that they know to avoid excessive volume levels.

As an additional precaution, teach them the importance of listening to their surroundings while using their headphones. This may help them to properly exercise caution while they’re using headphones during a public space.

Wired or Wireless

Choosing between wireless and wired headphones could also be difficult for a few parents, but wireless usually has more advantages than wired. Children are very active and have a tendency to bounce around tons. Wire-free headphones will give children the liberty they have to move and provides them with an honest listening experience.

The downside to wireless, however, is that the audio quality may sometimes be questionable. If you’re checking out headphones for his or her audio quality, wired headphones would be the higher option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of headphones is best for kids?

Over-ear wireless headphones are generally great for kids. They’re the safest, most comfortable, and most smart devices use Bluetooth technology which creates no need for messy wires.

When is it safe for kids to use headphones?

As long because the volume is kept at 50% or lower, headphones are safe for kids. However, it is a good rule of thumb to attend until your kids are ready to walk, and skills to use the headphones before taking your eye off of them while they’re listening.

Do I want volume-limiting headphones?

You should definitely think about volume limiting headphones, but most devices even have parental controls that leave volume limiting, so it isn’t always needed within the headphones themselves.


Overall, confirm that the headphones that you simply prefer to buy for your child are durable, affordable, built with high-quality audio capabilities combined with high-quality volume control. As other criteria, your child will adore their new headphones even more if it’s an adorable and interesting design. I hope this article of best kids headphones has helped you in selecting the best one.

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