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10 Best Work From Home Gears You Should Try! [Buy Online]

So, stuck at home in this pandemic? Are you interested in some of the essential work from home gears?
There is no option rather than working from home nowadays!
Hence the best thing we can think of is, how to make this productive in the best way we can!
There are plenty of accessories available which can make a very big difference in the way we work.
This blog is about some gears for how to effectively work at home!

10 Work From Home Gears In Our Daily Lives

Life has become so digital nowadays!

A full-sized keyboard, a wireless mouse and an external monitor are some of the accessories which most of the people own at home. But, apart from these, there are many essentials which can help us in making our day just as good as in the Office.

They do not make us feel that we are working from home!

Standing Desk!

Isn’t it boring to sit for the whole day?
Yes it is!
This is one of the best gear to work from home!
TechOrbits standing Desk convertor!

TechOrbits standing Desk convertor

It is a small and a lightweight conversion desk that can be easily installed or even removed as and when you want.
But, it is also highly adjustable and has a special keyboard tray.

Also, people who sit a lot every day have a great risk of diabetes, heart disease and early death!
While exercise is one of the most effective ways to burn calories quickly, simply choosing to stand instead of sitting can also be very beneficial.

This is the only standing desk converter brand out there to offer a lifetime warranty for you.
The desks are designed to hold the entire workstation, this stand up desk converter features a very heavy-duty aluminum frame that can also comfortably support up to 33 lbs of gear with the best ease.
Need some more choices? 

Check out now!

Laptop Stand!

A good laptop stand will surely bring your display up to eye level and help you sit up straighter and much more comfortably.
This is very essential to work from home!
We provide you with the best Nulaxy laptop stand!

best Nulaxy laptop stand

This stand is very comfortable whether working from the couch, sitting at a desk or also laying in bed.
Along with this,  the ventilated design has many safety benefits, too.

When Windows wakes the system up in the middle of the night to force update itself, and leaves it on afterwards on its own, you don’t have to worry about the system overheating on your lap and setting the bed on fire or destroying the laptop in any way as it won’t be in contact with you and your bed.

Most importantly, there are no tools needed for adjustment.

You have to  just pull it out the height you want and fold it down the laptop stand with a bit of effort to adjust it according to your comfort level.

Want to check it out??

Protect your eyes!

Working from home means that you will have a lot of video calls, Zoom call meetings and every possible thing!

Working continuously and staring at the computer screen can give a severe strain to your eyes.

You need to protect it! We provide you with the Meetsun Glasses!

Meetsun Glasses

Enjoy your digital time very effectively!

NO worry about eye fatigue, blurred vision and also no headache.
Improve Better Sleep, provide all-day protection in a great way!

Low colour difference, brings you good visual experience, shock resistant , dust free and also very easy to clean, hence safe to wear!

These glasses are for the people who work for hours on their tablets and laptops and have no time to think about themselves!

Check it out,

Keep Your Coffee very hot!

People usually drink coffee while working so as not to feel sleepy!
And obviously everybody likes the hot sip of the coffee.

Hence we provide you with the best Amber Mug!

Amber Mug

Ember’s best technology allows you to set the required temperature according to your hot beverage, so you can enjoy your coffee from the first sip to the last drop!

Isn’t it very interesting?

Most importantly, it has a long lasting battery!

You can keep on the included great charging coaster for all day use.

Interestingly, this mug also has a feature of smartphone control!

Pair with the Ember App from the play store to set your temperature, customise presets, receive notifications and much more.

Are you excited?

Relaxing chair!

When you work at home, you are comfortable only when you can adjust your chair according to your convenience!

We provide you with the best Modway Chair!

Modway Chair

Sometimes when you work continuously, and use the normal chair, you face the back pain problems.

This can affect your working hours!

It is very easy to use and can be adjusted however you want!

Enjoy the mobility over carpeted or hardwood floors with five dual-wheel casters on all the sides!

Most importantly, it is a mesh that ensures excellent airflow, so that you don’t get too hot!

It is very comfortable. Also, it helps to keep your posture very straight. 

Want to check it out??

Wireless Mouse!

This mouse helps to connect to your laptop or computer without the use of wires!

We provide you with the best WISFOX wireless mouse!

WISFOX wireless mouse

Wireless mouse provides the much-required flexibility when it comes to work from home. 

These allow you to change your pose a bit while working with freedom to move anyhow you want instead of keeping your hands on your laptop’s keyboard all the time which makes it very uncomfortable!

Want to check it out??

Headphones to focus!

When you work at home, you come across a lot of disturbances. We provide you with the best COWIN headphones to avoid that!

COWIN headphones

Significant noise reduction for main travel, work and anywhere in between wherever you go in the world!

Advanced active noise reduction technology rescues aeroplane cabin noise, makes you fully focus on what you want to hear, enjoy your music, movies and videos.

The noise cancellation function can work well both in wire and wireless mode wherever you want! It helps to reduce the noise when you are in a Zoom meeting for the effective work! Interested??

Best Webcam!

When you think about the work from home, using the webcam is a common thing for video calls, meetings etc.

Using the right quality of webcam is very important which contains many features!

We provide you with the best Papalook Webcam!

Papalook Webcam

It helps us to make widescreen calls, record and stream true to life HD 1080P video at 30fps in a very clear, sharp image quality on your favourite applications like Skype and also Zoom!

The fast and the very accurate autofocus ensures that the camera stays focused on your face automatically and full time even if you move around, presenting you in the best state while working.

Most importantly, the omni-directional mic filters out external background noise, and also captures your voice from every angle, to make sure you are heard very clearly.

This is how your work from home is no more a problem!

WIFI Extender!

Isn’t Wifi a necessity nowadays?

Yes it is!

And working from home requires a good network without which you cannot do anything related to your work!

We provide you with the wifi extender called Eero!

wifi extender Eero

The Internet is the base of everything we do while working.

It is important and the faster it is, the better.

If you already have a good Wi-Fi router at home for working with wide coverage and anything above 60mbps, you are probably good to do most of your work anytime.

But, if there is an issue with the coverage area, you can buy a Wi-Fi extender that always extends the maximum coverage area so you get internet connectivity in more spots inside your home.

Want a wide area wifi connection?

Extended plug points!

Why are plug points necessary?

They play a very important role when you want to work from home! We provide you with the best extended plug pointer called Tonbux.

best extended plug pointer

Multi-plug points or extension cords as we call it plays a vital role in powering multiple devices at once at any place. 

You don’t just power your laptop while working at home, you plug in your phones, speakers, external displays, CPUs and more. 

So, get one if you can, it can really be useful to charge many devices all together!


So, are you facing a problem working at home in this pandemic?

Make use of all the above 10 essential work from home gears and work peacefully with the office environment at home!

Using these devices will make your work more easy and working from home will not be a tough job for you anymore!

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