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Best Devices to Improve Your Online Meetings Experience

Everyone is stuck at home in this time of CoronaVirus pandemic. We have learned to live indoors, maintaining social-distancing and work from home. This global pandemic doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. We are trying to be safe and avoid going out even for work. We are getting adapted to work from home.

Many of us are already working from home and attending numerous video conferences and calls. Just in the past few months we learned, there are so many distractions around and we face difficulty in order to remain focused. So we have to create a favourable work environment to work at home in our comfort.

Top 4 Gears for Online Meetings at Home

For establishing a decent work environment at home, we need stay at home essentials. Some of the work from home essentials are webcams, monitors, laptop, wifi and many more.

While working from home most of us are attending a number of video conferences and calls, our whole work is shifted on the internet. We regularly attend work meetings, give presentations, even our family gatherings are shifted to video calls and google meets. 

Now level-up your video meetings experience and make your video calls favorable, set the lights, audio-visuals according to your preference with amazing gears. We have listed a few amazing gears to up your video call game. 

Here is a quick list of the gears available online, which will level-up your video chats experiences:

Best Webcam

A decent webcam is necessary to ease our video conferences and boost video quality. We all know laptop in-built cameras are not good enough for flawless video quality. It scares us to come out ineffective in video meetings and even holds many of us back from video conferencing. PC 1080p Webcam with mic is a solution to all of your video quality problems. Its perfect image quality, automatic low light correction and wide angle view makes your video conferences perfect. Get it at best value on amazon.

Best Webcam

Best Sound Quality Microphone

The background sounds ruin a video conference much more quickly than anything else. Background sounds are the biggest distraction when we are on calls or attending an official video meeting. After installing a decent webcam to our desk, we need a good quality microphone, which will make sound quality more rich and clear. TKGOU professional USB microphone is a perfect choice for business purposes and also for streamings. Order this amazing All-in-one microphone set on Amazon.

Best Sound Quality Microphone

Perfect Lighting For Video Recording

Even after having the perfect webcam and perfect microphone. We get annoyed by that imperfect lighting which discolours our face and makes us look strange. Webcam tries to balance the lights and makes us look dull and outline us around the brighter background. To get rid of it we need to place a light behind the webcam that positions the light on our face. Neewer LED ring lights are a must buy for perfect lighting. This USB-powered mini LED ring is designed for providing the best possible light for photos, videos, portraits and video meetings. Buy now at best value on Amazon.

Perfect Lighting For Video Recording

Make your multitasking easier

If your work includes working on multiple documents at a time and browsing on multiple windows, scrolling spreadsheets and many more. Then you know being on video meetings and at the same time doing all work and taking notes is hell lot of multi tasking. So to make it a little easier you can shift your audio and video tasks to your phone which have much better camera quality than your laptop. 

If you use your phone, then obviously you can’t keep your hand busy in holding the phone and avoid other tasks. So to put your phone steadily at the position you need it to be, you will need an adjustable tripod. A gooseneck phone holder will be the best choice for it. Gooseneck Phone Holder holds the phone at any angle you want. Order it on Amazon for best value.

Make your multitasking easier mobile holder
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