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BeatsX Review

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BeatsX Review

The BeatsX is an appealing neckband-style wireless headphone that features a lot of the "magic" of Apple's AirPods in a more conventional, sports-friendly design. If you’re in need of something stylish, timeless, and reliable, the BeatsX is the wireless earphones for you.

Sound Quality
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Class 1 Bluetooth
  • AAC and W1 chip
  • Multipoint connectivity
  • Magnetic housings
  • Sound quality
  • Battery life
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BeatsX vs Powerbeats 3

BeatsX vs Powerbeats 3

The Beats BeatsX are more adaptable headphones than the Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless in my review, but the Powerbeats3 are better sports headphones. BeatsX has a neckband design that not everyone will prefer.

Thanks to their typical in-ear design, the BeatsX create a decent seal inside your ears and block an honest amount of ambient noise, making them suitable for commuting and at the office.

On the opposite hand. The Powerbeats 3 are typical wireless in-ears and their ear-hook design is more stable for sports. They’re also a touch easier since they don’t enter your auditory meatus as deeply.

Weight 0.05 lbs0.06 lbs
Low-Frequency Response10.15 Hz10.15 Hz
Battery life 6.5 hours11.7 hours
Charge time0.6 hours1.2 hours
App supportBeatsNA

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BeatsX Unboxing

Buying the Beats BeatsX wireless earphones affords listeners four pairs of ear tips, an array of secure-fit wingtips, a softshell carrying case, and a lightning charging cable. Yes, as an Android user instruction manual, it’s weird seeing Lightning instead of USB-C, but it works. Especially since even the new AirPods Pro still charge via lightning.

BeatsX unboxing
Source – Youtube

BeatsX Features Review


The BeatsX is made up of plastic. The mainly plastic construction doesn’t cheapen the texture of the BeatsX. In fact, the plastic neckband caps and earbud are pair nicely with the rubberized Flex-Form cable, very similar to how a third-tier Cabernet pairs well with tonight’s TV dinner.

The lightweight magnetized buds, which house 8mm drivers, adhere to every other, so you’ll pin them together when they are not in your ears and wear them sort of a pendant.

Like other neckband-style headphones, these are designed to be worn around all day and they are light enough to form you forget you’re wearing them.

The in-line controls of BeatsX are just the way we like them: basic but effective. You’ll use them the raise and lower the quantity, pause the music, skip tracks, and rewind.

There’s also a built-in microphone that you simply can use to form calls. The BeatsX headphones sit snugly within the ear without supplying you with the sensation that they’re close to falling out.

If you would like to match your BeatsX wireless earphones to your gym bag, the headphones are available four colors: Black, White, Grey, and Blue. As per the design, the BeatsX has three advantages over the AirPods. First off, they’re much harder to lose.

Second, they need an extended battery life – about eight hours on the BeatsX compared to the AirPods’ six. And, finally, the four sets of ear tips offer you a greater chance of finding the proper fit compared to the AirPods’ one-size-fits-all approach.

beatsX design
Source – Wired

BeatsX Battery Life

The BeatsX wireless earphones battery life is listed at 8 hours. The BeatsX provides 5.45 hours of listening before requiring a recharge. Fortunately, a full charge cycle takes slightly below an hour, which is about half the time of most wireless earbuds.

And 5 minutes of charging provides 2 hours of playback when the battery is low. Additionally, you’ll likely listen to lower volumes than 75dB (SPL), which should extend the battery life. Goodbye as we’re discussing charging methods, you’ll notice that the lightning input is totally exposed.

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Sound Quality

BeatsX review reveals that these wireless headphones have good sound quality. The BeatsX reproduces a reasonably bass-heavy sound but also places quite a little bit of emphasis on midrange frequencies.

For the foremost part, this will be seen as an honest thing, because it counteracts vocal masking. Relative to the PowerBeats 3, the low-end emphasis might be considered subdued.

Treble, on the opposite hand, is audible, but much of the detail that rings from the instruments’ harmonics are lost within the din.

The noise isolation of BeatsX earphones is fine. If you would like to enhance it, confirm to take a position during a pair of memory foam ear tips. Doing so attenuates external noise by creating a more cogent seal. As a result, you’ll enjoy more powerful low-end reproduction.

The microphone features exceptionally well in noisy environments. With construction just 50 meters away, the BeatsX attenuated ground noise with ease.

However, it’s a fundamental responsibility of about 160kHz, sounds accurate. When talking together with your friends on the phone, you’ll sound good and that they will listen to you clearly.

BeatsX Pairing

The BeatsX allows you to take all advantage of that delicious W1 chip and AAC Bluetooth codec compatibility. You can pair the BeatsX headphones with an iPhone, MacBook Air, Apple Watch, and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge easily.

As I said, the headphone incorporates Apple’s new custom low-power Bluetooth chip, the W1, which allows for automatic pairing with Apple devices.

To pair, you only activate the BeatsX — the facility button is on the proper bulge — and hold the BeatsX wireless earphones near your iPhone. That ought to automatically pair the headphone to your Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac — anything registered to you on your iCloud account — and once I went through the initial pairing process I used to be ready to switch among my Apple devices with minimal hiccups.

BeatsX earphones also work with non-Apple Bluetooth devices, but you’ve got to pair it the old-fashioned way, which remains pretty simple.

BeatsX pairing
Source – corumeo.org

BeatsX Specs

Brand Beats
Release DateNovember 2018
Weight 168 grams
Product Dimensions16 x 11.94 x 22.61a  cm
Connector TypeBluetooth
Battery life8 hours
ColorsColors of BeatsX earphones – Black, white, grey, blue, satin silver
WarrantyThe BeatsX has 1-year warranty


If you don’t desire to spend thousands then BeatsX is an honest deal seeing as these earbuds are slightly below the price of $100 as per my review and headphones have excellent connectivity—the bane of all Bluetooth headphones’ operational existence—these are an excellent deal.

The BeatsX gives you most of the “magic” features of the AirPods, including Lightning charging and effortless syncing.

This all comes during a wearable design that rolls up into a compact carrying case that’s arguably harder to lose than the AirPods’ smooth plastic dental floss-size case. It’s going to not be the last word neckband-style wireless headphone, but it is a fresh take with tons of appeal.


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