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Beats EP Review

Advantages: Beats EP review shows that it is strongly built and reinforced with stainless steel. Beats EP sounds great and reasonably priced. These headphones are comfortable for an on-ear model and have an in-built microphone for calls.

Drawback: The headphone doesn’t fold flat to carry in the bags safely.

The Bottom Line: The Beats EP is a simple on-ear headphone with decent features. The Beats EP is a great on-ear headphone under $100, well-built, and surprisingly sounds better than or good as Beats Solo3 Wireless, which costs 3 times the price of this wired headphone.

Beats EP On-Ear Wired Headphone

Beats is one of the most popular audio brands. But one of the major drawbacks with the brand is its pricing, Beats headphones are too expensive. The people might not have noticed its feature attribute of bass-heavy sound if not for this high price like some of the premium headphones.

EP On-Ear Wired Headphone
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Beats have many high-end expensive premium on-ear headphones. But its inexpensive entry-level EP headphones are unexpectedly good. These are decently priced under $100 which is not much in comparison with beats premium headphones. EP is an on-ear model of headphones which is somehow not stylish like the Beats quite forgotten on-ear model Mixr, also the over-ear Executive and Pro models.

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Beats EpSony WH-1000XM3Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700Beats Solo 3 Wireless

Beats EP is available in a few different colors: Black, Blue, White, and Red. It has an iPhone-compatible in-built remote and microphone for making calls. Some of the functions don’t work with Android devices, but you can use the microphone for making calls. The headphone cable is thin and flat, the cord can’t be detached and terminates in a straight plug.

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Beats EP Sound
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Beats EP is a comfortable headphone for an on-ear model, although not comfortable as the Bose on-ear headphones. The headphone is nicely cushioned and feels comfortable and warm, some people may not like the fit of the Beats EP. We can’t surely say it as the Best on-ear headphones for very big heads. It really offers a good amount of noise isolation due to its tight fit.

Beats EP Review shows it is strongly built and has a little lift to them. It weighs 200 grams (7.0 ounces). Whichever color you choose, the sound-providing cable goes into the left earcup. There is no way to take out the 3.5mm jack. The cable wire is too long and end up hanging across your body, the wires may get tangled due to their long length. There is no way to put the cable jack into the right ear cups.

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Sound Quality

It sounds great for an on-ear headphone for everyday use. It has all the evident characteristics of a good-sounding headphone. They’re pretty clean, sound decently open for on-ear headphones, enough treble detail to present some sparkle. But they’re not incredibly dynamic.

These are best-sounding headphones under $100, and surprisingly great for Beats headphones.

The bass sounds pretty prominent, but not much bloated or boomy, like any other Beats Headphones. For explanation, there is enough present bass to satisfy a low-end lover, who is gonna use it for his/her everyday works like music listening or calls, but not too great to satisfy someone who is especially looking for a more balanced and neutral-sounding headphone.

EP comfort
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Listening to Nathaniel Rateliff’s ‘What I Need’ song, the solid bass line is strong without being overpowering, while the rough horn areas are characterized. They do well in general murmur out marginally as long, high tones hit their peak, however. It’s not the broadest sound we’ve heard, yet we’ve encountered a lot of compliment sounds in and around the price value of $100.

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Beats EP vs Solo3 wireless

If you are ready to pay more and buy expensive headphones, then there are plenty of better headphones in the market which have better sound clarity with more openness, are more detailed, and have tighter bass. But the Beats EP is a great on-ear headphone under $100, well-built, and surprisingly sounds better than or good as Beats Solo3 Wireless, which costs 3 times the price of this wired headphone.

In spite of that, as its name shows, Solo3 is a wireless headphone whereas Beats EP is solely an old-school wired headphone. 

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Beats EP is best for?

Beats EP will be a great choice for kids or for the parents of kids who want to buy a pair of Beats but afraid it’ll get broken and money will drown. You can buy these Beats EP headphones to get into the brand without paying a big amount for premium Beats headphones.

Anyone who loves the Beats brand but doesn’t want to spend that heavy amount on premium models, then Beats EP is the best choice to own a stylish “b” logo headphone.

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Beats EP Function
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You don’t get the on-ear touch sensors to control the track or volume levels and play/pause the music. But you can access these functions with the in-built remote control on the wire.

You can use your headphone’s in-built button control to play/pause the music with a single press. You can skip the track forward by double-pressing the button and skip the track backward by pressing the button three times. You can activate the voice command by long-pressing the button control, like Siri for iPhones. 

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Android users can answer the calls by pressing the in-built remote, but the other functions depend on the abilities of the phone. Android users may not be able to use some of the features.

Beats EP will be a great option for gifting someone a headphone as it costs under $100. As for the price, you can also consider gifting someone true wireless earbuds for less than $100, none of these have Beats branding.

Beats EP Specifications

  • Wired model
  • On-Ear design
  • Weighs 200 grams
  • In-built remote control
  • Built-in microphone
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Stainless steel design
  • Adjustable vertical slider
  • Battery-free
  • Color: Black, Blue, Red & White


The Beats EP Review shows it is a wired on-ear headphone with decent features. The Beats EP is a great on-ear headphone under $100, well-built, and surprisingly sounds great. Read the review in detail. Buy now on Amazon or Best Buy. (Links Given above)

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