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Atlas VPN Review 2022 – Pros & Cons with Free Subscription

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Atlas VPN Review

Atlas VPN should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a lightweight VPN. I’ll compare the free and paid choices in this review to assist you in making the best choice.

  • Strong Military-Grade Encryption
  • Free version available
  • Split Tunnelling
  • Most streaming platforms are unblocked. Yes to Netflix
  • Yes, torrenting is possible
  • Super-fast speeds and Impressive long-distance Speeds
  • Simultaneous device connection in the premium version
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days in the premium version
  • Peer – to – peer(P2P) Compatible
  • Unlimited bandwidth and connections
  • WireGuard for Windows &amp
  • Android
  • Ultra-secure MultiHop+ servers
  • No Linux support
  • Limited configuration options

Atlas VPN was founded in 2019 and it is a highly secure freemium VPN service that aims to keep the internet safe and open to anyone. Atlas VPN was acquired by Nord Security in 2021, a market leader in offering digital security and privacy solutions. Even though we’ve only been around for a few years, we’ve already gained the trust of more than 6 million people throughout the world.

This Atlas VPN platform is offered for three extremely inexpensive premium subscriptions, or for free with certain limits.

Atlas VPN is a virtual private network that allows users to browse the internet and access websites anonymously. It also provides security and privacy protection for users’ online activities. This is useful for you if you want to access geo-restricted websites like Netflix, Pandora, or BBC iPlayer. Atlas also offers protection against online surveillance, which is important in countries like China, Russia, or Uzbekistan. Atlas VPN is headquartered in Hong Kong and has servers in over 37 countries around the world.

The fact that Atlas VPN doesn’t require any personal information at its sign-up stage makes it a very attractive option for those who are looking for security and privacy. However, is Atlas VPN good enough to be your go-to choice? In this review, we’ll take a closer look at all of its features and see how it fares against the competition.

atlas vpn overview
Source: Atlasvpn

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Quick Overview of Atlas VPN Review

Who is the Atlas VPN trademark owner?

Peakstar Technologies Inc., based in the United States, owns the AtlasVPN trademark. Atlas VPN offers access in over 37 server locations including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Singapore, and the United States.

Is there a Free or Trial version of Atlas VPN? 

It offers user-friendly applications and a decent free version. Furthermore, they provide a premium version. Premium provides access to speedier servers as well as the servers that have been tuned for streaming. The major difference between both versions is that with the Premium edition, you will have access to additional security measures and you may now select from 37 locations rather than three.

  • Ranks 12th out of 216 service providers
  • 37 countries, 750+ high speed VPN servers but only 3 in free version
  • Price starts at $1.39 per month
  • IKEv2 Protocols 
  • Credit/ Debit cards or Google pay payment options available
  • An assured money-back guarantee for 30 days
  • Number of devices allowed per licence- unlimited 
  • Comes with a kill switch 

What is so special about the Free Version in Atlas VPN review?

It’s basically free, and it’s unique in that there are no bandwidth limitations, so you may use as much data as you like. In that regard, it is quite comparable to ProtonVPN.

These do not provide the ‘5x faster’ speeds advertised for paying users, and there are no assurances of video streaming performance. They are reported to unblock numerous streaming sites, and there is also support for P2P downloads.

What’s amazing about the freemium (free) Atlas VPN model is that you’re seldom prompted for any information: you simply download, install, and it works. Nothing, not even an email address. This is excellent for privacy. It also means you may use it on all of your devices rather than just one.

Features – Atlas VPN Review

Ultra-secure MultiHop+ servers

Ultra-secure MultiHop+ servers
source: AtlasVPN

Atlas introduced you to MultiHop+ technology, the most advanced in the industry.
Regular VPN servers only encrypt your traffic once. MultiHop+ servers send your traffic through several VPN locations, which adds an extra layer of security.

Using a virtual private network (VPN) is a great way to ensure that your online activity is completely anonymous.

Servers and Locations

atlas vpn server and locations
source: Atlasvpn

Atlas has 750 servers in 39 locations worldwide. You can view all server information here.


SafeBrowse is the first feature that I am going to explore in the Atlas VPN review. The SafeBrowse (SafeBrowse Plus on macOS and iOS) switch is located in the security settings tab. It’s an optional security feature that allows you to block dangerous websites. When you use a VPN to browse the internet and come across a website that is on the blacklist, you will be refused access. This is a paid function, so if you want to use it, you’ll need to subscribe.

atlas vpn features
Source: Atlasvpn


Atlas VPN review is incomplete without mentioning about SafeSwap. Atlas VPN has launched the SafeSwap function, which is unique in the VPN industry. Each SafeSwap has a plethora of IP addresses assigned to it. Because they are shared by several users, IP rotations are unpredictable. Unless you actively verify, you will not realise that the IP addresses have changed. This has no effect on speed decreases. To accomplish a similar effect with other Proxy servers, you’d have to disconnect and then reconnect to a different server. Switching happens while you surf using SafeSwap. So, if you open one page, it will use one IP address; but, if you close it and open another, the address used will change.

Although it may appear to be cutting-edge technology, the Data hack detection function just checks to see whether your data has been compromised. Because that is a paid feature, free users will not have access to it. If your data was compromised in such a data breach, you would receive bullet points indicating the type of data that was exposed. As a result, you can immediately determine if simply your email address was compromised or whether passwords were also compromised. This is a useful tool to have on hand while trying to close security gaps.

What is WireGuard Protocol and Why Atlas VPN use it?

atlas vpn wireguard

If you don’t know what is WireGuard protocol then let me clear this in the Atlas VPN review.

WireGuard is an open-source VPN protocol designed for ease of use by providing higher connections while being safe.

By utilizing the WireGuard® protocol, you can speed up and simplify your VPN experience. Its state-of-the-art cryptography is more reliable than ever for streaming, gaming, browsing and provides un-crackable security.

The WireGuard protocol has a number of advantages for Atlas VPN users. It is incredibly lightweight, including less than 4,000 lines of code, which simplifies auditing and vulnerability detection. Additionally, this modern protocol instantly encrypts connections, withstands disturbances, and excels in terms of speed and security by utilizing powerful cryptography.

Atlas VPN review also covers how to enable Wireguard in your Atlas VPN app by following some easy steps. Open the Atlas VPN app then Navigate to Settings and find the VPN Protocol section. Enable Wireguard from the 3 options (Auto, Wireguard & IPSec/IKEv2).

Atlas VPN Split Tunneling

Atlas VPN split tunnelling allows you to selectively route some traffic through Atlas and other types of traffic through your regular connection. That means Atlas users will be able to access Atlas servers and Atlas blocked content while maintaining your regular internet connectivity for all other devices in the network.

Atlas VPN for Android TV

Another main feature of Atlas VPN review is the VPN for Android TV. Atlas VPN for Android TV is no doubt the best choice you can make as a cord cutter. AtlasVPN service has very strong encryption and makes it impossible for anyone to monitor your web activity. It is secure no matter where you are, in China or just at home in New York. Android TV app also has a unique feature of Atlas obfuscation technology which helps by hiding your real IP address and replacing it with one from Atlas VPN, the country you want to be in.

Data Breach Monitor

Data Breach Monitor is another key feature that prompted me to write an Atlas VPN review. A data breach is the intentional or unintentional release of secure information to an untrusted environment. Data breaches can be carried out in a variety of ways, such as hacking or social engineering. This information can include private and public records.

Today is the age of security awareness. With so many data breaches happening every day, it seems like everyone should be more careful about their online activities. AtlasVPN is a VPN service that promises to protect its users by providing them with excellent encryption and secure connection. AtlasVPN uses military-level encryption and keeps no logs. AtlasVPN also claims it does not track how its users use the internet, what they stream or download, and which sites they visit.

The Atlas Data Breach Monitor alerts Atlas users when their credentials are involved in a data breach. The Atlas VPN service was designed to help you browse the web privately and securely. At the moment, Atlas VPN’s Data Breach Monitor service is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android apps only.

Atlas VPN Pricing

This VPN product is accessible with a 1-month subscription of $9.99/month, but you may save significantly if you select a prolonged subscription, such as the 12 month alternative for $2.49 per month or the 3-year subscription commitment for only $1.39 per month.

There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, but you must first troubleshoot with the supplier. However, you do not have to rely on this return policy to try out the service. There’s also a good free tier that gives you access to a few servers.

atlas vpn pricing
Source: Atlasvpn

You get more location access, faster connection speeds, 24/7 customer service, UHD streaming, and no advertising with Premium. You may also check out Atlas Premium VPN for free. Depending on the offer, your trial time might be anywhere from 72 hours to 168 hours(7 days). You may extend your trial even further with the new programme –persuade your acquaintances and friends to sign up using your link, and you might receive 7 more days of premium time for your account. If you want a better bargain on the premium plan, you may discover a plethora of Atlas VPN promo codes online.

Finally, you may get the software for free by visiting their website and selecting your favourite platform. To try the software for free, you don’t even need an account.

The company does not restrict the number of concurrent VPN connections you can make, but it is relatively limited in the payment methods it accepts. Payments may only be done with Google Pay or cards (credit/debit).


Streaming is also another great feature that I added in my Atlas VPN review. AtlasVPN takes great pleasure and pride in providing its users with access to geographically restricted streaming material that is not available in all geographic areas. Its premium edition not only grants access to Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and other services but also bypasses localised libraries from the well-known Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

atlas vpn streaming
Source: Atlasvpn

Encryption and Privacy

AtlasVPN employs the industry-leading encryption standard AES-256, as well as the IPSec/IKEv2 transfer protocol, to protect all of your private data (no other protocols are offered). You may add an extra degree of protection by using the kill switch, which will disable your internet access if the VPN connection fails unexpectedly, protecting your browsing data. However, this option is disabled by default, so bear that in mind and watch out for it.

These basic security methods are supplemented on mobile devices with the SafeBrowse feature, which stops you from visiting dangerous websites and apps that may be compromised with malware.

Despite its registration in the United States, this service allows for the safe and private sharing of big files using Peer – to – peer(P2P) and torrenting applications. Its Privacy Policy goes to great length about its no-logs policy, which promises real IP addresses won’t be collected or any data of your internet activity will not be kept. This also implies that it has no data to provide with any law enforcement or government organisations demanding information about your internet activity while using the VPN.

Even so, some information, such as application usage data (app events such as starting a trial or changing the settings) and basic device data such as device type, model, brand name, OS version, device ID, language, time zone, and city-level location, which may be more data than some users are comfortable with may be collected. The supplier also states that it may utilise “advertising IDs to assess campaign performance.”

Live Chat Support 24×7

AtlasVPN offers straightforward applications for devices having windows to iOS. An extension for chrome browser is also being developed. The iOS app has received 4.9 ratings(out of 5) from 1.6K users. Its Android app has received 4.6 stars (out of 5) from 21,269 users and has been downloaded by over a million people.

If you need assistance using this Atlas VPN platform, You can chat with Customer support using Chatbox or you may visit the provider’s website’s FAQ area and blog, which has a collection of valuable industry articles. They just introduced a Live Chat feature for Premium subscribers, which I’ve included in my Atlas VPN review.

Customer assistance is available by web form, email, Facebook page, Twitter profile, as well as on YouTube, Discord, and Insta if the website fails – which it may do because the FAQ part is quite rudimentary. We put the email technique to the test by submitting an inquiry and received a response in a little over a half-hour.

Speed and Experience

Not only is the Atlas VPN software very simple and easy to use on the Windows programme, with rapid server change, but it also lets you experience some really fantastic speeds. However, it is one of the most simple apps we’ve seen, and we received no notice that we had joined (besides the interface change).

When we connected to a VPN server in The United States on a 100Mbps testing connection from our location in India, the software provided an amazing 67Mbps. In UAE, we got around 24Mbps, which is still good.

Is Atlas VPN’s bandwidth adequate for Playing Games?

Atlas VPN‘s fast bandwidth and low ping make it an excellent choice for gamers. In most gaming circumstances, a ping of less than 120 ms will not make a noticeable impact. If you’re a competitive, hardcore gamer, you may want to avoid the more distant servers. It’s all relative in fast-paced gameplay, though – if someone has a ping about 50 ms lower than you, they could have an edge.

In conclusion, Atlas VPN is suitable for the majority of gamers. Don’t forget about the extra benefits of DDoS protection, access to other gaming servers, and encryption. However, if you are a very competitive gamer who wants to consider all of your alternatives, this may not be the best option.

Is Atlas VPN's bandwidth adequate for playing games
Source: Atlasvpn

Alternative Options for VPN services

While AtlasVPN is not quite on pace, it does give an edge over industry-leading providers. For example, it is more affordable than available alternatives and allows for an infinite number of concurrent connections, whereas other VPN providers like CyberGhost allow for only 7, NordVPN allows for only 6, and ExpressVPN, Hotspot Shield, and CyberGhost only allow for 5.

Also, we ran into trouble using BBC iPlayer, however, it’s worth mentioning that certain well-known premium VPN providers do not unblock iPlayer (and other UK services). According to AtlasVPN, Premium customers have a higher success percentage with iPlayer.

It does not, however, have thousands of servers, its apps are extremely primitive, and it might have broader platform coverage.

Atlas VPN compares to the free services of some of the industry’s biggest names. In comparison to Proton VPN, Atlas VPN has more countries to pick from as well as unlimited bandwidth. In comparison to Hide.me VPN, Atlas provides 2GB of bandwidth each month as well as a plethora of functions. Atlas, in the case of Hotspot Shield, gives 500MB per day despite being rather fast, while in the case of TunnelBear, Atlas offers 500MB of monthly bandwidth with no restrictions on accessible capabilities.

Why Choose Atlas VPN?

One of the reasons to choose Atlas VPN is because it has a strict no-logs policy. This means that your online activities will never be stored or monitored by the company. Furthermore, Atlas VPN provides strong encryption to keep your data safe and secure. Additionally, the service has 750+ speed optimized VPN servers in over 37 locations, allowing you to access blocked content from anywhere in the world. Atlas VPN also provides OpenVPN encryption, a protocol that is considered to be the most secure and reliable at this time.

why choose Atlas VPN

Frequently Asked Question

How do I enable Split tunneling in Atlas VPN?

At the moment, this feature is available exclusively on the Atlas VPN Android app. Once you installed the app then navigate to the General options of the app’s settings. Following that, choose Enable Split Tunneling.

Select the applications for which you wish to deactivate VPN and toggle Split Tunneling on or off to enable the feature.

Is Atlas VPN good?

The free version has high security, no advertisements, and a no-logs policy. There are also a lot of great deals on the premium plans, which makes this a great budget-friendly VPN. As a bonus, it’s based in the United States and uses the next-generation WireGuard tunnelling protocol and multihop+ technology.

Does Atlas VPN sell your data?

No. Atlas VPN has a fairly robust no log policy.

Is Atlas VPN better than NordVPN?

Both NordVPN and Atlas VPN had quicker download speeds, while Atlas VPN had a better upload speed. They both deserve to be in the top five of the fastest VPN providers.

Is Atlas VPN still free?

Atlas VPN has a free and paid version of its service. You are not required to submit any payment information to use the app’s free edition. The service is and will always be free. Additionally, you have access to three server locations with the free version.

Is Atlas VPN safe?

In terms of security, Atlas VPN uses AES-256 encryption. They have introduced another excellent security feature, the Multihop+ server, and their kill switch is operational as well.

Does Atlas VPN work with Netflix?

Atlas VPN is an excellent option to unblock geo-restricted content, such as Netflix. At the moment, Atlas VPN allows you to access the following Netflix libraries: United States of America and Canada.

Conclusion – Atlas VPN Review

AtlasVPN is a viable VPN challenger, given the fact that it might have a larger server network and many more features that industry biggies like ExpressVPN provide.

It has fast download speeds and affordable rates, unblocks Netflix and BBC iPlayer, permits torrenting, and supports an unlimited number of simultaneous connections.

Overall, it’s still pretty basic, supporting only the IKEv2 protocol, but connection times are fast and bandwidth speed is surprisingly excellent. As an added benefit, it supports both IPv4 and IPv6, providing improved security against IP address leaks.

Keep in mind, however, that it does gather some logs, despite the fact that it has just completed an independent audit with VerSprite. If you don’t mind the limited data collecting (which shouldn’t be an issue for most people, especially because you don’t have to pass over any Personally Identifiable Information), this is a wonderful free Atlas VPN service.

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