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Apple Airpods vs Powerbeats Pro

If you are looking for the best wireless earbuds you may think of choosing between Apple Airpods or Powerbeats Pro!

Under $160 the regular AirPods work great for everyday listening. But on the other hand under $250 Powerbeats Pro offers some extra bells and also that could make them a better pick for certain users.

The Apple AirPod version also has the new AirPods Pro that offers active noise cancellation for the same price as the Powerbeats Pro.

We have undertaken a test of the second generation Airpods and the Powerbeats Pro for you to decide which is better suited for your use.

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SpecsAirpodsPowerbeats Pro
ConnectivityH1 ChipH1 Chip
Battery(Earbuds)5 Hours9 Hours
Battery(Including case)24 Hours24 Hours
Fast Charge3 Hours1.5 Hours
ControlsTap ControlsButtons
Adjustable ear fitsNoYes
Charging caseYesYes
Adjustable fitNo Yes
Siri supportYesYes
Noise IsolationNoYes
PriceUnder $200Under $250
Apple Airpods vs Powerbeats Pro for sports
Source: Cnet

Which one you should buy Apple Airpods or Powerbeats Pro?

Which is better for sports?

Both the Airpods and Powerbeats pro have different designs. Lets see which one is great for sports.

Powerbeats Pro have interchangeable in-ear tips and also plastic ear hooks that clip around the ear for a more secure fit than the AirPods.

The AirPods are light and small and rest in the ear but the Powerbeats are definitely more clunky and very invasive as they sit in further in your ear canal.

We must say that the AirPods fit is very comfortable but they don’t always stay in place and also depending on the shape of your ear, they may not fit at all.

The Powerbeats pro is heavier in the ear, but chances are you will find the right fit in your ears and they will stay put no matter how much you move. They may not be very comfortable but for the use of sports they will stay in your ears in any position.

The main advantage of the Powerbeats Pro is that the Powerbeats are sweat-resistant and water-resistant (IPX4) so you won’t have to worry about those sweaty sports sessions.

Apple Airpods vs Powerbeats Pro case size
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Difference Between Both Case size

Both Apple Airpods & Beats Powerbeats Pro earbuds come with a portable case that doubles as a charger and also a place to store the buds. 

This is an emergency case to charge your earbuds in need. And also the protective case helps the earbuds to remain safe from the dust particles outside. But the Powerbeats pro 3 by 3-inch case looks massive relative to the dental floss-sized AirPods case. It also feels about 10 times heavier than that of the AirPods and will be tough to hide in your pant pockets. Hence the two in one AirPods case are more comfortable to carry wherever you go.

How is the Airpods vs Powerbeats Pro Wireless Compatibility Feature?

Both apple AirPods and Powerbeats Pro also have the same H1 chip under the hood, which also brings Bluetooth 5 support and hands-free Siri. Take one out of your ear to pause the music.

In case if you have an apple device both will pair as soon as you open the case outside which is the main reason why you would choose one of these over their competitors.

Android users also can pair the buds through the Bluetooth settings and then keep pressing the button on their respective cases.

Apart from all of these, the main difference is that the Apple AirPods have gesture controls, and the Beats Powerbeats Pro has the physical buttons.

The Powerbeats have a physical volume control button to control audio. The only way to do this on the AirPods phone is with Siri. Unlike the AirPods, you cannot customize what the button presses do with the Powerbeats.

Find the iPhone app is not for the Powerbeats Pro. This feature is only possible for the Apple AirPods!

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Apple Airpods vs Powerbeats Pro sound quality
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Is Airpods Pro has the Best sound quality?

The bass is more punchy on the Powerbeats than it is on the AirPods, We found the Powerbeats sounded best when listening to R&B, electronic music, and also rock music because the default sound profile helped emphasize vocals and also give clearer bass than the AirPods. But, there is no equalizer app to tune the Powerbeats Pro to your liking, although you can adjust using the EQ in your music app of choice.

The Powerbeats Pro is a bit clearer than the Apple AirPods. Their closed design also makes it so that they do not let in as much ambient noise so they are great for active noise cancellation and you do not have to rely on cranking up the volume if you’re walking through noisy streets.

Both have great sounding microphones and serve as the best for making phone calls and do a good job at filtering out ambient noise. The Powerbeats may sound a bit clearer, while the Apple AirPods have better voice isolation.

Difference Between Battery life

The earbuds and the charging case, both will give you about 24 hours of listening time according to Apple. But if you are looking at the buds, one by one the beats Powerbeats Pro has a longer battery life, outlasting the AirPods battery by about 4 hours: They give you a total of 9 hours of listening time versus 5 hours on the AirPods.

Five minutes translates into about an hour and a half of listening time for the Powerbeats, while the Apple AirPods will get you closer to one hour for fifteen minutes of charge.

Apple Airpods numbers held true during our own testing. The AirPods lasted very right on five hours with continuous listening at a moderate volume, while the Powerbeats managed a little more than nine hours with many pauses throughout the day.

Apple Airpods vs Powerbeats Pro battery life
Source: Macworld

Apple Airpods & Powerbeats Pro Features

Apple Airpods

  • Have a superior sound quality
  • is much smaller
  • Portable case
  • offer active noise cancellation
  • can wirelessly charge
  • have a heart through mode that puts them above the Powerbeats Pro.
  • Price is under $200.

Powerbeats Pro

  • Powerbeats Pro wins in battery life 
  • However, if AirPods Pro still doesn’t fit right, Powerbeats Pro is a great option as well.
  • Clearer sound as compared to the airpods
  • Price is under $250.
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