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Anker Zolo Liberty Review

7.2 Total Score
Anker Zolo Liberty Review

The Anker Zolo Liberty has enough features for the price to make them recommendable wireless earphones.

  • Simple One Setup Click
  • Decent Sound
  • Sweatproof
  • Charging case included
  • Good battery life
  • Differently pretty generic
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Anker Zolo Liberty vs Liberty Plus

Anker Zolo Liberty Review – These fit my ears better. It’s designed slightly differently, and for whatever reason, the Liberty Plus just wouldn’t stay in my ears also because of the cheaper model.

The Liberty Plus does sound slightly clearer and smoother with better-defined bass. The step-up Liberty Plus features a bit more of a premium look and feel that extends to its charging case. While it’s slightly smaller than the quality Liberty’s charging case, Anker says you’ll get around six or seven extra charges from the quality Liberty’s case and 13 or 14 from the freedom Plus’ case. But the bottom battery life for both models is rated at 3.5 hours. 

SpecsAnker Zolo Liberty Anker Zolo Liberty Plus
Drivers5.5mm Graphene Dynamic6mm Graphene Dynamic
Sound IsolationNoYes
Battery Life with Charging CaseMore than 24 HoursMore than 48 Hours
App supportNAZolo Life

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Anker Zolo Liberty Features Review


Anker is understood for his or her power banks. The Anker Zolo Liberty true wireless earbuds included charging case is well-built and durable. The earbuds are made from Durable plastic which gives the earbuds their bulbous shape. One LED indicator is found on each earbud and conveys connection status. Above each LED sits the Zolo logo during a whimsical typeface. The logo, which cutely springs from the second “O” in Zolo, brings to mind the long-lasting WiFi symbol.

Anker boasts of its implementation of “graphene-powered sound.” Compared to traditional dynamic drivers, graphene technology theoretically produces better sound with greater efficiency.

Anker Zolo Liberty Design
Source – Techspot

Battery Life

The Anker Zolo Liberty true wireless has a fine battery life as standalone earbuds. After accounting for the reservoir power provided by the case, it provides quite 24 hours of playback time. Anker says you’ll get around six or seven extra charges from the quality Liberty’s case and 13 or 14 from the Liberty Plus case. But the bottom battery life for both models is rated at 3.5 hours. That’s almost nearly as good because of the AirPods’ battery life.

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Sound Quality

Anker Zolo Liberty reproduces lows lazily, and there’s some decent extension. Deep-bass doesn’t structure for the shortage of differentiation between notes. The Zolo Liberty, proving difficult to differentiate between their voice and therefore the guitar. It’s also hard to parse apart muffled sounds caused by connection-related humming as against insufficient graphene-powered sound. Surprisingly, the highs are well-defined here. A minimum of compared to the lows. They sound more nuanced even with the interference.

Pertaining to a soundstage, all of the instruments sound like they’re drunkenly vying for the center stage when, really, the stage may be a Denny’s, and therefore the mic may be a collection of rolled up “specials” menus.

Anker Zolo Liberty Review Sound Quality
Source – TheGadgeteer


The Anker Zolo Liberty true wireless earbuds held together by an almost unbreakable bound of Bluetooth reference to a claim like that, Anker is begging to be lambasted.

On the flip side, Anker’s PUSH AND GO™ technology successfully connect the earbuds to the source device upon removal from the charging case. Like other true wireless earbuds, calls are relayed over one earbud.

The mic quality is okay when indoors. A quick step outside, however, means call clarity is gone with the wind. For consumers who decide to use these while watching a video, re-evaluate. Horrendous lag, starting from a 2 to 3-second delay, plagues the earbuds.

They presumably believe SBC, instead of a coffee latency aptX codec. Anker’s website doesn’t specify. Actually, Anker’s website doesn’t list Zolo Liberty in the least. Curious.

The greatest redemption of Zolo Liberty’s connectivity: Smart Assistant access. With a double-tap of either earbud (I could only catch on to figure with the right), an AI assistant is instantly prompted. (I only have access to Google, which worked flawlessly. Anker explicitly states within the manual that the Zolo Liberty is compatible with Siri too.)

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What’s Inside the Box

Anker Zolo Liberty includes earbuds and a charging case. The packaging is sturdy. The articulating tri-fold cardboard depicts a fit. The earbuds and charging cases are proudly displayed behind a plastic panel. Beneath the most components are three pairs of ear tips, four pairs of Gripthis is Fit™ jackets, a wasp-yellow micro USB cable, and a tinder for your next bonfire formal documentation.

Anker Zolo Liberty Specs

Model Name Solo Liberty
Release Year2017
Weight104 grams
Product Dimensions8.9 x 5.1 x 3.1 cm
Battery life24 hours including charging case
Colour Black, White


Anker is best known for its mobile battery accessories, but lately, it has been making a significant push into the headphone market. Within the budget of $100, the Anker Zolo Liberty is a decent pair of truly wireless earbuds with good battery life and an IPX5 rating, which suggests it’s sweatproof according to the review.

But if you’ve got a high budget aur able to invest extra money then Apple AirPods, which have solid connectivity due to Apple’s proprietary W1 chip, or the Jaybird run audio playback sans noise is a better choice to buy. However, Anker’s next true wireless product is going to be an improvement because, like Monoprice, the corporate produces above-average equipment at a below-average cost.


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