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AKG N700NC Review

Advantage-  As per the AKG N700NC review, the sound quality is excellent. It performs the noise-canceling quite effectively. The quality and material used in the making of headphones are great and sturdy. The headphones don’t feel flimsy at all. It is comfortable to wear and surrounding awareness (ambient aware) feature of the headphone is good.

Battery life is also long with Bluetooth and ANC feature the headphones can work upto 20 hours.  Using it as a wired headphone and active noise cancellation the headphone can work upto 36 hours. 

Disadvantage- The case size is big and bulky. The headphones aren’t as comfortable as Bose and Sony. 

The Bottom Line- These are good noise-canceling headphones. The only issue is the price point. They are a bit expensive in comparison to Bose and Sony. 

AKG N700NC Vs Bose 700

AKG N700NC vs Bose 700

The AKG N700NC has a decent battery life than the Bose 700. The headphones come with an in-line control panel. It has a 3.5 mm male connector. This means it is suitable for all mp3 players and computer sound cards. Samsung AKG N700NC is foldable so this will take less space and it is more compact than bose 700. It has a battery level indicator.

The stereo sound quality of AKG N700NC is much better than the Bose 700. The charge time also differs in both cases. The AKG takes half an hour less than the Bose. Last but not least N700NC has a tangle-free wire. The tangles won’t be an issue while plugging in the cable. 

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AKG N700NC Vs Sony WH 1000-XM3

If you compare prices then the AKG N700NC wins the game. As Sony WH1000- XM3 is little on a pricier side. But leaving the price overall Sony is more effective. The Sony headphones have low frequency in comparison to AKG N700NC. They have good battery life. It gives you around 15 hours more playtime. Sony WH 1000-XM3 has a newer Bluetooth version.

AKG N700NC vs Sony WH 1000 XM3

The Sony headphones come with neodymium magnets.  Having a neodymium magnet makes it lighter in weight and the bass is more as compared to the one having ferrite magnets. They have higher sound frequency and higher sound pressure levels. But if you see the price point of the AKG N700NC it is much better than that of Sony. You get everything you expect from good noise-canceling headphones. If your budget is tight then AKG is a good option to go for.

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SpecificationAKG N700NC Bose 700Sony WH 1000-XM3
Design 8.589
Feature 879
Price Under $250 Under  $400Under $350 

AKG N7000NC Wireless Headphones Details

The market in technology and accessories has seen a high growth from the past few years. There are continuous launches of tech and devices in the market. The launches are becoming bigger and better. People are investing their money on good quality headphones, music systems, and speakers. One such add on to the series of headphones is by Samsung.

AKG N700NC is not a Samsung headphone but it does make the company to step their foot in the competitive noise cancelling headphones market.the headphones are not available in the Australian market.

This was the basics of the headphones. Further in the article, you will come across the different aspects of the headphones. You will find answers to every question of yours in the article related to AKG N700NC.

Cover case

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Features of the AKG N700NC Headphones

Battery life

This headphone has commendable battery life. This works up to 20 hours on Bluetooth with the ANC feature on. Isn’t it a great deal to invest upon? Using them as wired headphones the battery life extends up to 36 hours with active noise cancellation on. This will last you the whole journey. The battery is charged via a traditional USB port. Usually, over a long travel schedule, you won’t need to change it as it already has a longer battery life than usual headphones. 


AKG N7000NC is one of the headphones series of AKG launched by Samsung in December 2018. At first, the headphones won’t attract you much but once you start using them you can’t resist praising them. The headphones have a clean practical and functional design with sharp grey and black color scheme.

The exterior body is made up of plastic. It has a metal click adjustable band. Overall the build of the headphone is sturdy and it doesn’t feel flimsy at all. They are comfortable to wear and can be worn for a long time without causing any pain to the head or ear lobe. You can compare the quality of sound to that of Sony headphones. The weight is a bit heavier in comparison to that of the Bose and Sony ones.

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Controls on the AKG N700NC Ear Cups

The control buttons are properly split between both left and right ear. The right side of the headphone has the slide lock button which is used to turn the device on and off. Bluetooth Pairing buttons also consist here on the right side of the headphone.

The left side of the ear cup handles the volume rockers. You can operate the volume according to what you want. This side also has control to play and pausing feature. This feature works when the device is connected via Bluetooth. At first, they will be a bit confusing to use but after that, you will be able to use them comfortably. 

AKG Controls
Source: Soundguys

On the right ear cup, there is the power button that supports the “smart ambient” feature too via AKG ios and android app. They have memory foam ear cups which makes them comfortable to wear for a longer period of time. The headphone weighs around 261 grams which is a bit bulkier in comparison to Sony and Bose headphones. Despite the fact the plastic is used in the build it doesn’t feel flimsy or bad built. These are sturdy and good quality plastic is used. The headphones charged via standard micro USB cable unlike the USB-C like other headphones of sony.

Sony and boss have touch control whereas AKG lacks that when you double-tap the voice control button it enables your Siri or Google assistant. The buttons are a bit small which will be difficult to place in the initial use but after a good usage, they will be a bit easier to locate. 

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Bluetooth Codecs are MIA

AKG Bluetooth doesn’t support any wireless codecs and it is great for listening more refined sounds while used as a wired headphones

AKG N700NC Active Noise Canceling

Noise-canceling features consist of a small earphone on the ear cup to provide that ambient noise of the environment. The headphone produces a mirror image in reverse of the noise and it cancels those unwanted noises. This will help you play better music without damaging your ear.


These are easily foldable. They come with a hard case to protect the headphone inside. Easy to carry you just have to put them in your bag and you are good to go. They don’t weigh heavily solely so they will not be bulky. 

Durability of the headphones

Using them for a longer period of time and yes they are definitely durable and steady. But the major issue is with the crown of the headphone. It may feel a bit bulky which will pain your head. This will be uncomfortable for some. 

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Is it great for phone calls?

The frequency of the call is close. This results in natural voice transmission. Regardless of low or high pitch voice, it will be transferring a great voice. So yes this is good for phone calls. These headphones show a bit of a problem while pairing and re-pairing with an iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S9  plus. There is a minimal Bluetooth glitch while paring it to these devices.

AKG N700NC App

You probably don’t need the AKG app. But if you want to adjust EQ you will need the app. Even for the updates of firmware you need the app support. It depends on the user and the type of usage from the device. 

Which part of the population is suitable for?

One of the most frequently asked questions is this headphone is suitable for which group of people.

1. These are suitable for regular music enthusiasts. The one who listens to the music for long hours without getting disturbed by the background. This has a very slight bass boost which doesn’t make it loud and at the same time provides that extra jazz to the music.

2. These are also great for travelers who travel from time to time. This will make sure your peace won’t affect the noise out there. So if you are a commuter this is a great deal to put your eye on. This will make sure to get rid of all those horns and siren noise.  

3. If you are someone who has to travel via flight every now and then this is a great option for you too.  This will make your journey a bit bearable than it used to be. 

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Brand Samsung
Connection type Bluetooth and wired
Weight 263 g
Battery life 20 hours with bluetooth and 36 hours without bluetooth
Device interfaceButtons
Additional feature Collapsible

Final conclusion 

Everybody needs great noise-canceling headphones and AKG N700NC is the best they can go for. The price it comes with is great. The feature it provides is also good. It completely solves the purpose of noise cancellation without damaging your ear. This is great for the one who is into traveling and stuff. They can go for this. This also has a great battery backup so the headphone will last you forever. You can use them roughly.

Everything has its own drawback so this one also has some drawbacks.  The lack of aptX and aptX HD can be a big problem for that lower attenuation. Also, the buttons on the sides to access are small in size it may be a bit difficult for some to operate it. Over a period of time, this issue would resolve itself.

The reason why Sony will be more preferable is due to the price point as both of them are almost the same price. With the same price, Sony provides better comfort and comparative equal sound quality and also supports extra features like touch control. So if the company wants to raise the sale the price is what needs to be lower down.

Overall the headphones are a great investment. They can give Sony and Bose a bit of competition. So they are worth buying and investing your hard-earned penny. 

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