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AKG N60NC Wireless Review

Advantage- Our AKG N60NC wireless review shows that it is comfortable on-ear headphones. The headphones support a noise cancellation system. They are well-designed headphones with great sound output. The battery life extends up to 30 hours which is a whole day long. These are compact and easily portable and also light in weight. These are very well built headphones.  

Disadvantages – The single button control doesn’t have volume control functions. The charging cable is not a standard micro USB.

The bottom line- This is the worthy competitor of bose noise-canceling headphones. Despite a bit of drawback, they are still good noise-canceling on-ear headphones. It is a good investment for the price you pay.  

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AKG N60NC Wireless Details

The market is equipped with wireless headphones. There are many noise-canceling headphones available in the market. AKG N60NC is one of such irreplaceable wireless headphones. These have an amazing sound quality with the active noise cancellation feature. These are compact and lightweight Bluetooth headphones. These are comfortable to wear for a longer period. It will suit the people with short heads and they will fit them properly.

The headphones weigh around 179 grams. These can be folded flat to fit in compact places. These headphones have soft leather headphones and it also has a hint of aluminum used in the design.  It sounds better than that of Bose headphones. They have softer and clearer sound with tighter and heavy bass. These are decent for being an on-ear headphone and they are quite comfortable. They cost around under $110 which is quite affordable according to the price and what you are getting is appropriate. This has a good isolation feature. 


AkG N60NC the supra-aural on-ear wireless headphones are a bit similar to the wired model design.  These have push black leather earpads cushioning. The headband also has been provided with a good cushioning. This comes with an ear to ear fit mechanism which allows the headphones to fit properly on the head by adjusting the headbands. The right side of the ear cup has the central rocker control button. These help in controlling the music playback and the call related issues. These also work as the volume control buttons. You can adjust the volume for the mobile. 

The left side of the ear cup has a micro USB connection for charging purposes the connection includes the audio cable too. The cable which comes with it has an inline and single-button remote. While you connect the cable to the headphones they turn off the Bluetooth and this saves a lot of battery. You can enable the noise-canceling feature even using it as a wired headphone; you can not disable the feature as they are linked into each other.

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On the other hand,while using headphones as a Bluetooth one you can disable the noise-canceling feature. The mic on the inline cable offers an excellent and crystal clear voice while the mic in the headphone isn’t that great, you can work with the inbuilt headphone mic but the voice quality isn’t that appropriate. This has a battery life of 30 hours which is great as it will last you for a longer time.



Let’s start with the most basic feature of this headphone that is noise-canceling. The feature is not as good if compared to the Bose headphones, they lack a bit. Despite this fact it does work great with canceling ambient room noise and rumbles caused around you it is great with traveling purpose when you don’t want to disturb your smooth vibes with those honking horns.

The headphones deliver a powerful low- frequency response. The bass is great. It isn’t very loud and gets along with the mid-high and high frequencies. Overall the sound quality is great with a good noise-canceling feature which does cancel different noise. Overall with the design and sound quality AKG N60NC is a good headphone that falls under a great price range and features.   

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Sound quality 

AKG N60NC offers a very clean and balanced sound. The sound has a smooth treble with a warm mid-range strong bass than bose itself. Whenever you work with noise-canceling features the sound does lose a bit of the sound quality but it works great with the passive usage. The sound quality does change a bit when it is used as a wired headphone.

You get better noise isolation with this, these headphones have memory foam equipped ear pads which do a good job in sealing the outer nose while providing comfort to your ears at the same time. The AKG sounds like the high-end headphone and provides that rich sound. This is great on-ear headphones to invest upon surely a good option out there in the market which provide open spacious sound.

AKG N60NC Battery life

The battery backup of AKG N60NC is around 30 hours which is quite impressive. The headphones can last you for a day-long with an extra 6 hours. You can switch the headphones from Bluetooth to wired. The battery life extends till 30 hours with the noise-canceling feature so the usage time doesn’t change with the active noise-canceling feature.

The only issue with the headphones regarding battery is the charging point. The headphone battery isn’t charged by the standard USB cable. These are charged via the headphone jack and also if the cord is a bit loose the charging will automatically stop. Overall the battery backup is good and this will last you the whole journey. 

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Noise-Canceling Feature

The active noise canceling feature of AKG N60NC isn’t as excellent as Bose noise-canceling headphones but they do the work appropriately. These headphones work impressively with the canceling of ambient room noise which is a thumbs up. If you are into traveling they will support you greatly in the road or by air travels as it does cancel the noise around you.

Noise-canceling features work in both active and passive use of the headphones. You cannot disable the feature while using the headphone in a passive way but when you use them as wireless Bluetooth headsets you can disable the feature. Overall the purpose of noise-canceling is properly solved by the headphones and they are quite effective too.  

Carrying case for AKG N60NC

AKG N60NC comes with the pouch to keep the headphones but the pouch is not appropriate to keep your headphones inside as that can do damage to the headphones. The company doesn’t provide any hard carrying cases. You can always look out for one as there are many hard cases available on Amazon so that you can keep your headphones safe and they can last you for a longer time without damaging them. There are a variety of options available if you want to buy one you can search on amazon and other leading shopping sites. 

AKG N60NC Specs

Frequency response 10hz
Impedance 123dB
sensitivity 32 ohm
Capacity 320 mAh
Run time30 hours
Weight 179 grams 


According to the review, AKG N60NC is one of the best noise-canceling wireless headphones which can be a competitor to Bose headphones. If you are looking for budget-friendly good quality headphones with a sturdy built and great sound quality with a heavy bass which works effectively then go for AKG N60 NC. This is the best deal to invest in the noise-canceling won’t be that overpowering as bose one but it works decently. The sound quality does surpass the Bose headphones. 

The only thing that will be a con to this is the USB charging and except that there is no such thing that you can pinpoint. The inline control in the cable is great and also this works effectively, the battery works for 30 hours which is a great feature. So if you want to invest in a mid-range best quality noise-canceling headphones then these are the ones you need to purchase.

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