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5 Reasons Not To Buy Bluetooth Headphones

I’m not a fan of Bluetooth wireless headphones. Don’t get me wrong: even an old curmudgeon like myself can see the convenience afforded by wireless audio, but I’m not close to abandoning of my wired cans anytime soon. There are 5 major reasons due to which I do not buy Bluetooth headphones.

In other words, I do know wireless headphones are the way forward, which I can’t do much to control manufacturers bent the extinction of that beloved 3.5mm hole. Bluetooth headphones get better and better as the year’s passes, and a few of the quibbles could also be a thing of the past during a decade. There even some Bluetooth headphones I actually like!

But as things stand, relying only on Bluetooth headphones requires far too many compromises – and that I don’t see those departures anytime soon.

1. Better Performance

Bluetooth simply doesn’t have the performance ceiling to stay up with the simplest wired headphones. That’s doesn’t mean that each one wired headphones are better than all Bluetooth headphones. 

That just means the performance ceiling—and floor—is much, much higher. Ever wonder why the many high-end headphones out there are all wired monstrosities chained to amps? It’s because Bluetooth can’t hack higher quality audio also as wired cans can.

5 Reasons not to buy Bluetooth headphones
Source – AndroidAuthority

It can also change with the most recent update to Bluetooth 5. So as to possess a group of Bluetooth headphones that competes with, a Sennheiser HD800, you’d need strong neck support for a monster battery, good shielding, and a really loose definition of “competing.”

In transmitting “good enough” music for commuters bluetooth does a very great job, and that’s great—but when engine noise and other sounds mask out many notes in your music, it’s a reasonably low bar to clear.

In the future, the wireless sound will easily beat the crap out of our current wired headphones where sound quality cares via digital audio transmission. However, if you actually want the simplest of digital audio, you would like a cable—be it USB-C, Lightning, XLR, or preferably your standard 3.5mm.

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2. Wireless not always a durable feature

The ability to ditch the wire—the most delicate a part of any headphone anywhere—is a positive for durability and safety. The Bluetooth headphones seem to be the logical fulfilment of that concept. However, this problem can be kept aside if headphone manufacturers use a removable cable.

All of the main headphone companies like V-Moda, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Beats, Bose use a removable cable on many of their non-Bluetooth headphones. 

But that not address the other part of this issue like adding A battery and other delicate electronics adds another point of failure.

If one among the solder points shatters, if the electronics break, or if God forbid the battery pulls a Note 7 on you: your headphones will die. Wired headsets aren’t impervious to breakage, but they’re definitely much simpler and cheaper to repair with the proper design.

3. Batteries are not convenient

Heading says it all – having yet one more battery to charge is, in my professional opinion, an unacceptable pain within the ass.

You might end up without access to power. Sorry about that! While battery tech is getting nice, there’s always that time where a cell will stop charging. When that happens, you would like to be ready to change out the battery—but not all headphones allow that. At now, your headphones are dead. Unless your headphones have a noise-cancelling unit, this is not a problem for wired models.

5 Reasons not to buy Bluetooth headphones 2
Source – Soundguys

If you’ve ever had a group of truly wireless earphones break on you, did you are doing the research to seek out the right recycling facility or did you only throw them away? Yeah, that’s what I assumed.

4. Paying extra where you don’t need to

Paying extra where you don't need to
Source – Debt.com

Bluetooth headsets are undeniably convenient. However, when you’re paying $50-100 more for an equal set of headphones—and the wired version works even as well—you might want to only save the cash to spend on better things.

Better things include – 

  • Purchasing new music
  • Showing that important someone you care
  • A good steak
  • Investing when you have better phone
  • A good number of trips
  • Putting it into a Roth IRA
  • Spring for a far better streaming service

Everyone has that time where the additional cash is worthwhile for the convenience, but truthfully not everyone can throw around cash willy-nilly. 

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5. Reliability

Bluetooth just isn’t as reliable as a directly-wired connection, and that’s a great deal. Bluetooth headphones especially add some extent where the connection is subject to external factors not applicable to wired ones.

Numerous factors can influence whether your headphones will function as you’ve come to expect, and therefore the worst Bluetooth headphones appear to consult a pantheon of frustration gods to determine how they’re going to irritate you on any given day.

Being during a room with too many other Bluetooth devices can affect your headphones. Maybe your phone is just too old, and your new headphones will only use an SBC profile rather than the A2DP or aptX you were promised. Maybe you’ll suffer packet loss for no discernible reason.

They may not be glamorous, but wired headphones are extremely reliable. They don’t have many points of failure, they’re cheap to repair, and that they work.

5 Reasons not to buy Bluetooth headphones5 3
Source – Musiccritic

There are lots which will fail with a wireless connection. For the above 5 reasons and lots of more to not buy bluetooth headphones: wired headphones are still king in my eyes.


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