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1More Triple Driver Review

Advantages:  We can see in the 1More Triple Driver Review that it’s a best-sounding attractive in-ear earphone with nicely finished aluminum earpieces and a Kelver-strengthen cable. It has built-in three-button remote control and microphone compatible with both Android & iOS devices. It comes with different sizes of ear tips and a beautiful carrying case.

Drawback: The seal of ear tips are not that good, it loses when you move around.

The Bottom Line: 1More Triple Driver in-ear headphone is one of the best sounding headphones for this price value under $100. One drawback of the Triple Driver is that it does not sit securely in the ears. Keeping in mind that the earphone fits comfortably and does provide tight seal while sitting.

1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone

1More is not that famous brand, it’s a chinese company based in Shenzhen. 1More’s Triple driver is one of the best sounding in-ear headphones under $100 available in the market.

Triple driver in-ear earphone cable is designed to restrict the cord noise when it rubs against the clothing. 

1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone
Source: audiophileon.com

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The triple driver comes with multiple sizes of foam and silicone eartips to ensure the secure fight. There is a built-in microphone and three button remote control compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The volume control works with both. There is also a hard carrying case to keep the earphones safe when not in use.

This 1More earphone is named Triple driver because it has a single dynamic driver with two balanced armature drivers. The impedance is listed at 32 ohm. Usually, it is tough to drive a 32 ohm headphone than a usual 16 ohm headphone but with 1More triple driver you will not face any problem in getting sufficient volume from a smartphone.

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It is super comfortable and securely fits into the ears. Triple driver headphones come with different sizes of ear tips. These ear tips are optional, and you can use it as per the size of your ears. The ear tips are designed to keep the earbuds in place and give a tight seal, simply when you’re not sitting still. 

The perfect seal and secure seal is an important thing to have a pleasure experience using 1More Triple Driver. The comfortable fit gives you an excellent music audibility. Not a perfect fit may not deliver the experience you expected. It comes with 3 sizes foams and 6 sizes of silicone ear tips to help get the perfect fit and securely place the earbuds into the ears.

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Best sound quality for the price

1More Triple driver sounds not only rich and warm but it is nicely detailed also. There is enough strong bass and it is decently defined for richer quality. The mid-range sounds decently clear and solely natural for an in-ear headphone. The sound quality is appealing for audiophiles.

1More Triple Driver vs FiiO EX1

1More Triple Driver and FiiO EX1 sound very different, they both have a very different texture of sound. The designs of both the earpieces are similar and look almost alike.  The triple driver is more stylish looking and has a High standard finish while EX1 looks a little simple and elegant. Triple driver does better noise isolation than the EX1. 1More Triple driver blocks out the disrupting surrounding noises.

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The EX1 has better sound clarity whereas triple drivers sound more richer and detailed, you can hear the detailing of every instrument. It was much the same as tuning in to earphones connected to a tube amplifier – everything was only a little prettier and more pleasant sounding with the Triple Driver. The EX1 sounds more pleasant and accurate but the sound of the triple driver is more sort of guilty pleasure.

Best sound quality for the price
Source: mymac.com

Triple Driver vs Bose SoundTrue Ultra

The 1More triple driver sounds superior to the Bose’s SoundTrue ultra in-ear. The triple driver has more detailed sound and audio clarity than SoundTrue ultra. But the bose offers more calming and smooth sound quality. The soundtrue ultra is lighter and more comfortable. It has a better fit and more secure seal than the triple driver.

In between these two, bose SoundTrue ultra will be the better headphones for running as it give the more secure and tight seal. It is also better for everyday use and a great workout headphones.

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1More also have more inexpensive in-ear headphones in the range. The dual driver at $70 and single driver at $30, the over-ear headphone MK801 at $80, although these don’t have the special qualities as Triple driver in-ear headphones.

Overall, one drawback about the Triple Driver is that it does not sit securely in the ears. There are different earphones out there that seem to be comparative and keeping in mind that the earphone fits comfortably, it worked preferably during fixed meetings when moving around. While moving, we frequently need to adjust the buds to maintain a tight seal, which is important to getting the excellent sound the earphone is equipped for creating. So this may not be the best earphone for active users who most like to move around.

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  • Wired model
  • In-ear design
  • Weight: 18 g.
  • Length: 125 cm.
  • Plug: 3.5 mm.
  • Frequency Range: 20-40,000 Hz.
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 99 dB.
  • Aluminum alloy body material
  • 3 pairs of foam
  • 6 pairs of silicone ear tips
  • Built-in remote control buttons
  • Dual-pin airline adapter
  • Storage case
  • Multiple color options

Conclusion: 1More Triple Driver in-ear headphone is one of the best sounding headphones for this price value under $100. One drawback of the Triple Driver is that it does not sit securely in the ears. Read the details in review and buy from the given links.

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